Stopping the Leftist Mob in Virginia

Well... that escalated quickly.

It started, innocuously enough, on March 3rd, when the joint Virginia Project and P.A.C.T. presentation on Critical Race Theory (CRT) and its effect on Loudoun schools made its debut. It was a smashing success, and broke the seal on discussion about that insidious radical ideology being inserted into school systems.

Little did we know! The plain truth our presentation brought to the table caught the attention of the "Chardonnay KKK", also known as a Facebook group called "Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County." Like the fundamentalist religious cult it is, these wretches found the simple truth to be utterly intolerable.

So intolerable, in fact, that they then started plotting serious crimes against us, openly organizing criminal activity within the group, with the blessing of its leaders - including the most notorious school board member in Virginia, Beth Barts of Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS).

Were that not enough, these extremists then proceeded to make an enemies' list of parents and political opponents, going as far as targeting local Republican groups and GOP candidates.

But this wasn't limited to the declared opposition, not at all.

These sick and dangerous individuals ALSO pored through the records of school board meetings to find every single parent who spoke up and was not supportive of the CRT agenda.

And put them on an enemies' list.

And then solicited felony crimes against them.

And even started mentioning the kids of those parents.

And now we have discovered that this form of targeting has been going on for many months - perhaps many years.
And now the Virginia Project will put an end to the madness.

We are a political action committee. We are taking political action. And we are taking law enforcement action. And we are taking civil litigation action. And soon there will be RICO action, to sweep away the entirety of this infestation, this poison in the heart of Loudoun County.

And not only in Loudoun County.

We will be investigating this and similar political rackets all across Virginia. We will free the parents and citizens and business owners and everyone under the thumb of bullies and goons running rampant in the Commonwealth's political system.

To this end, we have created the:

To pursue legal action across a broad spectrum of fronts - criminal, civil, RICO, and mass FOIA action - where we will retrieve the records of all political commissar government employees, and find out just what they've been doing on company time. If they've been running a crime ring while on the job, we will litigate that entity into dust.

We have elite lawyers and the top RICO specialist in the nation already signed on. Every day, more offer their services, having heard of the outrage, and being unable to stand idly by.

Each and every person, each and every organization involved is getting sued - the evidence is as shocking as it is overwhelming. We will pursue their liability to levels that will impact the insurance industry. We will make it impossible for any organization to get insurance unless they screen out "woke" ideology, just like screening for hard drugs today.

NOTE TO LOUDOUN COUNTY PARENTS: If you believe you have been targeted, or have experienced harassment you believe is related to this "Anti-Racist" cult, please contact the Loudoun Police Department as soon as possible. Loudoun Police detective Claye Pickrell can be reached at
703-737-8947 and

We will not rest, we will not stop fighting, until this whole ugly beast is exposed.

Marxists, you’ve been warned.
Our sole source of support is you.

Right now The Virginia Project is in the fight for the soul of Virginia, and we need your help. We ask that you consider donating, as we work toward victory in Virginia. Donate to the Virginia Civil Rights Defense Fund!

Thank you for being with us in this fight! We've got your back.

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