Reggie Stoltzfus for Congress

Thursday, December 28, 2023

The Board of Ohio Value Voters has endorsed Reggie Stoltzfus in Ohio’s 6th Congressional District.

Reggie Stoltzfus has served as one of the most conservative state representatives since 2019. Reggie worked with Ohio Value Voters to pass pro-parental rights legislation for Ohio schools. He is a strong pro-life advocate and supported the Heartbeat Bill. Reggie has confirmed he will join the Freedom Caucus as the next congressman from the 6th District. He will fight for family values and supports an America-first agenda. Reggie Stoltzfus is the best choice for the voters in the 6th House District. 

John Stover, President of Ohio Value Voters states, "Ohio Value Voters agrees 100% with Tom Zawistowski of We the People. Tom has provided an excellent synopsis and argument on behalf of Reggie Stoltzfus."


Why is the Ohio Republican Establishment Pushing the Inferior Candidate Rulli on Conservative Voters in the 6th Congressional District?

In response to our previous emails supporting Reggie Stoltzfus for Congresswhich you can see below, Columbiana County Chair Dave Johnson sent an "Open Letter to the Republican Leadership of Ohio's 6th District" which starts out like this:

So, let me get this straight. Johnson says in his letter that Rulli's (senate) district was "mostly Democrat" and then brags that Rulli "garnered 70% of the district vote"! Doesn't that prove the Rulli had "mostly" Democrat support even though he pretends to be a Republican? Doesn't that prove that Rulli votes like a Democrat??? So, how does that make Rulli a good choice for the "mostly Republican" Ohio 6th Congressional District??? It Doesn't! So why is Johnson and former ORP Chairman Jane Timken and other Establishment Republicans trying to push Rulli on "conservative Republican Leadership" in the 6th District? Good questions, Eh?

As for the supposed "baseless attacks", facts are facts. Despite Rulli's "conservative voting record" we show below that he is clearly the Inferior Candidate to Reggie Stoltzfus who HAS THE MOST CONSERVATIVE RECORD OF ANY STATE LEGISLATOR IN OHIO according to the independent Institute for Legislative Analysis! Stoltzfus has a 92.4% conservative voting record and Rulli has a 79.69% record. It's not even close as to who is the best candidate for the Ohio 6th Congressional District. Stoltzfus is ranked #1 while Rulli is ranked #42!!! Those aren't baseless attacks, those are actual FACTS! So why is the Republican Establishment pushing an Inferior Candidate on YOU???

Johnson's letter then goes on to try to pander to real conservatives by saying that Rulli "was one of the first legislators to endorse Donald Trump for president and is a 2024 Trump Delegate for the district" then emphasizing "(Reggie is not)". As if having the establishment hand-pick Rulli as a Trump Delegate is somehow an achievement by Rulli when in reality it just proves that Rulli is OWNED lock, stock and barrel by the same people who brought you other LBGTQ+ "Republican" proponents like John Kasich!

It's a FACT that Rulli said "I'm really into criminal justice reform, I'm really pro-gay rights, I'm really for a lot of things that Republicans don't go for." We didn't make that up. He said “Ninety percent of my friends, 70 percent of my family are Democrats.” So how are you supposed to believe that he will represent the conservative values of the conservative MAJORITY in the Ohio 6th Congressional District?

We also did not make up the fact that Rulli proposed the legislation in the article below which the Establishment wants to call a "baseless attack". Rulli's record is what it is. It is NOT as good as Reggie Stoltzfus' record. That is why you will see below that the grassroots TEA Party/Liberty Group Leaders in the 6th District RECRUITED Stoltzfus to replace Bill Johnson and have endorsed Stoltzfus for Congress! Voters in Belmont, Carroll, Columbiana, Harrison, Jefferson, Mahoning, Monroe, Stark, Tuscarawas, and Washington counties need to share this email far and wide so that they can elect the MOST Conservative candidate in the March 19th Republican Primary - REGGIE STOLTZFUS!

By Sarah Wilder, Daily Caller, December 21, 2023

Republican Ohio state legislator and U.S. House candidate Michael Rulli previously sponsored a bill that broadly prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity.

The Ohio Fairness Act, which was re-introduced in 2021, prohibits barring the use of “public accommodations” based on gender identity, including, “any other place of public accommodation or amusement of which the accommodations, advantages, facilities or privileges are available to the public.”

The bill died in the state Senate’s Government Oversight and Reform Committee. The bill has been applauded by LGBT organizations across the state, including national organizations such as Planned Parenthood and the Ohio affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

“Our Republican champions, Senator Rulli and Representative [Brett] Hillyer, continue to lead the way in showing Ohio that LGBTQ+ equality is not a partisan issue,” LGBT group Equality Ohio wrote at the time.

Aaron Baer, president of Center for Christian Virtue, told the Caller he was concerned that the bill would allow biological men to use women’s restrooms, or compete on girl’s teams.

“The Ohio Fairness Act is one of the most dangerous bills in the country. Just like the Federal Equality Act, when you add ‘gender identity’ to the non-discrimination provisions in law, you force private businesses and public schools to allow any man who claims to identify as a woman to access women’s bathrooms and locker rooms,” Baer said. “It would even force domestic violence shelters to allow men to bathe and bunk with women. It’s truly extreme.”

A 2019 version of the bill mentions domestic violence shelters as examples of places that would not be allowed to discriminate on the basis of “gender identity.”

Click Here to Read More of this story in the Daily Caller where the Rulli Campaign calls this a "baseless attack".

Why are the County Chairs in the Ohio 6th Congressional District looking to endorse an Inferior Candidate in the Republican Primary???

Do they know who this Rulli Guy is???

Does this quote suggest that Rulli is a good fit for the MAGA Conservative Ohio 6th Congressional District???

Rulli said, "I'm really into criminal justice reform, I'm really pro-gay rights, I'm really for a lot of things that Republicans don't go for."

Read this article from Rulli's college newspaper. . .

then Call YOUR Republican County Chairman TODAY

and tell them that YOU Support the Most Conservative

Candidate in Ohio for Congress - Reggie Stoltzfus!

(Please Forward this Email to any Patriots you Know in the Ohio 6th!)

Emerson alumnus Michael Rulli reflects on Ohio senate seat win

By Stefania Lugli, February 6, 2019

(Click Here to Read the Article from the Original Source)

Michael Rulli ‘91 sat in his new state house office in Columbus, Ohio wearing an Emerson sweatshirt on his second day as a state senator.

On Jan. 8, the grocery store operations director, ex-bassist of Red Bliss, and passionate Emerson alumnus laid his left hand on the bible and held his right hand up to swear his duty to his home state. Following the ceremony, Rulli stated his goals for promoting economic development and educational reform in Ohio. 

Rulli won as a Republican senator for Ohio’s 33rd district with 52 percent of the vote—unseating nine-year Democratic incumbent Joe Schiavoni. Ohio’s 33rd senatorial district has elected a Democrat in every election since 1951, according to polling data from Ballotpedia. 

A once self-proclaimed “raging liberal,” Rulli understands people’s confusion over his political party as an Emerson graduate. He said he identified as a Democrat until the late 1990s.

Rulli attributed his transition to the Republican party to an overexposure of bad politics. 

“These Democrats I would be around with were just garbage people,” Rulli said. “They would throw their own staff under the bus, they were constantly trash-talking others… The politicians have a bad reputation for taking bribes.”

Besides the politics, Rulli said the event that determined his party affiliation came shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks when he comforted crying customers in the aisles of one of his grocery stores as CNN played on a store TV. 

“CNN started saying that we sort of asked for it,” Rulli said. “We have a lot of flaws in our history. We have a lot of dark sides in our history. But, the narrative started going that America was to blame. That America’s imperialism brought on 9/11.”

Rulli said the newscast encouraged him to switch parties.

“I’m in no way, shape, or form an alt-righter. I shun them whenever I have a chance,” Rulli said. “As far as finances go, I’m very conservative.”

Rulli said he studied speech at Emerson, interned for Joe Kennedy Jr., and claims to have started Boston’s first grunge band—MTV music video and all. . .

Rulli described his move from a suburb in Poland, Ohio to the east coast as his attempt to attend the school with the best program for his prime skill—public speaking.

“I did extremely well in speech team. All my teachers in high school were like, ‘You need to go somewhere that’s really strong in communications,’” Rulli said. “I was really interested in politics, too. I’ve always been a political junkie.” . . .

The senator said his family’s century-old grocery store business, Rulli Bros. Markets, and a student loan debt of over $100,000 motivated him to come back to Ohio . . .

Rulli kick-started his career in public policy in Ohio by spending eight years on the Leetonia School Board, from 2009 to 2017. He said he felt inspired to run for a board seat after discovering the Leetonia Exempted Village School District was half a million dollars in debt.

He won the election for school board president in 2015—earning recognition for the district’s climb into the top hundred school districts in the state by increasing its overall quality. The Thomas B. Fordham Institute classified the school district as “high quality” in 2016. 

In 2017, Rulli announced his intent to run for state senate. He ran on a platform of combating population loss, improving public education, and advocating for small businesses. . . .

Rulli admitted how accustomed he’s become to his friends and family badgering him for his political affiliation.

“Ninety percent of my friends, 70 percent of my family are Democrats,” Rulli said. 

Mahoning County and Columbiana County, where Ohio’s 33rd district resides, are considered two of the most democratic counties in the state. (Editors Note: But the Ohio 6th Congressional District is one of the Ohio's MOST CONSERVATIVE.)

Rulli said he’s still getting used to hearing people call him “senator,” but his settling in did not prevent him from starting initiatives. 

As his first piece of legislation, the senator plans to introduce an amendment to create a transportation corridor that would enable an equal distribution of federal funds to each of Ohio’s 88 counties. This program extends the accessibility of public transportation in the state.

“In some of the rural parts of our counties, [public transportation] just don’t go into their area. We’re developing a dollar-for-dollar program,” Rulli said. 

Looking forward, Rulli strives towards bipartisan goals for his home state.

“I believe in more freedom. I believe that I should be able to say anything I want to say,” Rulli said. “I’m really into criminal justice reform, I’m really pro-gay rights, I’m really for a lot of things that Republicans don’t go for.”

That is the kind of future Rulli said he wants for Ohio. . . . (and Apparently the Ohio 6th District!)


Thank you for your prayers and support.


John Stover, President

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