January 2018
January News & Updates
Utah Clean Cities Goes to Washington D.C.
Energy Independence Summit 2019
is the nation’s premier clean transportation policy summit.

The Summit provides a unique opportunity for Clean Cities Coalitions and leaders in the clean transportation industry to network and build partnerships with each other, and with key Congressional and Administration policymakers in Washington, DC.
Clean Transportation Policy in Washington D.C.
Federal Clean Transportation Policy Future remains Uncertain
  • Federal Tax Incentives Expired End of 2017
  • Tax Reform Legislation of 2018 did not include expired alternative fuel incentives
  • Democrats will lead House and chair committees.
  • House to bring back Select Committee on Climate change.
  • Bipartisan support in Congress remains strong.
  • DC consumed and paralyzed by shutdown.
  • Administration likely to continue to propose cuts to Clean Energy Programs.
  • Budget negotiations will be tricky.
  • Infrastructure legislation could move.

TEP Clean Transportation
2019 Priorities
  • Extend Tax Incentives for Alternative Fuels, Vehicles and Infrastructure.
  • Preserve the Renewable Fuels Standard.
  • Increase Federal Funding for Key Alternative Fuels Programs.
  • Encourage FHWA to approve Buy America waivers for alternative fuel vehicle projects.
  • Include Alternative Fuels in Any New Infrastructure Initiatives.

Outlook for Tax Extenders
  • Interest from Senate and House Democrats in moving extenders
  • IRS filing deadlines drive the timeline
  • Hopeful to have extenders attached to tax bill

Electric Vehicle Tax Credits
  • CARS Act Maintenance
  • EVs need continual Federal Support

Renewable Fuel Standard
  • EPA triggered RFS reset
  • Congressional RFS Reform
  • Continue Educating Administration & Congress

Energy Security : Reducing oil dependence by meeting more than 10% of U.S. on-road transportation needs

Economy : RFS supports hundreds of thousands of jobs nationwide.

Environment: Reducing carbon emissions and other pollution.

TEP Funding Priorities
  • Maintain increased funding for Clean Cities program, including funding for competitive grants.
  • Maintain increased funding for the EPA Clean Diesel grants
TEP Energy Independence Summit Round Table Event
To better prepare for UCC's trip to Washington D.C. join us for a Round Table .

We want stakeholders and community members to let us know what transportation information you would like to be discussed with legislators.

January 29th 10 AM-11 AM
RSVP to reserve your spot below
In other news...
We are Gearing up for Clear the Air Challenge 2019
Clear the Air Challenge is the entire month of February
For more information & to join Click HERE
The Green Transportation
Summit & Expo (GTSE) is the region's premier fleet modernization and alternative fuels event
Green Transportation Expo
May 21-23
The Green Transportation
GTSE  is the best event for fleets in the North West Regions.

Packed sessions, prominent national and regional speakers, and the latest technologies from industry leaders.

Don't miss this EXPO!

Grant Information
Work & Live Electric
Grant Opportunity
Utah Clean cities has partnered with Rocky Mountain Power and DOE project Live Electric  EV Fleet Pilot and Live Electric, Lead Electric Workplace Charging.

We’ll help you through the application process. Feel free to  Contact Us

For more information Click HERE
Air Quality in Eighth Grade
Many school kids encounter atoms and molecules for the first time in Eighth Grade. What better time to start learning the chemistry of air pollution? Breathe Utah's education team is passionate about science education--and not just the facts, but how to question, find answers for yourself, and think critically. The Team has developed curriculum to support the new Science Core in Utah, and we go out to teachers and help them use it to adapt to new Core requirements. Last week we trained the 200th teacher!

If you're not lucky enough to be in 8th grade, you can still watch our video  The Story of Combustion .
Read the rest of Breathe Utah's Newsletter
Clean Air Fair Event
Saturday January 28th
11am to 4pm

Trolley Square (south entrance and inside Weller Book Works)

Fresh Ideas for Fresh Air. Leave with Pollution Solutions.

TRAX Trolley Square Station a 5 minute walk! http://www.rideuta.com/Rider-Tools/Schedules-and-Maps

Bike Valet by the Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective. Please ride your bikes!

More information and details can be found HERE
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