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September 11, 2018

But happening in Chicago...two hearings have posted in the energy space. First up is Wednesday, September 12th in Senate Energy and Public Utilities Subcommittee on Energy Innovation on artificial intelligence in the energy sector. The Committee will hear from technology, energy and utility companies about the use and trends of AI.  The hearing starts at 1pm at the Bilandic Building in Chicago.
House Public Utilities has scheduled a hearing for September 18th on the State Plan of the Affordable Clean Energy plan. The acting chair, Vice-Chairman Thapedi, wants to get ahead of the conversation on how the state will respond to the ACE. The Chamber has been asked to testify and if the hearing moves forward, will focus comments on the process of how the state can collect stakeholder feedback. The hearing starts at 1pm at the Bilandic Building in Chicago.
On that note of the ACE...
The U.S. EPA will receive comments on the ACE until October 31st and has announced its one and only public hearing on the proposal to be in Chicago on October 1, 2018. Those interested in offering oral comments can register to do so via the public hearing link.
The Annual Luncheon is scheduled for September 20th at the Hilton Chicago! Don't miss out - this is the Chamber's largest fundraiser and a great way to get together with your fellow Chamber members and friends. Lance Fritz, the chairman, president, and chief executive officer of Union Pacific Railroad will keynote this exciting event.
The Council's are again hosting a cocktail reception prior to the start of the luncheon. Thank you to Energy Council member Enel Green Power for being this year's reception sponsor, and to all of our sponsors thus far - we appreciate the support and commitment to the Illinois Chamber.
If you haven't registered yet, what are you waiting for! Buy a ticket, buy a table! Opportunities are still available and you can register here. Can't wait to see you all there!
Thanks again to all that provided comments to Working Group 6 draft report. The latest copy is available on the NextGrid's website and public comments are welcome. One of our main requests was a statement in each draft that indicated the document was not derived via consensus. Language of that nature is included in this draft, but we have requested it be listed at the very top as it will set the stage for the reader. I have been told that the introductory chapter and other chapters should include some type of statement that indicates this was not a consensus document. As this process continues, it is something we will continue to stress in our comments and statements. We have also expressed that to other ICC staff and been told it will be done. No language has surfaced yet for the intro chapter and each working group leader is drafting the language differently.  
Working Group 7 (we are not a member) will hold a session on September 13th from 1-5pm. You can attend or listen via webex. On September 21st, the ICC is holding a public comment and draft report discussion for WG4, 5, 6, and 7 at the ICC in Chicago.
As a reminder, every draft report thus far is posted online and any member of the public may comment. If any organization would like to make further comments past what could come from the Chamber, you can do so. For each draft report, you can email the Working Group Leader directly. Their contact info is listed on the webpages for the working groups. For general comments or to submit white papers, you can email them to . Those comments will be posted. For more information on how to comment, go here . Any questions, let me know!
Policy Sessions
Transportation Electrification - September 18
Acting Commissioner Anastasia Palivos will host a policy session on September 18 from 1pm to 4pm. The policy session will focus on: "the benefits to transportation electrification, specifically of buses and fleets; the barriers to electrification; U.S. cities leading the charge; and the legal and policy framework models for success across the U.S. and in Illinois." This event comes after an earlier policy session this year held by Commissioner Palivos on electric vehicles.
FERC Decision on PJM's Capacity Market Reform Proposal - Rescheduled to September 20
The ICC will hold a policy session on September 20th from 1p to 5pm on FERC's capacity market reform proposal. Topics to be discussed are Illinois Perspective and the Impact of FERC's Decision and potential solutions to accommodate state policies like ZECs and the RPS within the framework sketched out in FERC's order. Speakers include PJM, Exelon, the AG's office, and the NRDC.
Alex Hergott, White House infrastructure advisor, joins Canadian Consulate General John Cruickshank as the keynote speakers at the 2018 Critical Infrastructure Conference hosted by the Illinois Chamber of Commerce and the Missouri Chamber of Commerce.
They join an already strong agenda that includes topics such as the role of federal agencies in emerging technologies; smart port technology; the power of the supply chain in the energy industry; economic development across borders; progress among elected officials in the bi-state region, and more. Speakers include: Anthony Bedell, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs at the US DOT; John Drake, Supply Chain Policy US Chamber of Commerce; Tony Boemi, VP, Growth & Development - Port of Montreal; and Rob Russell, Assistant VP, Network & Industrial Development, Union Pacific Railroad. The full draft agenda is here.
Sponsorship and speaking opportunities remain available but don't delay!

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