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The Top 10 Happenings for Endurica in 2022. We

  1. Expanded our team!
  2. Solved much bigger problems.
  3. Made analysis of READ MORE
Introducing Tom Ebbott
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Hello everyone. I am really excited to be writing this as the newest member to Team Endurica! I am really enjoying my on-boarding with Will and the team thus far. I continue to learn all the capabilities that the Endurica software has to offer, along with all the services that Endurica the company offers. I’m looking forward to using my knowledge and experience with modeling and simulation combined with expertise in fatigue and fracture in polymers to bring value to Endurica’s customers.

Endurica’s software and services enable customers to monitor, predict and improve the endurance of products. This has a positive impact on many of today’s contemporary questions. For example, for sustainability, customers need to READ MORE
Necessity and Invention: Getting Durability Right and Winning
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Three key takeaways from our founder’s acceptance speech of the tire industry’s highest award.

  1. There is a point at which commercial simulation code outcompetes internally developed simulation code. Will talks about how this played out in the early days of finite element technology in the tire industry, and how the lessons learned apply to durability simulation today.
  2. Traditional is not the same as conservative. Will talks about the tension between the tire industry's conservatism and the necessities that drive its progress, and how READ MORE
William V. Mars Ph.D PE with Herzlich Medal
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I ran a marketing consulting business for 30 years before joining Endurica and tried to save clients from learning the hard way. When brochures were the only way to convey a company’s message (pre-internet), it was critical that people understood the $5, $50, $500 rule.
  • $5 = cost for changes during the earliest design phase. This is the point where everything is on the table as you develop the look, feel, message, and content of the brochure.
  • $50 = cost to make changes at the first mock-up of the brochure. No big deal. At this stage, changes take READ MORE
  • Block cycle analysis feature added for Katana which enables you to schedule multiple blocks of loading in a single job. Added Haigh diagram for Endurica Viewer plus support for axisymmetric models in both Ansys and Marc (Hexagon).
  • Memory management, executive speed PLUS the ability to model a transient thermal history. You can now have both strain and temperature varying in time in your fatigue model.
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There are many ways that the fatigue behavior of rubber differs from that of metals. Join us to learn about one of the most astonishing differences: the tendency of larger mean strains to significantly INCREASE the fatigue life of some rubbers! 

Find out:
  • How far can you push this counter-intuitive effect to gain a performance advantage in your applications? 
  • How can you accurately measure and anticipate the effect via testing and simulation? 
  • What are the physics governing the effect? 
  • Why is Critical Plane Analysis necessary to accurately predict fatigue life for large mean strains? 
  • What is the temperature dependence of the effect? 
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