When Saving Energy is the Key
For over 50 years, ClimateMaster has improved business and home environments around the world. As the world’s largest and most innovative manufacturer of water-source and geothermal heat pumps, they have the best and broadest product offering to help you fit any application. And with the extension of the 10% Geothermal Tax Credit, they continue to be a versatile, energy saving and cost efficient solution for your HVAC applications.

Forced Air (Water-to-Air) Heat Pumps
  • Small Packaged Units – 0.5 to 6 tons
  • Smaller capacity indoor units installed in closets (vertical) or concealed ceiling mount applications like schools, offices, condominiums / apartments and hotels.

Large Belt Drive Packaged Units – 6 to 25 tons
  • Larger capacity indoor units installed in mechanical rooms or closets (vertical) or ceiling hung. For use in school gymnasiums, large open areas in offices, hotels and manufacturing buildings.

Vertical Stack Series – 0.75 to 3 tons
  • Indoor units installed into the wall with removable “chassis” for easy of install and service. Popular in condominiums, hotels, assisted living, schools and other high-rise applications and where floor space is at a premium.

Console Series – 0.75 to 1.5 tons
  • Duct-free console units installed inside the living space (where no ductwork is needed). A good solution for schools, offices, condominiums, assisted living and hotels.

Air-to-Air Rooftop Units - 3 to 25 tons
  • Engineered for all commercial applications includes air conditioning and your choice of gas heat, electric heat, or heat pumps.

Rooftop Series - 3 to 20 tons
  • Larger capacity outdoor units installed outdoor on roof or adjacent to building; outside air capable. A good solution for school gymnasiums, stores, restaurants and office buildings.
Geothermal Tax Credit
HR 1090 reinstitutes and extends through 2021 commercial and residential installation tax credits for geothermal heat pumps. Included are a 10% commercial Investment Tax Credit under Sec. 48 of the tax code under Sec. 25D.

The commercial tax credit will remain at 10% through 2021. The bill also changes “placed in service” language in the tax code to “construction of which begins before Jan. 1, 2022” for commercial projects, ensuring consumers can enjoy the tax credit benefits right up to their new expiration date.

In addition to the 10% credit the equipment can be depreciated on taxes over 1 or 5 years with geothermal rather than 39 years for a typical HVAC system.

RenewAire ERV's Cut Operational Expense
RenewAire’s energy recovery ventilation optimizes energy efficiency, lowers capital costs by reducing HVAC loads and cuts operational expenses.

With a variety of size options from 200-11,000 CFM, RenewAire's ERV systems can save energy for a large variety of applications.
Humidity Control in Healthcare
The Difference that Counts in Healthcare New Website - Healthcare.Carel.Com
Carel's experience goes beyond the boundaries of individual components. They view and understand the IAQ (indoor air quality) systems as a whole which means they can provide innovative and efficient humidification solutions.

From cleanrooms to datacenters, supermarkets to paper mills, hospitals, offices and museums, through the combination of electronic controllers, humidifiers, valves, probes and monitoring systems Carel can supply complete and integrated solutions that significantly improve energy savings.

And now, they've created a website, (Healthcare.Carel.Com) just for the healthcare industry focusing on:

  • Humidifiers
  • Adiabatic humidifiers: involve direct evaporation of water into the air without adding external energy, and therefore without raising the temperature; the heat required for evaporation is supplied by the humidified air, which is consequently cooled.
  • Isothermal: The introduction of steam into a stream of air will cause it to be humidified. The change in state from liquid to gas has already taken place elsewhere, with the necessary addition of energy and thus the humidification process occurs without the typical lowering of the temperature as occurs with atomization or evaporation of water.

  • IAQ Monitoring
  • The first step in order to improve this is to first establish a baseline of the current conditions. CAREL’s IAQ Plus Indoor Air Monitoring System is a simple and easy application that gives clear and concise data on key indoor air quality indicators: temperature, humidity RH%, CO2 levels, and VOC particle counts (volatile organic compounds).

  • Complete RH (relative humidity) control solution
  • Programmable controllers: fully customizable to the HVAC system in your facility, with a wide range of hardware platforms to choose from and tailored-made software.
  • Parametric controllers: these can control a vast pre-determined set of HVAC devices out-of-the-box, with fixed hardware and software, allowing extreme ease of installation and use.
The Readers Corner
Liebert PDX Compact DX Cooling System
The Liebert PDX direct expansion cooling system offers the industry’s highest efficiency, protection and capacity per footprint for server room cooling. network closets and other small spaces.
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