Volume 9 | July 17, 2019
HSC Director Shares Heartfelt Experience on Campus
From Amy Schwabenlender, HSC Executive Director: On July 1st, I watched an EMT unsuccessfully provide CPR to a 57-year old woman. Her story is not mine to share. I don't know her whole story. I know data points from a case file. I know that she didn't choose to be "homeless," because a person does not choose to have mental illness, or choose to be preyed upon and victimized. I do know that the Arizona state legislature chose to proclaim pornography a public health crisis, rather than perhaps proclaim that Arizona has a housing crisis and that homelessness is a public health issue. 
Last week on a tour at the Human Services Campus someone asked me "how can you do this every day?" as we walked among the hundreds of people seeking services. I choose to be here because I believe that everyone deserves safety, care - health care and mental health care, food and shelter, dental care, spiritual support, employment assistance, benefits assistance. I believe that everyone deserves an advocate. I am more convinced every day that those of us working in this space are doing our clients a disservice by labeling "individuals experiencing homelessness" solely by their housing status. It gives people the opportunity to say, "well some people choose to be homeless," as if we were able to give people a home, they would refuse it; and that the home is all people need. Maybe that is all some people need, a home. Maybe. And maybe many more need holistic services that address their total well-being. Hospitals don't define their patients by what they are lacking, good health; they aren't the 'health-less." Why do we define our clients by one thing they lack?
Today I watched someone who did not choose many things leave this earth. I won't think of her as the "woman experiencing homelessness," I will think of her by her first name. 
From Foster Care to Homelessness to Housing
"K" recently moved into an apartment and has been able to secure a job as well as start saving money for a vehicle. He experienced a difficult background and has managed to overcome being exited from foster care and many other barriers. With the help of the HSC staff and our Campus partners, he has now transitioned to his own apartment.

Congratulations K!!!
We Need Toothbrushes, Disposable Razors and Travel-Size Toiletries
Everyone has been so great to our collective on the Campus by donating bottled water, thank you! We are currently running low on the following items that we distribute 365 days per year in our Lodestar Day Resource Center:
• Toothbrushes
• Travel sized shampoo/conditioner
• Travel sized lotion
• Disposable razors (men’s/women’s) 
Please reach out if you are able to donate the above items via email at volunteer@hsc-az.org.

Our Incredible HSC Staff
The Human Services Campus, Inc. Staff are faced with many challenges every day as we help individuals remove their unique set of barriers to end their homelessness. So much of this work is intense and stressful, and the passion of each of one of our staff is quite remarkable. It is truly amazing to watch them in action and to witness their team interaction where they have each others' backs. Most importantly, the level of care and commitment they have to each of our guests here at the Campus is priceless. It is with gratitude and pride that we recognize the HSC Staff. Please join us in thanking them for all of the hard work they do every day!
Questions about the HSC? Please email us at admin@hsc-az.org or call us at (602) 282-0853.
HSC Staff celebrates Patriotic Dress Day at the Campus and poses for a picture on July 3rd.
Human Services Campus | 204 S. 12th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85007 | 602.282.0853 | www.hsc-az.org