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Detroit Regional LGBT Chamber of Commerce                                 Kevin Heard
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DETROIT. Mich., Nov. 2, 2022 – The Detroit Regional LGBT Chamber of Commerce is excited to endorse incumbent Gretchen Whitmer for Governor in the 2022 election.  

As a chamber that represents one of the most diverse populations in the state, it is imperative that we have leadership that leads with an inclusive and bi-partisan lens. Whitmer has proven time and time again that diverse, inclusive, and equitable business policies and practices are central to the success of the State.

This is the first endorsement of any candidate by this chamber since its founding in 2013. We feel that in this election, the stakes are too high to sit quietly and allow a homophobic conspiracy theorist and election denier to get anywhere near the governor’s mansion.

State and Local elections have a large and more immediate impact on our quality of life, and we need a governor with a clear mind that is focused on fixing our state's infrastructure, bringing back manufacturing, and supporting our small businesses, so our rural and urban businesses are connected and can continue fuel Michigan’s economy and serve Michigan families. Whitmer and Gilchrist are those leaders.


The Detroit Regional LGBT Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to provide access and value to a network of diverse small business members and corporate partners by creating a business-friendly climate, activating the region with development opportunities for growth, and increasing the number of LGBT-certified businesses throughout the state.
Detroit Regional LGBT Chamber of Commerce