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Endurica Welcomes Tom Ebbott to Our Team
December 1, 2022 as Vice President
Dr. Ebbott will be responsible for go-to-market and growth strategy for the automotive business segment, with special focus on automotive OEMs. The announcement was made at the International Elastomer Conference and the story headlined major industry publications including Rubber News' "Most Read Stories" which noted "I am really excited to become a member Dec. 1 of Team Endurica," Ebbott said during the IEC. Rubber News notes "Ebbott brings more than 35 years of experience to the Endurica team, having most recently served as an R&D fellow at Goodyear. Prior to that, he was global manager of simulation technology for Goodyear, a position he stepped into after having served as manager of computational mechanics at Goodyear's Technical Center in Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg."
Live, Online Master Courses
Don't Miss this Last Chance for 2022
Learn the essential principles and practices of material characterization for fatigue life prediction and strategies and procedures for planning effective fatigue test programs as well as making effective use of crack nucleation and fracture mechanics tools. 
November 7-11, 2022 - LIVE, ONLINE
Wield Endurica software to virtually evaluate fatigue performance and solve design issues at the concept stage. All three of Endurica's solvers - Endurica CL, Endurica DT, and Endurica EIE are covered.
December 6-9, 2022 - LIVE, ONLINE
There are many ways that the fatigue behavior of rubber differs from that of metals. Join us to learn about one of the most astonishing differences: the tendency of larger mean strains to significantly INCREASE the fatigue life of some rubbers! 

Find out:
  • How far can you push this counter-intuitive effect to gain a performance advantage in your applications? 
  • How can you accurately measure and anticipate the effect via testing and simulation? 
  • What are the physics governing the effect? 
  • Why is Critical Plane Analysis necessary to accurately predict fatigue life for large mean strains? 
  • What is the temperature dependence of the effect? 
Rubbernecking at Endurica: an interesting thing that makes us look twice

Thermomechanical Characterization of Carbon Black Reinforced Rubbers During Rapid Adiabatic Straining
Eleven carbon black grades with varying surface area and structure properties at 40 parts per
hundred (phr) loading are studied and the unreinforced equivalents are included for reference. Check it out.
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