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Community Brief from Endeavor Elementary
"Letting the Good Times Roll"
Monday, October 7, 2019

It gives me great pleasure to share our plans for this year's bayou themed family event scheduled for December 20, 2019. Please mark your calendars and save the date as last year's trip to Medieval Times was such a huge success. With the help of our PTA, we are hoping to offer our students and their families another memorable school-wide experience. Everyone is invited to a wonderful Cajun buffet lunch accompanied by a professional jazz band, a bayou themed dance party and a movie set in New Orleans. It will be a fun filled day not to be missed! More information will be going home with students.

I'm happy to share that this year's Thanksgiving week break remains intact for our families as Dr. Jenkins, Superintendent of Orange County Public Schools, has waived one of the two make-up days due to school closure as a result of Hurricane Dorian. There will be no school on Monday, November 25. The district has switched the first prioritized make-up day from Friday, October 18, to Thursday, October 17. In other words, students are expected to attend school on the 17th of October but will be off on the 18th of October.  

I look forward to seeing our families on campus for Fall Conferences. Students and teachers are eager to share results from the wonderful instruction that is occurring in our classrooms.

A special thanks to our parents, grandparents, and family members that joined us for Walk to School Day (pictures below). It was a perfect morning for a stroll! Our students had a wonderful time celebrating with Coach Brands, Coach Grogan and Navi as they learned about living a healthy life style. Our wonderful PTA met us at the finish line with a nutritious breakfast snack and water to keep our students hydrated for the busy day of learning that lied ahead.  
Thank you for your continued support. I am confident that together we can ensure that all of our children will achieve their goals.    

Dr. Ellis
Pictured very top: Panoramic picture from Walk to School Day (please see story below). 
Content and Upcoming Events 

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Navi's Gator Snapshots
Lights Out
Slime from Start to Finish
A Day of Peace
Books for Breakfast
Taking the Lead
No Class Like Home
G.A.T.O.R. Hunting
Setting the Standard
Hispanic Heritage Month
Visitor from the Past
The Right Directions
Teacher Spotlight
Stork Delivers Twice
Moody Characters
Hitting the High Notes
Roll of the Dice
Your Move
Solid Learning
Walk to School Day
Bayou Buzz
SAC / Parents as Partners
OCPS Parent Academy
Dates to Watch For

Oct. 8: SAC Meeting, 7:30AM (followed by Parents as Partners)
Oct. 10:
GATOR House Induction, 2:00PM
Oct. 10: OCPS Parent Academy Virtual Event - "Digital Citzenship" - Online for 1 hour this Thursday, 6 PM - Details

Oct. 17: Hurricane Dorian Make-Up Day - Regular School Day for Students
Oct. 18: Student Holiday - No School
Nov. 19: SAC Meeting, 7:30AM (followed by Parents as Partners)

2019-2020 OCPS Calendar

Gentle reminders like the one above of student expectations can be found all around the campus (this message is in the health clinic; more examples below).

Navi's Gator Snapshotsnavigatorsnapshots 
Supportive Environment 
G.A.T.O.R.  Expectations  
G. Good Manners
A. Always Attentive
T. Taking Responsibility
O. On Time & On Task
R. Respect Everyone
Taking Responsibility  
Fifth grade students participate in their final Walk to School Day at Endeavor taking the first steps for a healthy life style.    
Family and Community Involvement  

Dear Endeavor Family,

PTA would like if possible, you return the folder that was given to us during the Yankee Candle fundraiser event. Even if it is empty. If you do not have it anymore, it's ok. Thank you for your support!

PTA Membership:
  • Individual Membership - $15
  • Membership with spirit shirt - $20
Endeavor PTA is committed to:
  1. Helping our teachers provide a nurturing, creative and superior educational environment.
  2. Raising funds to continue to provide classroom necessities and supplementary tools.
  3. Sponsoring exciting activities and events for teachers, students and their families.

How to Reach PTA:
Lights Outlightsout 
Ambitious Instruction and Learning 

During the power outage students continued to work without disruption. Most classrooms have windows, but the ones that do not were very resourceful making sure there was little interruption to instruction. 

Slime from Start to FinishSlimefromstarttofinish
Supportive Environment - GSS.SC.5.P9.1 - Investigate and describe that many physical and chemical changes are affected by temperature. 

Fifth grade students in Mrs. Perez's class enjoy an entire day learning with slime.
Making the element helped students learned about mixtures and chemical reactions.  Measuring the mass of the slime required another set of skills used to divide it so every student got an equal share to conduct experiments.

Students gathered and recorded their data. Like true scientists, they read about their subject matter to gather knowledge annotating their text for evidence. It was an amazing day and these pictures speak for themselves. Way to "glow" Mrs. Perez!

A Day of Peaceadayofpeace 
Supportive Environment 

September 21 is the International Day of Peace. Thousands of students around the world mark this day with special activities. Students at Endeavor Elementary celebrated by making pinwheels and writing positive/inspirational messages for all to see. 

Books for Breakfastbooksforbreakfast 
Supportive Environment 

Congratulations to Maryam Khan, winner of Ms. Conway's book drawing. All students that have enjoyed breakfast every day since the beginning of the school year were eligible to enter.

Did You Know???

Taking the LeadTakingthelead    
Supportive Environment 

All fourth and fifth grade students were invited to fill out an application to become G.A.T.O.R. House Lead Students. These students will be participating in House induction ceremonies and House rallies. Congratulations to our students that are setting an example of what it means to be a Navigator!

No Class Like Home noclasslikehome2
Supportive Environment 

Students in Ms. Marks' fourth grade class pass through a portal and are transported to another world to be immersed in literature. Their class library is out of the pages of Harry Potter. Students love reading in the cozy environment their teacher created just for them!

G.A.T.O.R. Huntinggatorthunting 
Supportive Environment 
G.A.T.O.R. is Endeavor's positive behavior plan. All around our campus there are gentle reminders of student expectations. Our five rules of Good Manners, Always Attentive, Taking Responsibility, On Time/On Task and Respect for Everyone are the cornerstones of our school.
Setting the Standard settingthestandard 
Ambitious Instruction and Learning 

Standards based refers to a system where instruction, assessments, grading and academic reporting of learning outcomes are aligned to content standards and are held constant.  Students demonstrate understanding or mastery of the knowledge and skills they are expected to learn as they progress through the learning goals or targets of the standard.  Standards and scales are posted in all of our classrooms.  

Left and above: 1 to 4 Learning Scales with 4 being highest.

Hispanic Heritage Monthhhm 
Ambitious Instruction and Learning

From September 15, 2019 to October 15, 2019 we will be celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. The Spanish speaking world has made long lasting contributions to society. We invite you to explore the history and legacy of these influential individuals and the impact they have made!  


Visitor from the Pastvisitorfromthepast 
Ambitious Instruction and Learning -
NGSS.SS.4.A.2.1 Compare Native American tribes in Florida  

Fourth grade students sat motionless as they listened to tales from a visitor from the past. Jim Sawgrass is a native Floridian and a member of the Muskogee Creek Indian Tribe. He served on the Florida Indian Council from 1991-1995. Sawgrass has been sharing his knowledge of the Southeastern Native American tribes for over 30 years.

The Right Directionstherightdirections    
Ambitious Instruction and Learning - LAFS.K.L.1.1 - Demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.  Use the most frequently occurring prepositions.      

With the help from "Pete the Cat," kindergarten students in Ms. Abreu/Jones' class learn the importance of prepositional phrases.  Pete can hide in, behind, or under a box and with the right prepositional phrase you can easily find him!

Teacher Spotlight!teacherspotlight
Public and Collaborative Teaching 

Endeavor will be going digital in the 2020/2021 school year. That means that all our students will be getting electronic devices in order to enhance their academic experience. Dr. Ellis, Ms. Carmenate and Ms. Ricke will be attending district meetings in order to prepare our school for the transition.  

Stork Delivers Twice storkdeliverstwice   
Supportive Environment 

The entire Endeavor family eagerly awaits the arrival of our newest little Navigators. Congratulations to Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Rincon!!

Moody Charactersmoodycharacters 
Ambitious Instruction and Learning - LAFS.3.RL.1.3 - Describe characters in a story and explain how their actions contribute to the sequence of events.   

Ms. Blechinger is proud to show off the work her students completed after reading the story Judy Moody by Megan McDonald. She was impressed at how her students were able to depict character traits in their drawings and how those traits served as motivation for their actions.    

Hitting the High Notes Hittingthehighnotes
Ambitious Instruction and Learning - MU.1.C3.1 - Share different thought or feelings people have about selected pieces of music.
First grade students listen to a piece of music and analyze its qualities to discuss how the music made them feel.   

Roll of the Dicerollofthedice 
Ambitious Instruction and Learning - MAFS.2.NBT.2.5 - Fluently add and subtract within 100 using strategies based on place value, properties of operations and or the relationship between addition and subtraction.   

Every roll counts as second grade students practice their addition and subtraction skills using dice.  

Your Moveyourmove
Ambitious Instruction and Learning 

Due to the popularity of the Chess Club the group is now meeting in the media center.  Thank you to Ms. Weeks and Mrs. Ricke for setting up Thursday afternoons to be sure everything is ready to receive students. We would also like to thank our parent volunteers for their continued support!

Solid Learningsolidlearning 
Ambitious Instruction and Learning - NGSS.SC.2.P8.2- Identify objects and material as solid, liquid or gas.   

Is it a solid or is it a liquid? Second grade students in Ms. Castro/Riberon's class have fun finding out by experimenting with Oobleck. Oobleck is a non-Newtonian fluid; it has properties of both liquids and solids. You can slowly dip your hand into it like a liquid, but if you squeeze the Oobleck or punch it, it will feel solid.

Walk to School Daywalktoschoolday
Ambitious Instruction and Learning - HE.K.C.1.1 - Recognize healthy behaviors to HE.5 C.1.1 - Describe the relationship between healthy behaviors and personal health.

It might have been the best attended Walk to School Day Endeavor has enjoyed! Thank you to our coaches for organizing this wonderful event and to all the students and families that participated to make it a huge success.   

Bayou Buzzbayoubuzz
Family and Community Involvement 

Special thanks to our Book Fair volunteers: Lilian Aramoix, Jenna Avila, Candice Covell, Patti Jones, Paulett Mackey, Stephanie Rodeffer and Yen To.  We count on the support of our families to offer our students these wonderful experiences!    
SAC and Parents as Partnerssacparentsaspartners 
Family and Community Involvement 

Shared leadership and community ownership are both crucial to developing and sustaining community schools. The School Advisory Council (SAC) is the infrastructure for those practices in a community school. This dedicated team represents various segments of our community for the purpose of guiding our school towards continuous improvement.

Please join us for our next SAC meeting on November 19th at 7:30 AM followed by Parents as Partners.

~ Dr. Amanda Ellis, Principal
~ Mr. Cruz Diaz, Asst. Principal

OCPS Parent Academyocpsparentacademy 
Family and Community Involvement 

The Parent Academy is a district-wide initiative designed to enhance achievement through the support of community and family involvement. From research, we understand that students achieve more when parents are involved in their child's education.

For electronic registration visit or call 407.317.3300.

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