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Rubber Fatigue does not equal Metal Fatigue Part 1 Mean Strain Effects

1,342 words | 5 minute read

Rubber and metal are very different materials that exhibit very different behaviors. Consider the effect of mean strain or stress on the fatigue performance of these materials...READ MORE

Combine Multiple Load Cases into a Block Cycle Schedule that Executes as a Single Endurica Job

313 words | 1:18 minute read

Our most recent Users Survey garnered two surprising requests:

  • “Very interested in ability to run a single model with increasing load and combine with “Duty cycle” definition to predict/calculate expected lifetime.”
  • “Would like to see more on how to use duty cycles (loads) within one analysis rather than running at one load.”

Endurica already does this! Allow me to break down the process and show how easy it is.

Multiple loading cases for a specific duty cycle is often part of Fatigue analysis. You can piece together a schedule of varying Loads, Displacements, Temperatures, Ozone Exposure, READ MORE


66 words | 25 second read

75 people joined us for the eclipse

66 people attended the conference

16 insightful presentations explored many aspects of Endurica's solutions

6 industry leaders working as OEMs, parts manufacturers, tire makers, and raw materials suppliers shared their views on Delivering Durability Across the Rubber Supply Chain in an insightul panel discussion.

2 great days of sharing on how to Get Durability Right

1 successful first-ever conference!

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If you could not attend our conference

DO NOT MISS THE ENCORE+ PRESENTATION of Delivering Durability Across the Rubber Supply Chain

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OEM’s, rubber part manufacturers and raw materials suppliers all think about durability – how long a product will last – differently. This panel discussion will be a unique opportunity to hear from representatives across the supply chain providing unique insights into the contemporary and future challenges for ensuring the best durability for our products. The discussion will include: How durability requirements will change in the near future; challenges to meet durability requirements together with sustainability goals; the move toward more modelling, simulation and zero prototypes; and the role of machine learning and AI in future materials, component and vehicle development.

This webinar features insights from conference headliners:

Kevin Barbash

VDDV Technical Specialist for Suspension and Driveline

General Motors

Mohammed Rezaul Karim, Ph.D.

Technical Consultant


Christian Kipscholl, Ph.D.


Coesfeld MaterialTest GmbH.

Anoop Varghese, Ph.D.

Technical Specialist, Durability & Simulation, Attribute Engineering, Core Product Engineering

Bridgestone Americas

Touhid Zarrin-Ghalami, Ph.D.

CAE Front Chassis Engineer, Durability Technical Specialist

Stellantis NA

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Congratulations to Radek Stocek on receiving the ACS Rubber Division Sparks-Thomas Award

Radek Sparks Thomas 2024

198 words | 1 minute read

Endurica celebrates Dr. Radeck Stocek, General Manager of the Polymer Research Lab (PRL) in Zlin, Czech Rebuplic and Head of the Rubber Department at Tomas Bata University in Zlin. who was recently honored with the Sparks-Thomas Award. This award perpetuates the memory of William J. Sparks and Robert M. Thomas, chemists who developed butyl rubber. It recognizes and encourages outstanding scientific contributions and innovations in the field of elastomers by younger scientists, technologists and engineers who are within 25 years of earning their undergraduate degree.


Dr. Stocek earned his engineering degree in 2005 from the Czech Technical University in Prague and received his PH.D. in engineering science in 2012 from the Technical University Chemnitz in Germany. He then started an industrial career at Polymer Research Lab and a parallel independent academic career at Thomas Bata University in Zlin. His research and scientific interests are focused on characterization of rubber material properties with respect to fatigue and fracture mechanics and on the development of new and advanced testing methodologies and equipment. his work has been recognized by awards from The Tire Society. Dr. Stocek is the author and co-author of 60 publications and holds five German Utility Models (patents).

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November 19-22, 2024

There's a new test in town that will make you think twice about the industry standard BF Goodrich Cut and Chip. Join us as we share:

  • The physics governing wear and chip & cut phenomena in rubber
  • How Endurica's workflows are different from other durability analysis workflows
  • Typical testing machines and tests for friction, abrasion and cut & chip characterization
  • Methods to combine wear and structural fatigue for an overall look at product durability.
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An Endurica Classic:

Critical Plane Analysis of Common Deformation Modes in Rubber

Critical Plane Analysis by Will Mars

On August 2, 2017 Will Mars posted this video on YouTube. Nearly 2,600 views later, the information is as important as ever. It is time to revisit one of Endurica's first vidoes which "Shows the failure modes predicted by critical plane analysis for common deformation modes used in testing of elastomers. The damage sphere visualizations were made with the Endurica damage sphere viewer."

Watch Now - 4:17
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