October 6, 2020
Endorsing 49 MLA Candidates in 3 Parties

To: 158 reporters and commentators; 14 trustee candidates and trustees; 13 of the many voters who are very concerned about our "one-size-fits-all" school boards; and 311 generally interested folks including members of the Social Mavrik Federation.

From: Bob Bray, President, Social Mavrik Federation

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This copy of my 1st British Columbia MLA endorsement message
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CAMPBELL RIVER: Bob Bray is pleased to announce that the Social Mavrik Federation endorses 49 MLA Candidates in the 2020 provincial election.
Endorsing 49 MLA Candidates in 3 Parties
The three Parties that have already included charter schools and/or school choice in their platfom are: Conservative, Christian Heritage and Libertarian.

Representing these Parties are:
19 Conservative MLA Candidates
5 Christian Heritage MLA Candidates
25 Libertarian MLA Candidates

These 49 MLA Candidates make up 15% of all 331 MLA Candidates.

From the Conservative platform, "A BC Conservative government will introduce: a funding formula which will provide equal “per student” financing for students attending the same grade as in public schools for traditional, charter schools, and independent schools from K-12 levels. The system will operate throughout British Columbia on the basis of choice by parents in each school district. It will provide a specific grant for each student in a school that meets the minimum academic requirement established by the Provincial Ministry of Education."

From the Christian Heritage platform, "A Christian Heritage Party of BC Government will establish a funding formula which will provide equal “per student” funding for students attending the same grade in the school of their choice, whether Public, Traditional, Charter, Private or Faith Based, provided that school meets the minimum academic requirements established by the Provincial Ministry of Education."

From the Libertarian platform, "BC Libertarians believe that to ensure access to a quality education for every child, parents should have more choice in determining the way it is delivered. It’s already well-recognized that a one-size-fits-all approach results in far too many students being left behind. Educational choice is how the playing field can be leveled between the underprivileged and those lucky enough to live in close proximity to the best schools."

The 49 MLA Candidate from these 3 Parties are supporters of charter schools and/or school choice by virtue of being a named representative of their Party.

Since 2019 the Social Mavrik Federation has been advocating for legislation to allow the voluntary formation of 20 charter schools in British Columbia.

All 49 endorsed candidates are named on this list, along with the rest of the 331-strong field. Several of the endorsed candidates are linked to some of their media coverage.

The numbers mentioned above are graphically displayed in Facebook section below.
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Bob Bray, President, Social Mavrik Federation
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The Social Mavrik Federation is a registered society in British Columbia dedicated to cultural politics through endorsing candidates for Leadership / MP / MLA / Trustee positions and supporting legislative petitions.
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