People Power Edition 
April 2019 
[HD] Five Steps to Claim Your Power 
[HD] Five Steps to Claim Your Power -- Dr. Goldsberry and NH Advocates talk about ways to claim power and use it for social good

Power Together: More than 300 Community Partners Attend EH Annual Meeting to Hear National and Local Perspectives of the Power of People  
 "Power Together" was the theme of this year's EH Annual Meeting.  Founder of Citizens University and acclaimed author Eric Liu provided an inspirational keynote that encouraged the audience to be "contagions for good" through the use of civic power.    
Nationally renowned speaker, author and community organizer Eric Liu keynoted the event.  
Endowment for Health President Yvonne Goldsberry discussed the inherent power in all of us and how we can all use it to affect social change.   
Endowment for Health President Yvonne Goldsberry discussed how power is inherent in each one of us.  Inspirational as always.  
A local panel of advocates was also on hand for a discussion entitled, Locally Powered: Civic Engagement in New Hampshire. Their thoughtful observations and examples of powerful local engagement inspired the audience to continue working for important social issues here in the Granite State.  
A thought-provoking panel on local advocacy.  From left to right:  Jennifer Near, EH Board Member and moderator; Pedro Altagracia, New Futures; Sarah Jane Knoy, Granite State Organizing Project; and Jeff Dickinson, Granite State Independent Living 
Endowment for Health Annual Report
The Power of Data and Community Leadership
On April 2nd, the NH Alliance for Healthy Aging hosted more than 75 legislators and 35 advocates at a statehouse briefing on the newly released Healthy Aging Data Report . The comprehensive research was funded by the Tufts Health Plan Foundation with research conducted by the Gerontology Institute at the John W. McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston.
The data will help New Hampshire understand healthy aging trends and disparities throughout the state, examining 166 health indicators in 244 local cities and towns.   
What's more, Senior Leadership Volunteers from around the state are using their collective power and unified voice to help disseminate the data and interactive maps.    
Healthy aging advocates and researchers had a lively dialogue with a packed room of legislators on the NH Healthy Aging Data Report.

Researchers from the Gerontology Institute at the John W. McCormack School of Policy and Global Studies at UMass Boston demonstrate the interactive maps to legislators.  
What Your Zip Code Tells You About How You Will Age Where You Live in NH
--Bob Charest,
In New Hampshire, one out every five of us is over the age of 60. What do we know about those 301,000 people? Actually, a lot. Much information has been collected on our senior population, but until now, finding that information all in one place has been impossible.
As of today, that has changed.
The New Hampshire Healthy Aging Data Report went online this morning (Tuesday, April 2, 2019). It was unveiled at a legislative breakfast at the State House and later in a conference call to journalists.  You can see the website at
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