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Your Early Bird Discount savings of $100 ends at midnight tonight (Monday, August 14) for the AddonSoftware conference October 18-20, in Albuquerque, NM. We also offer a 25% conference discount for active maintenance coverage (SAM) on your AddonSoftware license. Click HERE for conference details 

Come and see how you can benefit from the modern improvements to your AddonSoftware without disrupting your business. We'll show you how you can get there one step at a time with our low risk hybrid approach. Meet Manny DeSantis and others at the conference who are taking this approach:

Since the beginning of our hybrid project to upgrade to the current revision, we have been able to implement our accounting system based on our timetable and needs while continuing to operate the business without interruptions on a day to day basis. (Next) we are beginning order entry and sales and expect full implementation of the system during Q4 2017. 
Manny DeSantis
President and CEO
Valley Fastener Group, LLC

Click on the image below to see the low risk hybrid blending of the new graphical features with your version 6 AddonSoftware that Manny is referring to:
Easy to Change Compamies
Low risk hybrid solution

Growing your business means evolving to meet your customer's needs. Modernizing your ERP system gives you that competitive advantage.  Don't miss this opportunity to get an in-depth look at how your tried and trusted ERP has evolved. The productivity improvements, instant access to data and business decision making features make this  a must attend event!
"Power of the Past, Force for the Future"
Here is what you can expect to see...
  • Valuable networking opportunities with me and your peers
  • Fully graphical ERP modules including Payroll with Addon's proven and reliable business processes

  • Business Intelligence Digital Dashboard with data charts and graphs with drilldowns, email, pdf saving and export to Excel features
  • Easy access to your data in grid lookups with Google-like searching, sort/filter
    and export features
  • Improved reporting throughout and professional-looking customer-facing forms
  • Powerful query tools that put you in the driver's seat to access your data

Come to AddCon to explore the new AddonSoftware with your reseller, network with the AddonSoftware engineering team and other AddonSoftware users.

What to do next...
  • Check the conference details
  • Register for AddCon today!
  • Reserve your room at the Albuquerque Marriott Hotel
  • Contact your AddonSoftware reseller to ensure that they are attending