Volume 13 | January 15, 2020
From Heartbreaking to Heartwarming
She was being used in the sex trade among other things to make him money. I did an assessment with Ms. Z last March and due to my past history with the same types of people and sharing my personal story, I was able to build a trust with Ms. Z and helped her to see there was a way out of her situation. Ms. Z matched all of the criteria for Permanent Supportive Housing. I was able get her into the next housing briefing in April as an emergency case, and in May she was able to move into her new home. Six months later (December 2019), she went to her clinic and reported to the housing specialist that she is doing amazing. She stated, “Do you see Frankie, I want to tell you both Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you so very much for everything because of what you have done for me, I have been able to turn my life around. I am doing really good, I am now an Optical Technician, and I no longer have contact with those people and know that I am worth having a better life.” 

The power of human connection and sharing lived experience is transformational for hundreds of individuals that the HSC serves every year. 
There's Still Time for the
2019 Arizona Tax Credit
Until April 15, 2020, when you make a donation to the Human Services Campus, Inc., you can still receive a dollar-for-dollar TAX CREDIT for up to $800 on your 2019 taxes! AND, even if you take the standard federal deduction and don't itemize, you can receive a 25% deduction on your charitable contributions, above and beyond the tax credit! Consult your tax advisor for details.
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