August 23, 2019
Leading up to his MACo Summer Conference speech, Governor Hogan announced the Governor's Task Force on Renewable Energy Development and Siting. This multi-stakeholder group will work through complex issues of siting solar and wind facilities, and offer its guidance by year’s end. County and municipal governments are at the table, along with industry, agriculture, and state government players. This high profile effort will target a looming pressure on land use, as Maryland strives to clean up its energy profile.
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Submit Your Proposals for MACo Winter Conference!
Winter Conference is Coming - December 4-6, 2019 - and the deadline for session proposals is quickly approaching. Submit your proposals by September 13!

Conduit Street Podcast Corner:
On the latest episode of the Conduit Street Podcast, Michael Sanderson and Kevin Kinnally recap the 2019 MACo Summer Conference – “Winds of Change. " By all accounts, this year’s conference was the largest gathering of Maryland government stakeholders the event has sever seen!

Education funding - We discuss a panel discussion led by Dr. William "Brit" Kirwan , potential implications for county budgets , House Speaker Adrienne Jones' comments on how the State could potentially raise revenue to help fund the Kirwan Commission's recommendations, and Governor Hogan's remarks on what implementing the Commission's plan would mean for taxpayers and Maryland's bottom line .
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Counties In Action
Anne Arundel announces improvements made to their Transportation systems.
Queen Anne's Public Schools seek volunteers for Anti-Bullying Day Challenge, sponsored by the United Way.
Washington bakery receives Comptroller's Cornerstone Award for Local Business Exellence

Corporate Partner Corner

Cigna , MACo Gold Corporate Partner, recently announced their Foundation will provide up to $5 million in grants to nonprofit organizations working to reduce child food insecurity through their Healthier Kids For Our Future grant program.

Regular access to nutritious and sufficient food is the starting point for a healthier, more productive life. More than 12 million children in America experience food insecurity, which can significantly impact their physical and mental health. Lack of quality nutrition can lead to physical and mental health problems, emotional and behavioral problems, obesity and preventable chronic conditions that may be carried into adulthood. 1

The Cigna Foundation seeks to immediately address this challenge by funding programs that bracket or augment school-related efforts to provide food and nutritional education to children. U.S. schools are a focal point for addressing child health issues, and many already have programs and partnerships offering food and nutrition support.

“We want to make an immediate impact on the health and well-being of children, and feel we can best do so by supporting organizations that are working to reduce hunger and food insecurity in their communities and schools today,” said Susan Stith, executive director, Cigna Foundation.

Examples of programs eligible for funding through the Healthier Kids For Our Future grant program include:
  • Community-based programs that support access to healthy meals and nutritional education outside the school setting, on weekends and during the summer.
  • Food and nutritional programs that provide support for expectant mothers and caregivers.
  • Programs that address the food and nutrition needs of preschool children.
  • Health care provider efforts that navigate patients to nutritional education and/or food as prescription programming.
  • School-based programs that enhance or augment state and/or federal assistance efforts.

For more information, or to determine grant eligibility, visit Cigna's Website.

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