Strategic Plan Edition
October 2018
Steady as We Go: EH Five-Year Strategic Plan
Dear Community Partners,    
We are happy to announce the Endowment's Strategic Plan for the next five years. Our Strategic Planning Committee, Board, Advisory Council and staff invite you to review the plan details. But first, a bit of context.
In June of 2017, the Endowment for Health Board of Directors launched a year-long strategic planning process which began with in-depth conversations about our Mission, Vision and Core Values, the principles that form the foundation for everything we do. We also held interviews with our community partners about the Endowment's future focus. Over the course of the ensuing months we:
  • Reviewed data on the impact of our work in each of our areas of focus;
  • Examined our approach to financial investments and allocations;
  • Explored issues that impact the health of the people of New Hampshire;
  • Listened to the advice and counsel of key stakeholders; and,
  • Engaged in dynamic and challenging conversations about where we should go from here.

Endowment For Health Advisory Council Provides Valuable Community Connections
Advisory Council members were among those recently recognized for their efforts to connect the Endowment to NH communities. From left to right, Alejandro Urrutia, Susan Calegari (Council Chair), Melanie Levesque and Yvonne Goldsberry, EH President
The Endowment for Health Advisory Council could very well be one of the state's hardest working hidden gems. The Council has always worked in tandem with the Endowment's Board and staff to advise on matters from a geographic and issue-based perspective around the state. With broad representation by county and by expertise, the Endowment's Council acts as ambassadors with a two-fold approach -- serving as community liaisons for the foundation and as advisors on the ground bringing information to the Endowment about emerging issues.
Most recently, the EH Advisory Council organized a series of community visits to make meaningful regional connections and introductions to the Endowment. The effort has engaged community members and groups, providing a venue for dialogue with EH President Dr. Yvonne Goldsberry who has met opinion leaders and community members around the Granite State.
NH Citizens Health Initiative: Behavioral Health Integration Learning Collaborative

The NH Citizens Health Initiative's Behavioral Health Integration Learning Collaborative works to integrate mental and behavioral health into primary care settings, and conversely, to integrate primary care into specialty mental health settings like community mental health centers. Integrated care gets better outcomes for patients, improved provider retention and job satisfaction and can cost less. The path to integrated care requires practice transformation, culture change, and sustainable payment mechanisms. The Initiative's Leaning Collaborative brings together all the partners to help move this forward.


Covering the Care: Medicaid, Work, and Community Engagement

New Hampshire Primary Care Behavioral Health Workforce Development Plan


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