Energy Transformations July 2019 Newsletter
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Shifting into New Frequencies
I have spent many years seeking, learning, being, meditating, praying, and mastering the art of energy healing. With all my experiences I do not normally seek classes. After reading the book Marconics: The Clarion Call in December 2018, I immediately signed up for the class. This was just what I was looking for.
My entire life I have been seeking the way to embody my Highest Self and embodying the energy of Ascension in my body, not needing to go anywhere to get it or to leave the planet to experience it. Marconics is a pathway to raising our frequency. In the past, I have always been aware of how my body reacted to different attunements through Reiki and the frequency upgrades through planetary shifts or my own letting go and letting God in. Marconics has proven to be a bit more straight forward in creating these shifts.

With Marconics I received further explanation to the energetic grids that I was seeing over my clients’ bodies and how to work with them. Each person has an axiatonal grid that connects energetically with the body and with the cosmos/Higher Self. We learned how to work with this grid which impacts the physical body as well as helps one to release density, karma, and offers an upgrade to the DNA. My experience with Marconics so far is that it is a human upgrade, opening the path to embodying one’s Highest Self/highest consciousness. Marconics is about living in the 5 th Dimension (5D) and higher. In receiving sessions we release a lot of density and karma. Having connected with the energy and training I now feel at HOME.

The teachers in the class said that the students who show up are Lightworkers who are ready to take the next steps in the human evolution of consciousness. Through Marconics our frequencies are upgraded, the physical, emotional and mental bodies align and heal. We are able to move up Jacob’s Ladder.

One of the big shifts that I experienced was looking at how I want to be in this world. Every morning since the class, I ask myself, how would a person living in 5D or higher be in this world? I align my energy around the images that show up. It is interesting how drama no longer controls me. Many Lightworkers claim they want to shine more Light in the world or heal others. If this is out of ego, our frequencies will not increase. Lightworkers, it is time to dedicate ourselves to what we need to do to be that highest frequency that we can be and align our lifestyles around that. No more poor me, no more saving the world, no more excuses; just be the Light and ask yourself how that would look functioning at the highest levels. In doing so you save the world in just by raising your frequency.

In 5D there is no more trying to figure out how to do anything. Your beingness/frequency brings in the all that is needed. In Marconics there are two types of sessions that are offered. One is called the no touch process. No touch because the practitioner is not touching the physical body; the axiatonal grid above the body is being worked on. The other session is called the recalibration. In the recalibration your chakras are uncapped, and other energetic empowering alignments are made to the body to bring in your Highest Self. 

If you are interested in an in person or distance session let me know by emailing
Dawn Fleming, Director of Energy Transformations is a Marconic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, Soul Life Coach, Sound Healer and Modern Mystic assisting clients worldwide to heal, find wholeness and balance, release stress, and remove blocks so they can live their dreams.

Announcements and Upcoming Events
Reiki Practitioners and Energy Healers check out This website is a resource for meeting all your Reiki needs and more. It will has links to amazing online classes that complement our Reiki training from many online schools for Reiki practitioners of all lineages and all levels. It also has a lot of free information, links to free online summits and workshops along with links to all our favorite online stores that sell energy related tools, crystals, protection devices, books, cds, massage tables, crystal bowls, etc. at discounts for our viewers. If you are a Reiki teacher or sell products that Reiki practitioners are interested in, there are opportunities here to spread the word.

Announcing a new online class: Dowsing for Energy Healers. This class will teach energy healers of all modalities how to use a variety of dowsing tools to work with your clients. The class will address selecting your dowsing tool, how to work with the dowsing tools, integrating dowsing into your energy session, dowsing your client’s body, working with charts, dowsing your supplements and food, and how to use dowsing in a distance healing session. There are 19 videos and 22 handouts. Sign up here. Use discount code DOWSENOW to get a $30 discount.

CLASSES - prices, details, and sign ups are linked here  All classes below are approved for CEs for massage therapists.

Advanced Reiki Training - Sunday, September 22, Dewey, AZ. Sign up here . 7 CEs for massage therapists
Usui Reiki Master , September 28 & 29, Dewey, AZ. Sign up here. 12 CEs for massage therapists
Usui Reiki I class forming in October. Let me know if you are interested.
Karuna Reiki I and II classes coming soon.
If there is a class that you would like to take and you have three people or more, we can schedule one at your location or mine. You can contact me at
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Do Nothing, Get More Done - Have More Energy

I have noticed a bunch of articles published recently on the benefits of doing nothing. Have you ever tried doing nothing? There are health benefits to this such as reduced anxiety and stress, lower blood pressure, accelerated healing, and a clearer brain. When you are doing nothing, not even looking at your phone, in the quiet stillness your body begins to reset itself. Your adrenals relax and you destress.

Even though we live in a world that seems to never rest. There are no badges given out for this behavior. Stress is compounded when you do not find time to relax on a daily basis. Over time running a fast pace, no rest lifestyle illness occurs and then there might be forced rest. Or we become mentally exhausted and just want to drop out of everything. One medical study showed that 90 percent of doctor visits and illness are due to stress.

Create your daily Do Nothing practice. You might ask, what my Do Nothing practice looks like. In the morning I might sit outside on my deck with a cup of tea and stare at the mountains or after dinner I might sit out front and stare at the mountains and listen to the birds. It is amazing what you’ll see and hear when your attention is on nothing. I take 20 minutes to an hour. When I finish, my mind is clear. I have more energy and it seems that ideas and information flow more easily to me from taking this precious time. In doing nothing, I become more focused and get more done in less time.

Bill and I recently stayed on a 164 acre ranch in southern Arizona. There were two caretakers and us on this big property. Every morning we sat outside staring at the mountains. Every evening we made tea, sat outside listening to the birds, and watched sunset. There was no internet, and a weak Wi-Fi signal. The quiet and stillness were so beautiful that we both wished that we could stay longer. It was so nurturing. I could tune in more deeply to that still quiet inner voice. I felt refreshed and reset.

A lot of people will say well I meditate or do yoga. But that is part of filling up your time doing. As anxiety continues to rise and debilitate many from having a quality life, doing nothing might just be the answer to resetting and restoring us to be happier and healthier. Give it a try!

Give it a try!

Dawn Fleming

As I was cleaning out my herbal garden bed this year I decided to take out the oregano that was threatening to take over the entire garden. Ordinarily I would have just have cut it back but this particular plant wasn’t very fragrant and I didn’t use it in my medicine or in my kitchen so, out it came. Within that tangled mess, I rediscovered the tarragon plant I put in last year. I had forgotten about it since it was mostly swallowed up by the oregano. Now that it was getting some space and sun, it has been growing vigorously and I couldn’t be happier.

I decided to do some research on its benefits and realized I never really learned much about this lovely plant before and it was high time to do so! Even without knowing all the amazing benefits, I had always loved the lightly licorice flavor that it provides. It lends itself to so many culinary delights without overwhelming other flavors.

It is a heart healthy herb as it contains high levels of potassium which regulate heart contractions, and the anti inflammatory properties preventing organ damage. Compounds in the plant help to reduce the chance of blood clots in the heart and the brain, which can prevent heart attacks or stroke. It also aids in promoting blood flow so the body is able to move around healthy oxygen and nutrients. Increased blood flow also helps eliminate uric acid which helps prevent or reduce symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism. My favorite benefit is how much it helps the digestive process. As I have written before, healthy digestion is one of the most important factors in good health. Tarragon helps to increase the bile, promoting regularity and can prevent irritable bowel syndrome. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals that support a healthy metabolism. Last, but not least, it is high in B6 which plays a vital role in in the central nervous system. B6 improves cognition and can stave off dementia. And B12, another part of this tiny leaf, prevents neural damage and can reduce numbness and tingling in extremities.

I love using food as medicine and this is a wonderful place to start. Using fresh tarragon in a salad brings unexpected bursts of flavor, roasting a chicken with apples is a favorite of mine. Blending it in some butter makes an aromatic flavored spread and I’m reminded, as I write this, to put some in the crockpot since I will be making chicken stock. Used dried, it is still very flavorful and can be used throughout the year to bring a spring freshness to your food. Try making a vinaigrette for your salad or even marinating meats for the grill. You can grow tarragon in a pot on your patio or garden, or you can buy it in the herb section of your grocery. Either way you will enjoy the fragrance and flavor this delicate looking herb provides. Enjoy in good health.

Sue Ehlbeck
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