The Value Review: Hunton Services' Quarterly Update

Not every doctor wears a lab coat.  
If there is a problem, Hunton Services is the only mechanical service provider with a total solution for your building or process.  
If you have an issue, let our ENERGY experts handle it.
You don't need an MD, you need 
a PE or CEM with turnkey capabilities.
In Houston, we live in a climate where everyone with an email address is trying the word energy on for size. The energy corridor is rife with opportunity. But when it comes to your building and your energy spend, how do you know if you are talking to a solutions expert versus a company with a slick name that can craft a message without the aspect of delivery?

What makes Hunton Services the Energy Doctor?
  • We believe in Safety First. We have an on-site Safety and Environmental Manager that ensures we perform every job safely.
  • Factory Training - We put down the capital to ensure our technicians are the best and safest in the industry.
  • We not only have a PE (Professional Engineer) running our energy division, we also have three CEM's* on staff to make sure your building is performing at its optimal level.
  • We can design, build, fabricate, modify, install, and service your building's equipment.
  • Partnerships. Because we are the Trane OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in Houston, we have local and national partnerships that ensure you are getting a total solution to reduce your operating costs.
  • We are experts. We've been your trusted mechanical service provider since 1981.
  • Proof of Value. It's what we believe in and what we can show you.
*What is a CEM?

Certified Energy Manager® (CEM®)
The Certified Energy Manager is an individual who optimizes the energy performance of a facility, building or industrial plant. The CEM® is a systems integrator for electrical, mechanical, process and building infrastructure, analyzing the optimum solutions to reduce energy consumption in a cost effective approach. CEM's are often team leaders and help to develop and implement their organizations' energy management strategies. CEM's have gained increased recognition within the energy industry and by companies looking to strengthen their competitive position by having a CEM on staff.

Congrats to our newest CEM, Brett Sartor!  
This past month, Brett Sartor, our in-house Facility Analyst, recently became a Certified Energy Manager®, joining the ranks of our BAS Manager, Leanne Stiers and Jack Dennis, a solutions sales representative. 

Call us today for your energy needs! 713-643-8336  
Or click here to visit our website to request your FREE ENERGY ASSESSMENT!  

Hunton Services
to participate at the Texas Association of Healthcare Facilities Management (TAHFM) "Interlink: The Next Generation" Conference  

TAHFM is "the premiere healthcare facilities management association in Texas providing a collaborative partnership comprised of diverse professionals who are dedicated to the continuous improvement and advancement of its membership and healthcare."  
  This year, our Indoor Environmental Solutions Team will represent
the Hunton Group and present to healthcare
professionals, the varied service portfolios of Hunton Services.  The event will be  held
March 26 - 29, 2017
at The Westin Houston, Memorial City, Houston, Texas. Here is a map of
where our booth will be! Come say hello at booth108!


Hunton Services will also be represented at the Houston BOMA Expo again this year!
Save the date: May 18, 2017
Join us at booth 103!  

Hunton Safety Minute:  
Job Safety Analysis - 
Eliminating Risk  
the Right Way

Life is not without risk. Just by stepping out of your front door each day you take a risk, but we do it anyway because the likelihood of injury is remote or is reduced to an acceptable level.

We informally analyze our risks in all decisions, and when the level of risk is acceptable, we act to achieve our goals. We similarly analyze our workplace risks; however, we do so in a more structured manner using a Job Safety Analysis (JSA).

By identifying what risks are acceptable and which are not, we begin to quantify those risks so that decisions can be made as to what the proper mitigations may be.

A JSA should be performed on all jobs identified as potentially hazardous within a given scope of work. A JSA should also be performed on any job that has a history of accidents or that has a potential for severe accidents.
Click Here to View  
 Conducting a JSA! 

 And remember, a JSA is just one component of a comprehensive and effective HSE program. Effectively assessing the hazards at job site before you begin can save a life!

Tommy Denning,
Health, Safety, and Environmental Manager


Hunton Services Scores
High Marks at the Hunton Group Annual Meeting

On February 22, Hunton Services joined its sister companies at the Hilton Houston Westchase for a review of 2016 presented by R.O. Hunton, CEO, and Richard Hunton,
President and COO. Over dinner and drinks, R.O. discussed challenges and applauded the efforts of his companies, noting the great leadership team he cultivated in his years at Hunton.

Our own GM,
Randy Wallen, spoke of the accomplishments and milestones achieved through the hard work of all Hunton employees! It was a lovely evening.


        Humidity Management Tip 

Uncontrolled moisture in buildings can contribute to unacceptable indoor air quality, occupant discomfort, and damage to the building structure and furnishings. One source of building moisture is water vapor contained in the indoor air.

ASHRAE Standard
62-2001 recommends maintaining indoor relative humidity levels between 30 percent and 60 percent. Humidity levels less than 30 percent cause some people respiratory discomfort while humidity levels over 70 percent near surfaces for extended periods of time promote the growth of some forms of mold and fungi. Today, microbiological contamination (mold and fungi) is a common cause of occupant complaints and IAQ problems in buildings.

Microbial contamination (fungi and bacteria)  Microbiological colonies can grow in or on various building elements and furnishings, including carpets, ceilings, sheetrock walls, and within the HVAC system.

We can help:

* Air filtration - filters & maintenance

* Internal air duct inspection (robot)

* Air duct cleaning & sanitation

* Ultraviolet lighting

* Photo-catalytic filtration

* Dust collection & exhaust


For more information on Environmental Solutions,

 please call our IES Division at 713-643-8336 and

 ask for Kevin Beck or Mike Pagan. Or visit our website!  

Hunton Hosts its first Energy Education Event with guest speaker, Dr. Dean Tompkins, PhD, PE

With the help of our partners at Evergreen UV, Hunton Services put on its first IAQ Seminar March 9th, 2017 at the Omni Houston Westside. The event featured guest speaker and ASHRAE Subject Matter Expert, Dr. Dean Tompkins who discussed his work within 
the domains of UV-C (germicidal) lighting, indoor air, gas-phase air cleaning (ionization), and Standard Methods of Performance and Testing related to each of those domains including -

  • ASHRAE Standard 62.1/62.2 ("Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air" in High Rise(62.1)/Low Rise (62.2) buildings),
  • Standard 145.2 ("Laboratory Test Method for Assessing the Performance of Gas-Phase Air Cleaning Systems: Air Cleaning Devices"), and
  • Standard 185.2 ("UVC Lights for Use in HVC&R Units or Air Ducts to Inactivate Microorganisms on Irradiated Surfaces").
Special thanks to our customers who braved Houston traffic and rain to join us for the evening. The night ended with cocktails and snacks and a Rapid Reader Demo, a unique solution that monitors and detects airborne pathogens. If you are interested in attending future Energy Education Events, please email, and we will be sure to add you to our list of invitees! Our next event will be in the third quarter!

Check out our Kindness Video! 
 Our work family is the kindest around.  

Our First Quartererly Employee Appreciation event revolved around National Random Acts of Kindness Day, which was celebrated this year on February 17!  Hunton Services employees spent the morning eating sweet treats, Torchy's tacos, and writing quotes of kindness on the board in the conference room. It was great to see leadership join in on the fun. Thank you Hunton Group for funding these thoughtful days.

Thank you for taking the time to view the latest news from Hunton Services. 
See you next quarter!


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