Race & Equity in New Hampshire Series:
Building a Movement
May 2018

Our Ongoing Quest To Move the Work Forward
--by Melina Hill Walker
The Endowment's commitment to health equity and racial justice is well known. Many of our community partners have engaged with us in this work for more than a decade. More recently, hundreds of you attended the Inaugural Symposium on Race & Equity in NH. Many more of you would have participated had we had the space, but alas, ended up on a waiting list. This is testament to the energy, curiosity and concern so many of us share about the need to acknowledge and stamp out racism in our country and our state. Many of us understand on a gut level that we cannot be healthy without a culture free from the lie of racial constructs. Every one of us suffers from the societal setbacks of racism, no matter what our background or skin color.


Race & Equity - Overview

A DEEP Dive with Dr. Darnisa Amante
Meet Darnisa Amante, Ed.L.D., CEO and co-founder of DEEP -- the Disruptive Equity Education Project. Dr. Amante and her team are leading several communities in New England and across the U.S. to examine themselves from the inside out,  creating meaningful change toward racial equity.

New Hampshire will now benefit from Dr. Amante's expertise as she leads the Race & Equity in NH Series' ongoing work in the six sectors of civic engagement, economic development, education, government, health care, and law enforcement/criminal justice; ultimately culminating in one collective vision.


Outcomes of the Inaugural Symposium on Race & Equity in NH

Race Equity Fact Sheets By Sector

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