A Note from Your Camp Director
Important Camp Notes:
  • Senior/Teen Camp is located at the Rotary Building, 431 Walkup Rd., Crystal Lake
  • Drop off for campers begins at 7:40 am and pick up at 3:30 pm
  • To make this transition run seamlessly please line up in the front of the building. When you drop off/pick up you will stay in your car. A counselor will come up to you and have you sign in/out.
  • At drop off campers will not be allowed to attend camp if they are exhibiting any symptoms of illness.
  • Please take your child's temperature at home before arriving in the morning.
  • You will need to sign off that your child's temperature is normal before they are allowed leave the car.
Supplies needed for each day:
  • 2 face covering/mask (to be worn inside & transitions)
  • towel
  • reusable water bottle
  • a healthy peanut/nut free morning snack
  • a completely DISPOSABLE peanut/nut free lunch (no lunch boxes please)
This week we will be our fifth week of Endless Summer Camp with time and space for e-learning. Your D47 student, is required to be logged onto their device and streaming with their teacher by 8 am. Please be sure to arrive by 7:40 am in order for our staff to help your child prepare for the day. We will help with log on/off but we are not able to tutor. We are here to guide the children. The children with the help from their parents need to be responsible for turning in homework/work assignments.
Please send the following school items labeled with your child's name:
  • D47 provided supply box with its entire contents (will stay at camp)
  • Chromebook (w/preset password) & cord
  • headphones (will stay at camp)
  • class schedule w/written password
  • plastic pencil case
Please read this newsletter in its entirety so your child is prepared for our daily activities and doesn’t miss out on any of the FUN! Thank you for assisting us in keeping our campers healthy and happy!
If you have not done so, please finish your Campdoc forms as soon as possible. You will not be allowed to attend camp until we have your emergency information.
 If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to call Gina Smak, Senior Camp Director (815) 355-6558 or email us at gsmak@crystallakeparks.org
Please send a water bottle, healthy morning snack (nut free), a towel for social distancing and 2 masks daily with your camper.
  • Drop off will always be Rotary Building.
  • ET Camp is held at the Rotary Building daily
  • Please remember to send your child with a disposable peanut free lunch & drink daily.
  • No peanut or tree nut products please
  • Pick up at Rotary is in the parking lot in front
  • Please remember to notify the camp counselor if your child will be picked up early or is going to be absent from camp.
  • Any medication must be brought to camp with the appropriate paperwork and in its original container.
  • Send Chromebook, mask (2), headphones, towel, water bottle & healthy snack everyday!
  • No electronic games or toys are allowed at camp
Important Address

 Rotary Building
431 Walkup Rd., Crystal Lake

Wacky Wardrobe Week!

Mon, Sept 21:
  • Spirit day wear school colors
  • Playground fun
Tu, Sept 22:
  • Character day (Disney, Avengers
Wed, Sept 23:
  • Wear your favorite sport shirt
  • Tennis baseball
Th, Sept 24:
  • Dress fancy!
Fri, Sept 25:
  • Wear CrAzY SoCkS
  • Bring in a white or light colored shirt to tie-dye
Outdoor activities for the week:
  • Gaga ball
  • 2/4 square
  • Basketball
  • Playground
Downtime activities:
  • Name art project
  • Bookmarks
  • Coloring
  • Cards
  • Finish homework