Endorsed Candidates in the General Election for 2016
"We cannot continue the same path, with the same people, and the same poor decisions and expect a different result".

Nevada-Below is a list of all Veterans In Politics International (VIPI) endorsed candidates in the General Election for 2016. 
Please educate yourself on all the candidates running for any elected office.
It took us 8 days to video interview 107 candidates for 2016 in an effort to have educated voters at the ballot box.
We put a lot of time and money into creating an open forum to educate the public in addition to videos of the interviews.
We take a lot of pride in our endorsements, we do it for love of country. Thank you for allowing us to be part of the political process.
We cannot be successful without our sponsors, moderators, panelist and staff.

Moderators: (non-voting members)
Tony Abbatangelo Former Las Vegas Justice of the Peace * Paul Padda Nevada Attorney * Bob Beers Las Vegas City Councilman * Kevin Childs Clark County School Board Trustee * Jordan Ross Laughlin Constable * Andrew Martin former Nevada State Assemblyman * Joe Siscento Las Vegas Justice of the Peace * Anat Levy Candidate for Clark County District Court Judge Department 20. 

Interview panel members included Karen Steelmon former VIPI Auxiliary Director * Ron Q. Quilang VIPI Auxiliary Director * Monti Levy Nevada Attorney * Jim Jonas VIP Talk Show Host * Melanie Thomas Nevada Attorney * Brian Clark Nevada Attorney * Jason Smith Vice-Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Nevada * Michael Broadway NV/AZ Realtor* Rob Lauer Army * Craig Mueller Nevada Attorney/US Navy * Nathan Atkins Army * Jason Stoffel Nevada Attorney * Tim Petarra VIP Nevada Chapter President/Army * Cindy Lake Political Activist * Daphne Lee Political Activist * Rowena Krifaton founder of the Shine Family Foundation * Len Connell Radio Show Host * Robert Lueck former Clark County District Court Judge * Robert Foust US Army * Tellis Napper Disc Jockey * Scott Lafata Nevada State Director for Citizens for a better America * Will Crespo US Air Force/retired Lt. for North Las Vegas Police Department * Fred Conquest Executive Director for the Citizens for a better America * Pamela Katen Public Relations * Patrick Llewellyn US Army * Jamison Ahearn US Marine Corps * Steven Sonnenburg Businessman * Jason Brooks US Marine * Christina Ortiz US Army/VIP Nevada Chapter Director * Mike Edwards US Marine/President of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club * Mike Armstrong Jr. Businessman * John Moore US Army/Nevada State Assemblyman * Patrick Casale Radio Show Host.

George Chehade VIPI Minister * Dave Jochman Marine Corps League Detachment 186 Chaplain * Tony Baca * Chaplain Steven St. John *Andre Haynes.

Pledge of Allegiance :
Mason Fawzy 3 year old.

Gia Rose Massa and Claudia Thomas.
Scott Ghormley owner of Rhythm Kitchen Restaurant * Brent Jones owner of Real Water * Ron Q. Quilang owner of Ron Q. Corporations * Craig Mueller partner Mueller Hinds & Associates Law Firm * Kenneth Pollock former Clark County District Court Judge * George Carson owner of AllTalkRadio.net * Paul Padda owner of Paul Padda Law * Michael Broadway * Roberts Stoffel Law Group * Claudia Thomas * Kevin Wall Battle Born Radio * Chanthy Walsh and Beni Velazquez  Owner and Executive Chef of Essence and Herbs Tapas Joint Restaurant * Craig W. Drummond Law Firm * Las Vegas Municipal Court Judge Cedric Kerns * Judge Susan Roger * Judge Heidi Almase * Jim Wheeler Nevada State Assemblyman * Tony Abbatangelo former Las Vegas Justice of the Peace * Steve Ross Las Vegas City Councilman * Mike Angell owner of Nevada Legal Forms & Tax Services *Anat Levy Clark County District Court Judge Department 20 candidate and others.
The video of each endorsement interviews are archived and on several social media channels including our website. 

If you do not agree with who we have chosen to endorse, please educate yourself on all the candidates running for elected office.

Thank you Northern Nevada Auxiliary Director Vicky Maltman and the Northern Nevada Membership.

Veterans In Politics International Inc.