Energy Moving Forward - Mars Turns Direct
Dear Friends, we hope you are well!
Retrograde....   Retrograde.....   Retrograde......
As a Summer with two Solar Eclipses comes to a close, we have five important planets and one major asteroid all moving in retrograde motion.  This has been a frustrating time for many.
Specifically, in the article below, we focus on three planets (Mars, Saturn and Pluto) who are all retrograde in Capricorn and will be turning direct one by one starting with Mars followed by Saturn and then Pluto.  A merry bunch throwing a party in Capricorn and we have all been invited! 
Also, we wanted to share some good news for us personally.  With Jupiter transiting the fourth house for both of us, we bought a house!  We have found our new home in the desert here in Vegas and we look forward to settling in!  
Thank you for sharing this journey with us!
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Retrograde, Retrograde, Retrograde, Retrograde.... 
Following the two Solar Eclipses this Summer, we continue on an intense path with many planets retrograde.  Retrograde periods are a time of re-thinking, re-feeling, re-analyzing, and re-defining. They can be important times of consolidation.  
However, with so many planets retrograde all at once, you might be feeling a good dose of frustration. We want to look ahead to Mars, Saturn and Pluto (all in Capricorn) turning direct over the next 30 plus days.
Here are the current retrogrades:
  • Mercury Retrograde (ended on August 18)
  • Mars Retrograde in Capricorn (ends on August 27)
  • Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn (ends on September 6)
  • Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn (ends on September 30)
  • Neptune in Pisces (ends on November 24)
  • Chiron in Aries (ends on December 9)
  • Uranus Retrograde in Taurus then Aquarius (ends in January 2019)
If there is such a thing as good pressure, this might be one of those times. There are moments in life when you have tried so many things that you simply are more open to receiving guidance and taking it to heart because you long so deeply for lasting change. You might even feel exasperated because the current path is getting very worn and you are feeling are drained.
Personally, we have felt frustration and a deep desire to understand why we were feeling how we were feeling. This retrograde time has brought several things to closure or very close to it. We have made so much sense of where we are now by looking back over the past years. We see the various changes we made over time and what each change introduced introduced into our world (for better or for worse). We are talking about big changes and turning points (like starting businesses, relocating, etc.).  Based on this big picture recap, we have a clearer understanding of what needs to be further released and what needs to be created, enhanced and further embraced.  
You might be feeling this too.  Movements that were feeling rusty are now freeing up allowing for greater expression. Think of the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz, rusted into place.  Real, lasting change is taking place! 
This is an excellent time to strengthen your resolve  
for true change
so that old patterns fade to their rightful place in history versus siphoning energy from the present.
As these retrograde periods have provided an opportunity to sift and sort and revisit where we are and why we are there and how we got there, we can now prepare ourselves to stop re-reading the same old script and take the first steps to write the new chapter.  
Mercury is now direct so our mind is once again focused on path before us and the steps we are currently taking. So, let's focus on the three planets retrograde in the sign of Capricorn: Mars, Saturn and Pluto.
With these three malefic planets retrograde in Capricorn, aspects of life that have not matured as we would like are feeling pressured. Capricorn is a sign that relates to the passage of time and societal expectations. Capricorn relates to societal expectations and can introduce social taboos and guilt. But, also your own structures: your finances, your career, your social status, your conditioning, etc. Old patterns running in the mind might have us focusing on fears, doubts, worry and concern.  
These old patterns do not serve and they just reinforce the notion that in some way we are stuck, powerless. Patterns from the past siphon energy from the present and, unless we greet them with the power of our spirit, they aren't going anywhere.
A retrograde period is a good time to recognize, review, and revise these habits, that is precisely why they should be tackled right now. Make progress when the headwinds are the greatest and embrace the fierce power of your spirit.  
Over the next 5 weeks, first Mars, then Saturn and finally Pluto will all move direct.
Mars Direct - August 27, 2018 (TOMORROW) 
If actions have felt weak, energy will start flowing more freely with Mars direct on August 27 (tomorrow)!  With Mars in Capricorn, action is best when it is disciplined action.
On September 10, Mars moves into Aquarius where he will be ready to confidently assert the path of freedom to be both authentic and confident.    
But, he has a bit more time in Capricorn first.  From August 27 to September 10 is a great time for taking disciplined action on something you want to mature in your world.  Mars relates to action and now that he is direct your ability to take action will be empowered.   
In Capricorn, Mars seeks to "unlock the cell door" and set you free from any repressed and inhibited desires. Mars actually wants you to feel free!
Saturn Direct - September 6, 2018
You will feel more energy indeed starting on September 6, when Saturn turns direct as well.   
While Mars is concerned about the freedom to act,  
Saturn is concerned with the wisdom to be.  
While Mars is concerned about action in the external world,  
Saturn is guiding us to trust our inner self so that we can take the mature steps forward in the external world.   
The window of time from September 6 to 10, when both Saturn and Mars are direct in Capricorn (after their retrograde periods) will really support disciplined action.  
A good way to use this brief window of time (September 6 to 10) is to make a list of the aspects of life that are causing fear, worry and concern.
When doing this, don't get lost in the back-story behind the fears as that only gives them power.
Rather, simply list them out. Prioritize them and take practical first steps on the top 2 or 3 items.  
Both Mars and Saturn, will support and appreciate your efforts and your willpower will be strengthened through these actions.
What kinds of things can you do:
  • Financial Concerns - Resolve to start saving. If saving is the goal, open the account. Maybe as a start, you can plan to direct your monthly credit card rewards to this account. Or, maybe you will plan to tuck away $25 or $50 a month into this account. Having the account and watching it grow, will support your foundation.
  • Financial Concerns - Resolve to clear up debt. If the credit card is the issue, set a hard goal each month. Many of us use our credit card for all of our monthly spending, but we forget to use caution. When we have to pull out cash, we are more aware of what we are spending. The credit card is deceptive. First, identify how much are you spending on groceries, clothing, dining out, coffee. Then, set a new spending limit and possibly retreat to cash as an alternative to gain more control.
  • Health Concerns - Resolve to Honor Your Body. Establish a vision for your eating and exercise and put it on your refrigerator. Buy the food and start walking. Remember, just first steps.
  • Emotional Concerns - Fear, worry, anxiety all siphon off energy from the present. Resolve that when these limiting emotions arise, that you will be aware of them, but then to let them fade away as they have no real place in your life today.  Respond versus react.
Remember, these are all just first steps.  
Everything you do begins with a first step.  
Your literal first step in life.  
Your first breath in life.  
Your first heartbeat in life.  
First steps can be our most connected steps.  
No judgement. No criticism.   
No diving deep into the story.  
Those are patterns from the past.  
Practical, first steps that honor you and are done with fully connected joy!
Saturn in Capricorn - Important Note:
Anyone with important planets or chart angles between 2 and 9 degrees of Capricorn (or the other Cardinal signs of Cancer, Aries and Libra), Saturn will continue test you. Saturn has been navigating these degrees for you since December 26, 2017. Not until he moves on, will the full weight of his transit be released. Meaning, don't expect Saturn turning direct on September 6 to alter things for you tremendously until your transit is complete and you have integrated what you have learned.
Saturn in Capricorn - Important Note:
May both Anthony Bourdain (4 degrees of Cancer Sun) and Kate Space (2 degree Capricorn Sun) rest in peace.  They were each being tested by Saturn.   
If Saturn has you feeling down, take extra time for personal care and seek professional help if the burden gets too much ( Video By Sappho).
Pluto Direct - September 30, 2018
When Pluto turns direct on September 30, the background fears and the power of the background story that keeps jabbing us will begin to fade. Pluto jabs us with our fear in the hope that we will recognize the fear is not real, it is an old story. As we awaken and discover the power of our conscious mind, we find that we are stronger than the habitual patterns in our world.
When we begin to embody this truth, we can access the transformation that Pluto ultimately wants for us. He does not make it easy for us. He is a malefic. Why? Because it is hard work. Awakening to our conscious self is a beautiful gift awarded to a strong mind.  
Since Pluto moves slowly and will remain in Capricorn until 2024, the first steps you take now will bring both transformation and healing in the years ahead.
To sum it up, transiting Mars, Saturn and Pluto are all sharing the scenery of Capricorn and all changing direction and moving forward again.  
Take this time to walk on the lighted path free from darkness, releasing fear and striding confidently into the future.

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