Issue 11, Series 3 | Special Edition July 2019
Volume 11, Series 3
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Special Issue

One must always be careful of books and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us .”  ​― Cassandra Clare

The American Energy Society has a tradition of celebrating the written word and its authors, from honoring " energy classics " to awarding the annual " Energy Writer of the Year ," the premier literary award for energy.  

Consistent with our commitment to the written word, this issue of Energy Today offers a recommended summer-reading list. With so many books about energy written each year, its easy to miss a worthwhile contribution. So, with special help from the authors themselves , the editors of Energy Today carefully selected excerpts from a range of books -- entertaining, serious and prescriptive. Each excerpt can be read as a standalone while vacationing, traveling, relaxing...  

We certainly don't expect that every reader will agree with every excerpt. We certainly do not. But we believe that all of the selections are worthy of appreciation, that a few might change the way you think, and that one (or two) might become a favorite.

We hope you enjoy the Summer Reads Issue of Energy Today.

Recommended Summer Reads

The Outrageous Inside Story of
the New Billionaire Wildcatters

by Gregory Zuckerman 

Everyone knew it was crazy to try to extract oil and natural gas buried in shale rock deep below the ground. Everyone, that is, except a few reckless wildcatters -- who risked their careers to prove the world wrong.

Combating Nuclear Terror and
Climate Change

by Daniel Poneman

Humanity faces two existential threats: nuclear annihilation and catastrophic climate change. Can we use nuclear energy to reduce the threat of climate change without increasing the risk that nuclear weapons will be used?

The Fraying Wires Between
Americans and their Energy Future

by Gretchen Bakke

The Grid tells -- entertainingly, perceptively -- the story of what has been called "the largest machine in the world": its fascinating history, its problematic present, and its potential role in a brighter, cleaner future.

A Policy Guide For Low-Carbon Energy

by Hal Harvey

Energy systems are large and complex, so energy policy must be focused and cost-effective. One-size-fits-all approaches simply won’t get the job done. 

And, in case you missed it...

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