Healthy Aging Edition
Reframing the Conversation
December 2018
Changing the Conversation About Aging  
-by Kelly Laflamme, EH Program Director  
As we implement our new five-year strategic plan at the Endowment for Health, we are putting our mouth where our money is...and changing the way we talk about our work to create an age-friendly NH.  
Following the advice of national experts, our work has a new name, the Healthy Aging Initiative. We are not just changing a name, we are working to change a mindset.  
The Endowment for Health supports good health at every age and stage of life. For the past five years, we have been purposeful in developing a collective approach to advance an age-friendly New Hampshire and improve the opportunities for healthy aging. This work established the NH Alliance for Healthy Aging, a movement of stakeholders across the Granite State developing and implementing creative strategies and important policies related to healthy aging.
Opening Minds With the Science of Framing
-by Karen Ager, EH Communications Director
It's a well-known riddle: If a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, did it make a noise? Could there be anything worse than an entire audience oblivious to your message? Actually, yes. It's far worse when your audience hears the message but misinterprets your intent. This happens more often than we like to think. Fortunately, there's a proven scientific approach to help solve this problem.
That approach is called framing, a science that can change the way audiences organize, perceive and communicate information about a topic or issue.
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A New Way to Ta lk About Aging
  New Hampshire Alliance for Healthy Aging

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The State of New Hampshire needs your input.  If you are 50 or older, we need your thoughts on the needs and experiences of older people in NH communities.   
Your opinion will help inform the State Plan on Aging for the next four years. 
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