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Lagniappe for you...
[Pronounced, "lawn-yop," noun, meaning an extra or unexpected gift or benefit]
Have you received a gift today?

You have now!  A "Lagniappe" is an unexpected gift or benefit, given in appreciation, with no strings attached.  It is icing on the cake, gilding on the lily, a thirteenth egg.

Click here for your lagniappe.  Enjoy.

I want to be like Johnny Appleseed but, instead of planting apple seeds, I want to plant seeds of awareness. I want you to know--RIGHT NOW!--how utterly powerful you are. I want you to claim your power. I want you to change your life, and then the world, with your power. You already have it. It is already yours. You have everything you need to succeed, right now.

In this edition, we are coupling the powerful energy systems that exist in your body (sometimes called "chakras") with Intention (the power of your mind--read more in my book,  Intentionology: 365 Days of Living on Purpose) to UNLEASH a high-voltage force that can shift your life right now. 

Don't worry. Don't stress. Don't go all woo-woo. Don't over-think or over-do. Just take a step in the direction of True You, and watch your life become easier and more joyful, starting now. 

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Yours in wellness, purpose and abundance,

  Liz Garrett
Essential Wellness Coaching
Visualize Your Energy Centers with Intention
Starting with the red root chakra, below, and working your way up, spend some quiet time imagining, feeling and getting to know each of the energy centers in your body. What are they telling you? Set an intention for each (as suggested, or create your own). Notice how much more powerful and aligned you feel when you practice greater awareness of your energy centers.

Lotus on top of your head, thousands of violet-white petals unfolding, roots extending through every energy center.
[I accept and embrace my connectedness to all.]
Fall through a portal behind the eyes into space, to an indigo night sky free of time and space.
[More and more, I trust my intuition.]
Endless sky blue radiating from your throat, filled with birdsong, beautiful, lyrical, floating on air, traveling far.
[I express my Truth, gently, firmly and lovingly, always.]
A crystalline emerald cavern in your chest, sparkling, lit by a soft pink glow in the center.
[I extend love to everyone I encounter today.]
Bright, hot, yellow starburst in the center of your abdomen. Radiant. Unstoppable.
[Courageously and confidently, I accept the reality of THIS moment.]
Below your navel, bright, citrusy, orange. Zesty. Sexy. Juicy. Messy. Sticky.
[I revel in my authentic self.]
Deep red, slow moving,  like lava, fusing your seat to the earth, rooting you to all that is, ancient, nourishing and supporting you, slowing down time to one tick/year.
[I trust that my needs are provided for.]
From Intention to Reality
I am so proud of my writing partner and friend, Christine Griggs, for putting this brave and beautiful book into the world! It's an exploration of chakras, through  growing up in a French village and traveling the world, that  masterfully holds up a mirror for us to see our own journey! Get yours on Amazon now.
A Testament to Intention!
Your thoughts are always planting the seeds of your reality. Check out this forgotten slip of paper, recently re-discovered, where Christine wrote her intention more than two years ago. Don't you LOVE it! 

 Your  Lagniappe

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Recommended essential oils:  Harmony, En-R-Gee, Sacred Mountain.