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Issue 125, Oct 2018
Exposing young African engineering students' ideas and concepts
by Bertha Dlamini, Gen X Theatre

Many young African engineering students face difficulties when trying to be accepted as speakers at international conferences, where they could expose their concepts, ideas, and technologies to an international audience of potential employers, future business partners, and possible funders, so I developed a platform for them... (more)
Workshop equips industry to respond to
Draft IRP 2018

by Roger Lilley, EE Publishers
In August 2018, the South Africa Department of Energy released a draft of the Integrated Resource Plan for electricity (Draft IRP 2018) for public comment by 25 October 2018. In order to better prepare themselves to submit responses to the Draft IRP 2018, about 230 energy-industry related people gathered at the Axiz Auditorium in Midrand recently to attend a workshop on the draft... ( more)
Concerns about Eskom's medium-term system adequacy outlook
by Chris Yelland, EE Publishers
Chris Yelland  
Following the recent exposé by EE Publishers on the deepening coal supply crisis facing Eskom, alarm bells are also sounding regarding the utility's worsening generation plant performance impacting South Africa's medium-term (five-year) system adequacy outlook... ( more)
Localised production facilities for natural ester dielectric fluid in SA
by Roger Lilley, EE Publishers
The use of natural ester dielectric fluid instead of mineral oil in power transformers offers many advantages and the announcement that a local factory is to be set up to produce this fluid is a very important development in South Africa's energy sector... ( more)

Namibia's largest shopping mall goes solar 
by Lindy Taylor, Sustainable Power Solutions

The Grove Mall of Namibia is the country's retail golden child. Not only is it the country's first regional mall, but also the largest shopping centre in the country, spanning a massive 52 089 m² of rental area. Located in Kleine Kuppe in Windhoek (which is just 5 km from Eros Airport), the precinct boasts a hotel, medical facility, movie theatre, health and fitness centre, as well as multiple shops and restaurants, all of which consume considerable energy from the national grid... ( more)
Revolutionary wind-power technology launched   
by Mike Rycroft, EE Publishers 
The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in Pretoria launched a revolutionary vertical axis wind turbine recently. Although still in the early stages of prototype development, the wind turbine has already been subjected to comprehensive scrutiny and has passed feasibility trials at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Stellenbosch, and wind tunnel testing at the CSIR... ( more
Transformer protection in MV systems    
by Mike Rycroft, EE Publishers
The choices involved in the protection of MV transformers are often dictated by established standards and practices, or policy based on technical and economic considerations. Established design practices can be made obsolete by the development of new transformer technologies, new protection devices, and new applications, and choices must be made based  on transformer technology, the type of loads, and the external environment that they are subjected to... ( more

Online transformer condition monitoring
minimises revenue losses
by Senja Leivo, Vaisala 
Nothing is more frustrating for a power producer than not being able to get their product to market. Curtailment and losses due to reduced demand or technology-enforced downtime both mean energy is wasted and revenue lost delivering an instant blow to the bottom line... (more)
Rotating electrical machines are at the core of most generation networks. As machines are designed to tighter margins there is a growing need, for the sake of reliability, to monitor their behaviour and performance. Electrical signature analysis is proving valuable
on wide range of plant, increasingly on wind turbines and hydro plant... (more)
Improving power plant energy efficiency 
Information from Wärtsilä
With up-to-date equipment, well-planned maintenance and skilled operation, a power plant's energy efficiency can be kept on a high level throughout its lifecycle. With customised lifecycle upgrades, its energy efficiency can even be considerably increased, which improves the installation's performance. In addition, a boost in energy efficiency decreases emissions, reducing negative environmental impacts... ( more )
The benefits of variable speed drives in mining applications
Information from ABB   

Mining companies face major challenges for sustainable growth. As demand for commodities exceed supply, mining companies search for new deposits in remote and inhospitable regions where production costs are high. In addition, they seek to improve safety and reduce environmental impact. To safeguard their future, mining companies need to improve performance, cut production costs, reduce environmental impact, improve safety, and increase automation. .. ( more )
The hidden energy cost of information and communication technology 
by Mike Rycroft, EE Publishers  
Network connectivity is rapidly spreading across all types of devices and is seen as a key advance towards more sustainable energy supply and use. Each connections consumes power when in "standby" mode, and the resultant non-productive load can
become considerable.
.. (more)
Power developments in Africa
Compiled by Roger Lilley, EE Publishers
  • Trans-border gas pipeline in East Africa
  • Tanzania boosts its power output
  • Egypt's power grid to go digital
  • Equatorial Guinea lining up strategic partner for Gas Megahub
  • Power substation in Rwanda inaugurated
  • Ethiopian hydro-electric project stalled
  • Developing biofuels to cut diesel emissions
  • Malawi receives extra power and modern equipment
  • Gabon to build 2,2 MW of solar power... (more)
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Industry news
Product and service news

Revolutionary wind power technology
Lightning and surge protection for solar installations
Island goes green
Wind farm prepares for construction phase
Precision biomass dosing for biogas plants
To monitor and manage solar energy storage
Third hospital to receive solar plant
Largest rooftop solar PV solution in South Africa
International partnership announced
Large-scale electrical metering assists in Green Star rating
One-touch, advanced power quality analysis
Performance excellence celebrated
Animal guards on distribution switchgear
Mobile transformers for Namibian mine
10 000-operation switchgear developed for client
Antifreeze and coolants for engine protection
Major investment in generator fleet
Reliable gas turbines up to 567 MW
Relocation yields substantial customer benefits
Hybrid energy solution for underground railway
Bearings for harsh environments
Imaging cameras for equipment maintenance
Humidity measurement in poultry farms
Drive and control system enhances manufacture
Remote monitoring for electric motors
Technical team on hand to assist
Invaluable tools for Italian consultancy
Automatic pressure testing, documenting calibrations  

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