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Important Upcoming Dates & Deadlines

September 4 - Labor Day - No School

September 8 - Freshman PTO Coffee (8:15 AM)

September 12 - Schedule Change Deadline

September 20 - Open House 5:30 PM

September 18-19 - Senior Yearbook Photos (PBL Class)

September 20-21 - 9-11th Grade Yearbook Photos (PBL)

September 25 - Fall Holiday - No School

September 29 - End of Cycle 1

October 2 - College Fair (10-12th grade)

October 6 - Report Cards

September Calendar

Congratulations on a Great First Week!

Teachers and students have hit the ground running! We encourage you to ask your students what they have done this week in their classes. Students are reading, writing, problem solving, collaborating, designing, presenting, building, and more! Here are some photos from the first week of class.

Junior Cohorts Launch First Projects

Both junior cohorts launched their first projects of the year today.


Cohort Five students participated in revolution-themed outdoor activities like the Paul Revere Relay Race and the Boston Tea Cup Water Pass to highlight historical turning points. In their project, Through the Lens, Cohort Five students will explore the question, “How can we, as active scholars, present a turning point in history between 1650 to 1939 with its causes and the consequences as a persuasive medium for the National History Day competition?”


Cohort Six students ran the Great Water Race, a shenanigan-filled endurance task representing different water scarcity/abundance issues. Students raced from the student parking lot to the lab classrooms while trying to conserve as much water as possible. This water will help “grow” a dinosaur that student groups will sell for “meat” in three days. In their project, Washing the Water, Cohort Six students will explore the question, “How can we, as Civil Engineers, mitigate complex issues of water contamination and sustainability to better support human settlements?”


Hats off to Cohort Five and Six on capping off a great first week of school with exciting entry events! We look forward to the project activities and workshops to come and can’t wait to see the innovative ideas of each project team. 

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Reminders

We appreciate that most families are following the pick-up and drop-off procedures. Below are some of the rules that we still need additional work on:

  • Do not stop on Tierwester or Southmore. Students should not be picked up or dropped off on the main street.
  • When dropping off, please wait your turn. The left lane is only for students who are parking in the student parking lot or to leave campus after your child has exited the car.
  • You may only drop off in the right hand lane. This is a major safety issue!
  • Do not leave gaps between cars. Pull all the way up.
  • Be kind and respectful to all, especially to the staff members directing traffic flow.
  • Student drivers can only cross at the crosswalk!

School Policy Reminders

Tardy Policy

Students should arrive to school by 7:30 AM to ensure they are in class on-time. Between classes students have five minutes to move from one class to another. Getting to class on-time is important for our students' learning. We understand things happen. Sometimes traffic is worse than usual, you oversleep, you get stopped by a train, etc. For that reason, we allow students to have three tardies before receiving a consequence. A student receives a warning on the first two tardies, and students receive a detention for each tardy after. This resets in January for the second semester.

Dress Code

Students should be in dress code daily. The dress code can be found on the school website. The first time a student is out of dress code, they will need to correct the violation and will receive a warning. After the first time, students will need to correct the violation and will be assigned a detention. Additional violations will receive escalated consequences. If a student has inappropriate clothing or has had a repeated issue, the parent may be asked to pick-up the item.


Students are required to wear their student ID on a lanyard around their neck at all times. If a student forgets their ID, they will need to report to the main office for a temporary ID. Wearing their ID is part of dress code and is mandatory.


All students should have a laptop checked out to by at this time. Any student who does not have their Houston ISD laptop yet, needs to bring their completed paperwork to the main office on Tuesday for assistance. Students are expected to have their Houston ISD laptop with them, fully charged, each day.

Cell Phones/Smart Watches

In accordance with our campus cell phone policy, cell phones are required to be placed in a designated cell-phone holder in each classroom upon arrival to the classroom. Students may take cell phones from the holder at the end of class, only. Cell phones will remain in the cell phone holder unless needed for instructional purposes, as indicated by the classroom teacher. Teachers are responsible for monitoring students for use of social texting, social media, taking non-instructional pictures or videos, and watching videos that have no instructional use. If this policy is violated, the violation will be addressed with the student by their teachers and dean. Consequences that follow the Student Code of Conduct will apply.   

Headphones and earbuds etc. are permitted on campus, but are not permitted to be worn during instructional time or in the hallway during passing periods. They are permitted to be worn during the lunch period only. Bluetooth speakers are not permitted.

Please remember, cell phones are not required for school. If it is a distraction for a child, the parent is welcome to keep the phone at home. It is expected that parents and relatives are not texting or calling students on their cell phones during instructional time.  There are numerous telephones in the building.  If an important call needs to be made, we will accommodate you and your child by allowing them to use the nearest phone and a parent is  always welcome to call the school with a message for a student.

Energy call-outs are managed through the School Messenger App. With the app you can control which call-outs and emails you receive. School based communication fall under the "General" category, so we encourage you to make sure "General" call-outs and emails are selected so that you don't miss out on important information! You can access the information and link to download here.

Free Digital PSAT Practice Test

The PSAT and SAT are going fully digital this year! We are working hard to support our families with additional resources to help them prepare for the new Digital PSAT. Our friends at Revolution Prep are offering our students an opportunity to take the new Digital PSAT practice exam online for FREE! Please see below for more information as well as the link to register:

Digital PSAT Practice Exam

Saturday September 9, 2023

11:00 am to 2:00 pm

Click here to register for the online exam: https://www.revolutionprep.com/partners/139673/

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity!

Texas' New State Vaping Law

The Tesla Award Goes To Ms. Antolinez-Basto

Ms. Antolinez-Basto

Spanish 2, Spanish 2 Advanced, and AP Spanish Language

Mr. Eagle Platon chose Ms. Antolinez-Basto as this week’s Tesla Winner. He says, "This week's winner navigates multiple classrooms with an alternating current of enthusiasm and wisdom. Eager to plunge into the intricate circuits of Project Based Learning and advanced technology like AI, she's turned our campus into her own personal 'laboratorio' of linguistic innovation. She channels enough student voltage to power a small city, teaching seven classes with the flair of a Flamenco dancer, electrifying each syllable and sparking imaginations—all while relying on the singular circuit of one planning period. In a profession where it's all too easy to become a closed circuit, she remains an open channel—seasoned yet ever-receptive to new currents. A toast to this week's Tesla of Teaching, Ms. Antolinez-Basto!

Senior News and Information

Senior Dues

It's time to pay senior dues. Senior dues covered the costs associated with the graduation ceremony, a professional graduation photo, yearbook, cap and gown, diploma cover, senior panoramic picture, senior events, senior t-shirt, senior breakfast, prom (senior's ticket), and senior week activities. If the senior class decides to add in additional events, those may incur additional costs.

Early Bird Payment (August 14, 2023 - October 20, 2023)

Cost: $300

Link here: https://schoolpay.com/link/23-24earlybird 

Regular Payment (October 21, 2023 - January 31, 2024)

Cost: $325

Link here: https://schoolpay.com/link-23-24seniordues 

Late Payment (February 1, 2024 - March 31, 2024)

Cost: $350

Link here: https://schoolpay.com/link-23-24latepymt 

*Installment plans available upon request.

**Free/Reduced Lunch reduced fee available upon request.


Cap and Gown Orders

Seniors who attended orientation this week should have already ordered their cap and gown. Those who did not attend need to complete their order at www.tinyurl.com/EIHScap2024. When placing the order, students should not add anything extra to the order and the total should be $0.00. Students will receive an email confirmation after the order is complete and should forward it to [email protected]. After the order is placed, students are welcome to create a new order to purchase additional items. Graduation announcements should be ordered by January 15th for an early April delivery.

PTO News


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