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Early Childhood
Amanenomori Nursery

The three-storey Amenenomori Nursery designed by Aisaka Architects' Atelier in Japan, places "play" at its core - with a grassy "green" including mound, ponds with miniature wharfs over and a sandpit, ladder and slide connecting the ground with...

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Why Training Teachers in Social and Emotional Learning...

Children come to school with more than just their backpacks. They often bring worries about whatever's going on at home, or anxieties about being in school or interacting with their peers. It's the teacher's job to help them learn to regulate...

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K - 12
The smart city is paying dividends for school districts

The data gathered by smart cities to streamline resources and improve services can also improve school districts, strengthening cooperation with their surrounding communities, according to EdTech: Focus on K-12.

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Education by the Numbers

There are as many American public school educations as there are students. One shared factor that affects a vast number of them, however, is race. Its impact drives the four narrative features in this week's Education Issue. But numbers can tell...

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Higher Ed
Cornell University's ambitious tech campus opens in New...

Cornell Tech, Cornell University's technology-focused campus on Roosevelt Island in New York City, celebrated its official opening Wednesday. Cornell Tech officials describe the campus as the first ever built for the digital age. Its goal is to...

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How colleges can help students keep out of academic trouble

It happens every fall: Over two million new students show up at colleges and universities across the United States. But by winter break, hundreds of thousands of them will have a grade point average that places them in an academic status called...

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Extra Credit
New video on how schools can create environments that...

Human beings are born to be learners and doers. Scientific research explains how meeting people's basic psychological needs to feel competent and connected to others can sustain their natural desire to learn and improve students' academic mastery.

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WATCH: A 45-year study has changed the way we view...

The world's foremost longitudinal examination of gifted children is the subject of a new film, "Quick Learners; High Achievers: Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth." Emmy Award-winning film and television actor Andre Braugher ("The Mist,"...

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