Bernie Moreno for U.S. Senate

Thursday, October 5, 2023

The Board of Ohio Value Voters has unanimously voted to endorse Bernie Moreno for the U.S. Senate.

Bernie Moreno's bio can be found HERE:  

Bernie is strongly pro-life. He is opposed to the killing of unborn children and is in complete support of defeating Issue 1 this November. He has contributed financially to the defeat of this radical attempt by Planned Parenthood to erode parental rights by a state constitutional amendment. 

Bernie is an advocate for school choice. He believes parents have the right to seek the best education for their children. He opposes the radical indoctrination of children in our schools and plans to prioritize this as our next Senator. He is opposed to biological males competing in women's sports.  

Bernie is in support of a secure border and supports legal immigration. He has stated that we do not have a safe and secure country with open borders. The Biden administration has permitted roughly 6-7 million undocumented 

immigrants into our country. 

John Stover, President of Ohio Value Voters states: “Bernie Moreno is the best choice to defeat Ohio's liberal senator, Sherrod Brown. Bernie will fight for our family values, the unborn, school choice, against radical indoctrination in the classroom, a secure border, and our first and second amendment rights as Ohio’s next Senator.”      



Thank you for your prayers and support.


John Stover, President

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