Spring Newsletter                                                                         2019
Message from the President - Lihui Bai

Welcome all to the Spring 2019 news bulletin of the Energy Systems (ES) division. I am pleased to recognize our next set of leaders of our division:   

President-Elect - Zhimin Xi  and New Directors - Chaoyue Zhao and Ramteen Sioshansi

Congratulations to Zhimin, Chaoyue and Ramteen! And thank you to our members who took the time to vote and select our new leaders.

Our division had a strong showing in the 2019 annual meeting two weeks ago. 38 invited and 26 contributed talks were presented in 20 technical sessions during the meeting. In addition, two division sponsored meetings, i.e., division's town hall and student focus session, collectively drew 35 attendees for two productive discussions on division's current state and future directions. We appreciate all those who have shared your time with us and invite more to get involved in this still young division with a bright future.

While we are excited about the new blood infused into our division, we also extend our sincere gratitude to two outstanding departing leaders. After founding and serving over two years as President and then as Immediate Past President, Yongpei Guan (University of Florida) will complete his tenure at our division for now. We are grateful for his vision founding this division and excellent service. Also completing a two-year term with the division, as the founding board member, is Sandra Eksioglu (Clemson University). Sandra has been a tireless worker to help set up and to lead the division with her years of experiences related to the IISE organization. Sandra was also the co-chair for the ES track for both 2018 and 2019 annual conferences. Well done, Yongpei and Sandra! Thank you and best wishes!!

In closing, thanks again to all the board members for their hard work year around to make this division continue to grow, and thanks to all members who have participated in activities of the energy systems division. All is welcome to get involved in our division, please feel free to contact any of our board members. Stay tuned for our next Newsletter in the Fall.

The Spring Newsletter Contents are;
  • Message from the President
  • Member spotlight
  • Election results
  • Webinars
  • Annual Awards and conference photos
The entire newsletter will be maintained in the Energy Systems connect community.