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September 2017
Less Than a Month Away: 15th Anniversary Celebration October 10, 2017
Please plan to join Georgia Watch for our Annual Consumer Champion Awards and  15th Anniversary Celebration on October 10, 2017 at the home of Governor and Mrs. Roy E. Barnes.
Sponsorship opportunities are available. Contact Liz Coyle at 404-525-1085 or for more information.
Keeping the Lights on in Georgia
Many families in Georgia are forced to choose between paying for adequate heating or cooling and groceries. Low-income families in particular spend a disproportionate amount of their income on energy bills. These high energy bills increase financial instability for low-income families, who are overwhelmingly people of color in Georgia, can lead to or worsen health problems, and trap people in a cycle of poverty.

The good news is that energy efficiency and community solar can help reduce the burden of high energy bills, creating healthier and more comfortable living environments. Yet families who need clean, affordable energy solutions the most are often least able to access these technologies. To address these concerns, Georgia Watch, Natural Resources Defense Council, and Southface produced  Keeping the Lights On, a consumer resource offering information about current options available for families struggling with high energy bills. It includes policy recommendations to expand access to energy efficiency and community solar to all Georgians.

Read more here and RSVP for the October 7th Energy Equity Forum today!
What You Need to Know About the Equifax Breach
On September 8, Equifax announced that they were the subjects of a massive security breach which put sensitive information belonging to 143 million U.S. consumers, including 5 million Georgians, at risk. Hackers may have accessed names, Social Security numbers, addresses, birthdates, and some driver’s license numbers. Credit card numbers for 209,000 consumers were possibly accessed as well. To help you protect yourself, Georgia Watch created a new Identity Theft Protection resource page on our website. Check it out  here...
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