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Important Upcoming Dates & Deadlines

March 6 - Spring Exhibition (5:00-6:30 PM)

April 19 - Senior Prom (8:00 PM-12:00 AM)

April 24 - NHS Induction Ceremony (5:30 PM)

May 1 - Senior EDD Exhibition/Honors Night (5:30 PM)

May 15 - Underclass Honors Night (TBD)

May 22 - Math Exhibition (TBD)

June 7 - Senior Graduation (4:00 PM)

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Spring Testing Dates

March 4 - SAT Testing (Juniors)

March 5 & 6 - TELPAS

April 11 - English I STAAR Testing

April 16 - English II STAAR Testing

April 18 - U.S. History STAAR Testing

April 23 - Algebra I STAAR Testing

April 24 - Biology STAAR Testing

Spring Semester Reminders

We are excited to have everyone back on campus. We want to remind everyone of a few campus expectations:

  • Cell Phones/ Smart Watches/ Earbuds
  • Cell phones are not used during class time but are placed in phone holders at the beginning of each class.
  • Smart Watches should be kept at home & and cannot be worn at school.
  • Earphones cannot be worn entering the building, during class time, or between passing periods.
  • Earphones can be worn at lunch
  • Dress Code
  • No PJ bottoms or tops unless it is tied to a spirit day.
  • No athletic pants, shorts, or warm-ups.
  • Shoes (including Crocs) must have a strap around the ankle.
  • Shirts must cover the midriff.
  • Hats are not allowed to be worn during school hours.
  • IDs must be worn on a lanyard around the neck at all times.
  • Tardy Policy
  • Starting in the Spring, student tardies will reset.
  • On the 3rd tardy and any tardy thereafter, students will be assigned an hour lunch detention.
  • Tardies that extend beyond 20 min of any class are then considered absences.
  • Students can get lunch detention for accumulated tardies for any classes throughout the day.

Join us for an evening showcasing our students’ learning. Our 9th-11th graders will have their latest projects on display. Current and prospective families are welcome to attend.

Cohort 1 Entry Event!

This week students in Spanish class wrote scripts for a dialogue at a restaurant using their food/drinks/ordering/paying for vocabulary. Students practiced pronunciation and presented their dialogues to the class.

NHS Blood Drive

On February 5th, Energy Institute High School hosted our first-ever blood drive partnering with MD Anderson Cancer Center. Energy’s juniors, seniors, teachers, and admin helped us exceed our goal of 40 units collected. MD Anderson collected 44 units and saw 55 potential donors. Thanks to all who participated. Special shout out to NHS Member Lucas Rodriguez, blood drive chair, and all our volunteers for their hard work and leadership.

VEX Robotics

On Saturday, Feb 10, three VEX Teams from Energy Institute High School competed at the Urban STEM VEX Robotics tournament at Waltrip HS. All three teams made it to the semi-finals including Energy's new all-girls team. Team 3674R, comprised of sophomores and juniors, won the Design Award, finished second in the Skills competition, and became the second VEX team at Energy to qualify for the TX State Championship. The other Energy VEX team headed to the state championship includes seniors, two of whom have already been accepted to Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)  in Boston, MA. The senior team will also be competing in the Texas State VEX finals for the Technology Student Association (TSA) in Fort Worth. Kudos go out to members of Energy's FIRST Robotics team who volunteered at the event. 

Seniors - It's Time to Submit Your Acceptances

College acceptances are starting to roll in. It's time to start sharing your acceptances. Students must complete the following three steps:

  1. Mark the college decision in SchooLinks.
  2. Upload the acceptance file to SchooLinks.
  3. Submit the news at www.tinyurl.com/collegeacceptances24

We can't wait to hear the good news!

Sneak Peeks Around Campus

Here are some sneak peeks of what the students have been up to recently.

Intern Spotlight

We are thrilled to highlight the journey of Noel Trejo, an intern at TXRX Labs. What drew Noel to TXRX Labs was the diverse range of classes offered, spanning welding, woodworking, ceramics, jewelry making, screen printing, laser cutting, and CAD. This unique makerspace not only provided the technical knowledge he sought but also offered an environment full of creativity. Working at TXRX Labs grants him the freedom to explore and innovate within the makerspace. From crafting a plasma ball to designing scaled-down buildings for an architecture portfolio, he embraces the opportunity to challenge his creativity and push the boundaries of innovation. While daily work tasks are part of the internship, they take the form of exciting projects, such as 3D printing racecars or laser cutting ornaments. The emphasis on self-driven projects allows him to take ownership of his learning and make tangible contributions to the community. Noel stated the significance of honing practical skills such as proper email etiquette and effective communication with adults. Noel advises underclassmen to take advantage of internships because colleges understand the value of hands-on experiences along with a solid academic record. Noel is hopeful that other students will challenge themselves to create a unique pathway of learning that allows them to explore their passion. If you see him around campus, please ask him questions about his internship!


If you would like more information about our internship program or would like to partner with Energy Institute to offer student internships, please contact Mrs. Garcia ([email protected]).

Cornell Engineering 2024 High School Summer Outreach Program

Interested in learning more about engineering as a field of study and career path? CURIE and CATALYST Academies - the two branches of Cornell Engineering's High School Summer Outreach Programs - will be hosted from 14-20 July 2024 on the Cornell University campus. Each is a residential program for high school students who desire to learn more about engineering in the context of an authentic college experience. Spaces are limited - apply today using the QR code.

2024 Memorial Foundation Asthma Scholarship Award

Interested seniors who suffer from asthma and plan to attend college after high school are encouraged to apply for the 2024 Memorial Foundation Asthma Scholarship Award. Scan the QR code for the application.

Congratulations to our Tesla Winners Ms. Westjohn, Ms. Zubrick & Ms. Weller!

Ms. Westjohn, Math Teacher

Ms. Atkerson presented the Mr. Tesla Award to Ms. Westjohn. She said, "Caitlin's determination and drive to ensure that students are allowed to be successful in her class is admirable. Caitlin consistently puts forth effort in everything that she does and can adapt/adjust when needed. Her energy is contagious which radiates towards all of the students when they enter her classroom. Her excitement and passion for math is what makes the students want to do well. Her sense of routine and expectations allows for the students to excel and grow in confidence over time. When Caitlin is teaching her class, you can feel and see that she gives it her all. She is knowledgeable, level-headed, and has a great sense of fashion. For these reasons, she is this week's Tesla recipient. "

Congratulations to Ms. Westjohn!

Ms. Zubrick, ELA Teacher

Ms. Westjohn presented the Mr. Tesla Award to Ms. Zubrick. She said, "As a teacher, this person builds great relationships with all their students. Having to be in the position to force teenagers to not only read actual books and plays but ANALYZE them requires a mental fortitude I do not and will not ever possess, and I have enormous respect for the care this teacher puts into their class. Outside the classroom, this person also fell on the great big broadsword that is the UIL Coordinator and is doing a pretty bang-up job at it if all the medals the school has won are anything to go by. Ms. Zubrick is the recipient of this week's Tesla Award"

Congratulations to Ms. Zubrick!

Ms. Weller, Social Studies Teacher

Ms. Zubrick presented the Mr. Tesla Award to Ms. Weller. She said, "This week's Tesla recipient's uncompromising pursuit of excellence in all of her students, the high expectations and high rewards with which she keeps them engaged and motivated, and her unfailing, unflagging determination to cross the finish line are things I admire and applaud and draw inspiration from every day. It is with great and sincere pleasure that I get to present this week’s award to Karly Weller."

Congratulations to Ms. Weller!

Texas' New State Vaping Law

Senior News and Information

Senior Dues

It's time to pay senior dues. Senior dues covered the costs associated with the graduation ceremony, a professional graduation photo, yearbook, cap and gown, diploma cover, senior panoramic picture, senior events, senior t-shirt, senior breakfast, prom (senior's ticket), and senior week activities. If the senior class decides to add additional events, those may incur additional costs.


Payment (February 1, 2024 - March 31, 2024)

Cost: $350

Link here: https://schoolpay.com/link-23-24latepymt 

*Installment plans available upon request.

**Free/Reduced Lunch reduced fee available upon request.


College Corner

Emily Cortinas

Advisor College, Career, Military Readiness

PTO News


On Monday, February 19th we need help setting up and sorting pre-ordered meals for our Teacher Appreciation event. This is a great way to connect with the teachers and staff at Energy.

Appreciation Sign Up Genius Link

We need volunteers every Friday for Energy's Chick-fil-A at lunch. Come help out, make some friends, and see kids smile!

CFA Sign Up Genius Link

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