These whack ass times are giving me emotional whiplash! 

On one hand, I’m kind of happy and excited about the news that the world reopening again. I’m stoked thinking about all the friends and family I want to see throughout Canada. Then on the other hand, it’s hard to put into words how I feel at the discovery of unmarked graves of Indigenous children that went to schools to learn, not to be murdered. I’m so filled with hope because of the outpouring of support by the non Indigenous community that maybe this time, mainstream Canada will finally “get it”. 

I hope they’re beginning to understand the systemic issues that Indigenous people have been surviving through as a result of the hate schools they were forced to attend. I’m horrified how a couple men in a church organization can think that they’re now the victims, claiming that they’re being persecuted against, and want to talk about the “good” the schools did instead of being accountable for the evil. 

I’m glad one of those men was removed from his church position, but upset that the other still gets to talk from a platform… and sad that there will be people that believe him. 

I could go on, and you probably have a few things of your own that are blowing your mind these days too. For me, I do my best to recognize how those events in the news make me feel and work through them through the creative process. When you sit and create for an hour or two, (which can be painting, drawing, playing an instrument, sewing, beading etc), difficult emotions or bitter old resentments are bound to come to mind. In some situations I was the one who was slighted, and sometimes there are moments that I know I could have handled better. It’s hard to figure out the exact cause of conflict in others, but you can for sure figure it out in yourself. 

Taking in horrible news stories, as we have been the last while is bound to take a toll on anyone, not just Indigenous people. The work I’m trying to do on myself is remembering not to project the negativity that I’m taking in from the world, and putting that onto other people unknowingly. It’s easier said than done, but it’s not impossible… be responsible for the energy you bring into a room. I heard that somewhere and it’s stuck in my mind and I love when it pops back into my head.  

At the core, I remain positive though. I’m definitely grateful for a job that allows me to “get out” whatever negative emotion I’m feeling through creating art. I’m grateful for all of you as well, taking the time to read this and I hope some of it resonates a little. 

Also, I know a bunch of folks are wondering about the Orange Shirts I designed last year and where to get them. Last year we sold about 5,000 in a 4 month period through TSC.ca - this year we sold what we had left, approximately 3,000, in a couple of hours! The Orange Shirt campaign has actually exhausted the North American supply of orange shirts, which makes me so proud because that's 10’s of thousands of people out there repping, supporting, learning  and teaching others about the cause! 

Having said all that, more are on the way! When I know for sure when they will be back in stock, I’ll let you guys know through a specific email blast before my next newsletter.  

Hope you all are having a great summer so far! Coal and I are headed up to Sault Ste. Marie and further north to see some family and friends for a while! If you see us hitch-hiking, please pick us up! ;) 

Take care fam! 


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TV wasn’t the only appearance that Patrick made, he also hit our radio waves and did an amazing interview on the Cultural Survival podcast hosted on the Indigenous Rights Radio. He talked about his art and the Indigenous communities' connection to art.

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