Computing at Scale:
New License Queueing Feature
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Design optimization studies are driving a need to support the efficient management and execution of many jobs. This is why we are announcing that Endurica’s software license manager now supports queueing for licenses. This allows a submitted job to automatically wait to start until enough licenses are available, READ MORE
Birla Carbon’s Dr. Lewis Tunnicliffe Shares Experience with Coesfeld T&FA
Check out the Coesfeld Tear & Fatigue Analyser in a demo by Dr. Lewis Tunnicliffe of Birla Carbon. From his location in Marietta, Georgia, Dr. Tunnicliffe shows you around the T&FA and shares the screen of the test proceedings.
Video Introduces New T-Shirt for Endurica
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Fatigue analysis for rubber differs from that for metals in many ways.

This webinar discusses nonlinearity, specifically the nonlinear relationship between applied load inputs and the resulting stress/strain responses. 

Elastomers in applications exhibit many nonlinearities. These include:
  • Constitutive behavior
  • Finite strains
  • Contact
The consequence is that linear superposition, which is widely used in metal fatigue analysis to scale and combine unit load case finite element solutions, does not work for rubber. Join us to see how Endurica’s Efficient Interpolation Engine (EIE) handles the nonlinearities so that you can get durability right. 
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Attention ALL Fatigue Ninjas
All Endurica users are invited to join us for our next Fatigue Ninja Friday training webinar. This free training service keeps our Fatigue Ninjas up to date on the latest in Rubber Durability simulation.

9 AM New York | Detroit | Akron (DST)
1 PM London (GMT)
2 PM Munich (CEST)
4 PM Istanbul (ET)
6:30 PM Pune (IST)

The Endurica EIE workflow gives you the ability to simulate road loads and other lengthy histories, supporting as many as 6 independent input channels. The key to success with this workflow is in building the nonlinear map that relates input global loads/displacement to local modeled stresses and strains. 

Join us for a review of best practices for building the map, including:
  • Reducing the number of independent channels in the map
  • Planning the solution path(s) for the map
  • Managing channels with specified rotations
  • Considerations when using implicit and explicit finite element solution methods
  • Checking map discretization and solution quality

Fatigue Ninja Friday webinars are a special service provided by Endurica at no charge to our users. We recommend you register for this webinar even if you cannot attend the live session. All registrants will receive a link to the webinar recording as well as the presentation slides. 

If you are a user who has not yet received an invitation to this webinar, click here to let us know we are missing you in our invitation process.
Rubbernecking at Endurica:
an interesting thing that makes us look twice

Color Changing Fibers for Smart Clothes

Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Elastomer (CLCE) is a structurally coloured polymer system capable of changing its colour by mechanical deformation, due to the coupling of colour of helically aligned liquid crystal molecules and the viscoelasticity of rubber...
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