In the United States, more than 40,000 cooperatives support jobs that provide more than $25 billion in wages, with more than 350 million members. That last figure might have caught you somewhat off-guard. That’s because co-ops are so important to some local residents, economies and communities where many people are members of more than one co-op. Co-ops are a trusted and proven way to conduct business and build communities.

As October comes to an end, MGCC takes this annual opportunity to honor the local support provided to cooperatives and how it’s made a difference in our communities. Through the support of MGCC’s Small Business Technical Assistance (SBTA) Grant Program, nonprofit organizations across the Commonwealth work to help small businesses by providing training in business skills such as accounting and marketing, technical assistance, and access to financing. 

Of the 59 nonprofit grantees of MGCC’s FY23 SBTA Grant Program, two focus solely on co-ops, the Cooperative Fund of the Northeast (CFNE) and the Boston Center for Community Ownership, while the Local Enterprise Assistance Fund (LEAF) and Boston Impact Initiative (BII) prioritize co-ops through their work. We are pleased to share an inspiring story about a TA Provider and cooperative relationship that has successfully served their member-owners and community.