Justice Sharon Kennedy For Ohio’s Supreme Court Chief Justice

The Board of Directors of Ohio Value Voters (OVV) is proud to announce the endorsement of Justice Sharon Kennedy in her efforts to serve as Ohio’s next Supreme Court Chief Justice. Justice Kennedy currently serves all Ohioans after being elected three previous times as an Associate Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court.

OVV President John Stover cites Kennedy’s nearly four decades of public service to the families of Ohio. Stover states, “Justice Kennedy has consistently protected the rights of Ohio citizens in every aspect of her amazing career. As a police officer, attorney and extensive jurist, Sharon has stood strong ensuring our safety and constitutional rights.”

Ohio Value Voters’ nearly 1.5 million citizen voters and supporters stand beside Justice Kennedy in her quest to serve as Ohio’s chief jurist. Her long, tireless and continuous efforts to protect our faith, families, life and freedoms warrant our support and endorsement. The entire OVV family across Ohio is proud to support Justice Sharon Kennedy and look forward to her election as Ohio's next Supreme Court Chief Justice.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

John Stover, President

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