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Important Upcoming Dates & Deadlines

March 6 - Spring Exhibition (5:00-6:30 PM)

April 5 - Senior Voter Registration Event

April 19 - Senior Prom (8:00 PM-12:00 AM)

April 24 - NHS Induction Ceremony (5:30 PM)

May 1 - Senior EDD Exhibition/Honors Night (5:30 PM)

May 15 - Underclass Honors Night (TBD)

May 22 - Math Exhibition (TBD)

June 7 - Senior Graduation (4:00 PM)

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Spring Testing Dates

March 4 - SAT Testing (Juniors)

March 5 & 6 - TELPAS

April 11 - English I STAAR Testing

April 16 - English II STAAR Testing

April 18 - U.S. History STAAR Testing

April 23 - Algebra I STAAR Testing

April 24 - Biology STAAR Testing

Spring Semester Reminders

We are excited to have everyone back on campus. We want to remind everyone of a few campus expectations:

  • Cell Phones/ Smart Watches/ Earbuds
  • Cell phones are not used during class time but are placed in phone holders at the beginning of each class.
  • Smart Watches should be kept at home & and cannot be worn at school.
  • Earphones cannot be worn entering the building, during class time, or between passing periods.
  • Earphones can be worn at lunch
  • Dress Code
  • No PJ bottoms or tops unless it is tied to a spirit day.
  • No athletic pants, shorts, or warm-ups.
  • Shoes (including Crocs) must have a strap around the ankle.
  • Shirts must cover the midriff.
  • Hats are not allowed to be worn during school hours.
  • IDs must be worn on a lanyard around the neck at all times.
  • Tardy Policy
  • Starting in the Spring, student tardies will reset.
  • On the 3rd tardy and any tardy thereafter, students will be assigned an hour lunch detention.
  • Tardies that extend beyond 20 min of any class are then considered absences.
  • Students can get lunch detention for accumulated tardies for any classes throughout the day.

We are so excited that our Spring Exhibition is next week! Classrooms are buzzing with students finalizing projects and practicing presentations. Your child’s cohort leader should be sending an email with details in the next couple of days, but we wanted to share some school wide information with you to help the night run smoothly for you and your family!

  • Exhibition is Wednesday, March 6th from 5:00 – 6:30 PM. It is a come and go event for family and the community.
  • Students will stay after school to prepare for exhibition and will be released at approximately 6:45 PM when their cohort area is clean.
  • Students should dress professionally. If you have specific questions about that, please have your child check with their cohort teacher.
  • Students had the opportunity to order 1-3 sandwiches from Chick-fil-a. There was a sign-up form they should have completed with their cohort teachers. Students should bring $5 cash for each sandwich they ordered. Students who didn't order a sandwich can bring food from home but may not have a delivery service deliver food.

Black History Month Cultural Fair!

Students shared a part of their culture during the Black History Month Cultural Fair. Students brought food, designed Henna, created posters and shared a bit about themselves.

HMNS & Energy Careers Field Trip!

Last Week, students took a trip to HMNS and discovered the world of engineering careers through various exhibitions and guest speakers.

Teacher of the Year!

Please help us in congratulating our three teachers of the year!

Ms. Antolinez-Basto, Spanish Teacher

Teacher of the Year

Ms. Atkerson, Special Education Teacher

New Teacher of the Year

Ms. Bolen, ELA Teacher

Student Choice Teacher of the Year

Seniors - It's Time to Submit Your Acceptances

College acceptances are starting to roll in. It's time to start sharing your acceptances. Students must complete the following three steps:

  1. Mark the college decision in SchooLinks.
  2. Upload the acceptance file to SchooLinks.
  3. Submit the news at www.tinyurl.com/collegeacceptances24

We can't wait to hear the good news!

Sneak Peeks Around Campus

Here are some sneak peeks of what the students have been up to recently.

Cornell Engineering 2024 High School Summer Outreach Program

Interested in learning more about engineering as a field of study and career path? CURIE and CATALYST Academies - the two branches of Cornell Engineering's High School Summer Outreach Programs - will be hosted from 14-20 July 2024 on the Cornell University campus. Each is a residential program for high school students who desire to learn more about engineering in the context of an authentic college experience. Spaces are limited - apply today using the QR code.

2024 Memorial Foundation Asthma Scholarship Award

Interested seniors who suffer from asthma and plan to attend college after high school are encouraged to apply for the 2024 Memorial Foundation Asthma Scholarship Award. Scan the QR code for the application.

Congratulations to our Tesla Winner Mr. Vohlers!

Mr. Vohlers, ELA Teacher

Ms. Weller presented the Mr. Tesla Award to Mr. Vohlers. She said, "This teacher and I began our Energy journeys together in the optimistic year of 2019. This teacher is a bright light on campus for students and staff alike. I have yet to meet a single student who dislikes this teacher. In fact, when this teacher walks down the hallway, students jump out of their seats screaming their name and clamoring for fist bumps. I don’t think I’ve ever stepped away from a conversation with this teacher without having been made laugh. Their commitment to fun and merriment is truly unwavering. For these reasons I am humbly passing off the Tesla Award to a true “baller of Energy:” Mr. Aaron Vohlers. "

Congratulations to Mr. Vohlers!

Ms. Gardner, Health Teacher

Mr. Vohlers presented the Mr. Tesla Award to Ms. Gardner. He said, "Tiny Tesla and I have been through a lot over the last week as he sat on my cluttered desk. Maybe it was the stress of grading and planning for exhibition, but as we sat there together, he seemed to be staring at me, peering deep into my soul, and then, he even started talking to me. It really freaked me out, so I put him away in the engineering closet, but every time I came back into the office, there he was, on my desk again, talking to me! And he kept talking about only one thing, or rather, one person, constantly! He was absolutely obsessed with one teacher. He would not not stop talking about her, because, as he kept saying, “she has the most energy I have ever seen! She is the answer! By tapping into this teacher’s electrical charge, I can finally create a device that will provide free, unlimited energy to the entire world!” Seriously, this teacher always brings a positive, contagious energy to the classroom, to her students, to her co-workers, and to our school! That is why, and not just because Tiny Tesla told me to, I am passing the Tesla Award on to the energetic and energizing Jessyka Gardner"

Congratulations to Ms. Gardner!

Texas' New State Vaping Law

Senior News and Information

Senior Dues

It's time to pay senior dues. Senior dues covered the costs associated with the graduation ceremony, a professional graduation photo, yearbook, cap and gown, diploma cover, senior panoramic picture, senior events, senior t-shirt, senior breakfast, prom (senior's ticket), and senior week activities. If the senior class decides to add additional events, those may incur additional costs.


Payment (February 1, 2024 - March 31, 2024)

Cost: $350

Link here: https://schoolpay.com/link-23-24latepymt 

*Installment plans available upon request.

**Free/Reduced Lunch reduced fee available upon request.


College Corner

Emily Cortinas

Advisor College, Career, Military Readiness

Financial Aid

Just a reminder, completion of financial aid is a graduation requirement in the state of Texas. The priority deadline for financial aid has been pushed to April 15th due to extenuating circumstances but it is optimal to get these forms completed early to qualify for the maximum amount of federal and state aid. Start on the process by making an account at studentaid.gov

If you need assistance with the financial aid form for your students, Ms. Cortinas has appointments open during lunch and after school next week from March 4th to March 7th

To sign-up, register using this LINK. If you are not able to make it to one of these appointments but would still like assistance, please email [email protected]

PTO News

Spring Recharge Link to Purchase

Join the PTO Here


Spring Exhibition is March 6th! We need help distributing Chick-fil-A dinner to students as well as staffing the PTO table. And we're always looking for volunteers every Friday for Energy's Chick-fil-A at lunch. Come help out, make some friends, and see kids smile. Thank you for your support! 

Exhibition SIgn Up Genius Link

CFA Sign Up Genius Link

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