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Walk into 2020 Without Judgment

Happy New Year everyone! For me it does not matter if a new year is upon me or way in the past. I am always looking at ways to improve my overall spiritual, physical, and mental well-being. Always asking how can I align in love to raise my vibration to evolve in service? Near the end of 2019, I began working with an internal mental/emotional clearing. I looked at the areas of my life
where I needed to forgive others or myself. In working through these instances, what I got In touch with is that throughout my life I had given out some anger, impatience, and judgment toward others. 

When I reflected on this, I saw how these toxic emotions were all sitting in my energy field.
What I discovered is that when we use these toxic emotions, words, or deeds our vibration is lowered. These poisons not only go into the energy field of the other person, it also sits in the field of the person offering the destruction. It is recorded and stays in our field until we claim it and clean it up.

I had a lot of cleaning up to do. Imagine 60 years of not cleaning my noxious emotions out of my own field. While cleaning this up, I realized how over all these years my socialization had made me feel that judging others was what people do naturally. When I finished a two year ordination program at 34 I already had begun doing a lot of forgiveness work, but did not realize how my own negative reactions to life had muddied my energy field.

There are so many levels of judgment. They are not pretty. The vibration of judgment is very low. While spending most of my life in the healing arts, my priority is to love all and to keep up and expand this vibration. We judge because someone does not think, live, or behave the way we do.

When we judge anyone, it is the moment we fall asleep. Our vibration lowers drastically. This path is not aligned in love. Our light dims and we chose to separate ourselves from the light that we are and the light that is within the other person. It does not matter who they are or how they are behaving, they are of light.

What I have noticed in cleaning out the mud that I claim responsibility for flinging and working to release judgment is that I am more patient. I have become a better listener. My thoughts, instead of judging, go to a neutral place where I can touch into kindness, understanding or deciding not to go in the direction that I was heading. No judgment. When I see or hear something I do not resonate with, I mentally send a blessing to all parties and move my mind onto something else. This maintains a higher vibration and keeps me experiencing more joy and grace.

As we embark on a new year with changes coming from all directions, let’s spend our time finding ways to express love and kindness. Let’s stop the judgment and raise the vibration on the planet. Being in a spiritual field or just being in the human race, we are all unique, no two alike. There is no room to judge. We can discern what is right for us, but we can leave judging others out of that picture. We can take time to bless everyone, exit out of situations that do not serve us, and serve all from a higher place.

Many your year be filled with blessings. May you extend blessings to everyone you meet whether they chose to receive them or not.
Much Love,

Dawn Fleming, Director of Energy Transformations is a Marconic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, Soul Life Coach, and Modern Mystic assisting clients worldwide to heal, find wholeness and balance, release stress, and remove blocks so they can live their dreams.

Announcements and Upcoming Events
A lot has been going on. I will be presenting at the Northern AZ IONS meeting on February 25th, 6 to 7:30 pm. The topic will be Ascending into Higher Dimensions: Move into 5D and Higher. We will discuss dimensions, ascension, and spiritual hygiene.

I'm very excited to announce that I am working on live online classes for SPRING and SUMMER 2020 Reiki for Fertility and Reiki for Eye Diseases .

I will be presenting at the University of Arizona Science of Consciousness Conference in April 2020. This should be a very enlightening conference.

Marconics : Along with Reiki sessions I am now offering Marconics No Touch sessions, Quantum Recalibrations, and Lux Magnum sessions. See information about the difference between Marconics and Reiki in the artile below.

Check out my new website regarding Reiki and Fertility. Reiki does help women with fertility challenges.

Announcing a new online class: Dowsing for Energy Healers. This class will teach energy healers of all modalities how to use a variety of dowsing tools to work with your clients. The class will address selecting your dowsing tool, how to work with the dowsing tools, integrating dowsing into your energy session, dowsing your client’s body, working with charts, dowsing your supplements and food, and how to use dowsing in a distance healing session. There are 19 videos and 22 handouts. Sign up here . Use discount code DOWSENOW to get a $30 discount.

Reiki Master class , Dewey, AZ, March 5 and 6, 9am to 4:30 pm. Class is for those who have completed all other levels of USUI Reiki. Sign up here

Karuna Reiki I and II workshops, In Dewey, AZ, May 2 and 3rd. Learn how to incorporate Karuna Reiki into your Reiki practice. Karuna Reiki helps to heal on the emotional and mental levels. Karuna offers participantstools to assist in healing addiction, deep emotional wounds, anxiety, fear, relationships, traumafrom abuse and more. In Karuna you will learn how to connect more deeply with ascended beings and how to tap into unconditional, and have more joy and peace in your life. Karuna Reiki is very powerful and a wonderful addition to you Reiki practice. Learn more here.

Reiki for Healing Eye Issues - Live online Class June 6 and 7, noon to 1:30 EST June 6 and noon- 2pm EST June 7th. A question and answer session will be scheduled at a date a week out from the class.
In this workshop the following weill be addressed: the anatomy of the eye and the different eye diseases. The factors that create eye disease and how these impact the energy in the eye. The different eye issues that can benefit from Reiki, what Reiki can do and not do. Also. protocals for addressing each type of eye disease as well as how to keep you own eyes healthy. The workshop will be recorded for access following the class. This class is for anyone that has taken Reiki II or higher or any energy modality that has a form of distance energy healing. Sign up here

Reiki for Fertility Challenges - Live online class June 20 and 21st, noon to 1:30 EST
Learn specific protocols for using Reiki or any other energy modality for addressing fertility challenges. Energy expert Dawn Fleming will teach how she works with both men and women who are having a hard time achieving pregnancy or a full term pregnancy. In this workshop, you will learn how to focus your energy skillset for: low AMH issues, endometriosis, thin uterine lining, mystery fertilty challenges, polycystic ovaries, low sperm count, erectile disfunction, miscarriages, and age related issues, and will learn ways to work with your client when they are going through IVF, IUI, and treatment for polycystic ovary syndrome. We will also address issues that cause pregnacy issues as well as issues of how Reiki can help with issues that surface once pregnancy has been achieved.  Sign up here

If there is a class that you would like to take and you have two people or more, we can schedule one at your location or mine. If you want to take a class and do not have others interested, contact me as I might have something in the works. You can contact me at
Check out these other online classes:
Ignite Your Reiki Practice , use discount code IGNITE, get 25% off.
What is the Difference Between Reiki and Other Healing Modalities and Marconics Energy

Many people have asked me what is the difference between Marconics, Reiki and other energy modalities? And why would I be engaging Marconics when I have been working with Reiki for nearly 30 years? I have never been a modality chaser looking for certificates to fill up my wall. I go within to feel if something is for me or not. In the late fall of 2018 my friend Kathy from my Reiki community told me about Marconics during lunch. When she mentioned it, I felt the hairs on my arms go up and my whole body tingle. She told me that Marconics is an “Ascension modality.” Now she really had my attention. After lunch that day I bought the book Marconics: The Clarion Call . I read it from cover to cover, and signed up for the courses in 2019. I took all levels of Marconics and began offering sessions in the late summer. With this said, I love both modalities and see a purpose for both. However, these are very different modalities and are never to be mixed in any way.

So how are these different? Reiki primarily is used for issues that need healing: physical, emotional and mental. Most of my Reiki clients have areas that they want healed or unblocked. Reiki energy is a subset of a larger spectrum of frequencies that was available in 1921 when Dr. Usui brought in the Reiki energy. When we do Reiki we are working with eliminating an issue to restore the body and mind back to balance so the body can self-heal.

Marconics is a full-spectrum, multidimensional Ascension modality that became available with the larger galactic shift that occurred in 2012. The main goal with any Marconics session is to raise frequency, release Karma, awaken spiritual gifts, and release density so that you can access your Higher Self and move through the higher dimensions. We are multidimensional beings living in a physical body. Marconics helps us to embrace that multidimensional Higher Self. It is considered a human upgrade. Physical healing can happen during sessions but that is not the main focus. There are three types of Marconics sessions: the ‘No-Touch’, the ‘Lux Magnum’, and the ‘Quantum Recalibration’.‘No-Touch’ sessions can be done from a distance as well as in person. The ‘Lux Magnum’ and the ‘Quantum Recalibration’ can only be done in person.

Reiki hand placements are generally over the chakra centers or on specific body parts. The Marconics practitioners are focusing the energy into the client’s Axi-A-tonal system, energetic pathways that surround the body in multidimensional layers and connect you to the Axi-B-Tonal system of the planet, and the Axi-C-Tonal system of the Universe. Reconnecting these pathways through to the Galactic Core opens doorways into higher dimensions. After having a ‘Quantum Recalibration’ our energetic structure is returned to its multidimensional state as the evolution from human 2.0 to human 3.0 begins enabling the client to draw in and assimilate higher frequencies and energetic downloads that are constantly being gifted to us from above. Otherwise, trying to download these higher frequencies without the Marconic ‘Quantum Recalibration’ could blow some circuits or overwhelm the system leaving you worse off than before the download.

Alison David Bird, the founder of Marconics, describes Marconics as “Marconics Energy ‘re-calibrates’ the human body to expand our perception of consciousness, in preparation for life in higher dimensions of experience, and to enable higher versions of ourselves – having experience in higher dimensional realities, worlds and parallels – to come into alignment for mutual healing through their descent into the human vehicle, to merge with us in the human body and facilitate our seamless transition into vibrations of Peace and Joy. Through this merger, progressively introducing higher vibrations, lower frequencies of ‘fear’ pre-programmed in the body template, will be transmuted into frequencies of ‘Love.’”

I continue to offer both Reiki and Marconics. They are both beautiful modalities and serve humanity’s healing and evolution. I love witnessing my Reiki clients release life long blocks, fears, and heal issues on all levels. And I enjoy offering Marconics that plugs clients into their ability to soar into new dimensions to discover who they are and why they are really here. It is an honor for me to see and feel their shifts and watch the Light expand into all areas of their multidimensional life.

I invite you to contact me for more information. Visit here to learn more about the three types of Marconics sessions 
Dawn Fleming,
My friend Linda Roebuck published this book Circular Leadership: Together We Rise. In this book several people have contributed to discuss a new dynamic in leadership, where everyone has a voice. You can purchase this book here on Amazon.
Be A Conscious Business

The Conscious Business Magazine is a new publication. They invite all business owners to join a global movement “dedicated to fostering the awareness and skills needed to consciously evolve our organizations in alignment with the Conscious Business Declaration below.

Conscious Business Declaration
As a global community of business leaders, we are committed to developing the awareness and skills needed to consciously evolve our organizations in alignment with these principles:
1.      We Are One with humanity and all of life. Business and all institutions of the human community are integral parts of a single reality-interrelated, interconnected, and interdependent.
2.      In line with this reality, the purpose of Business is to increase economic prosperity while contributing to a healthy environment and improving human well being.
3.      Business must go beyond sustainability and the philosophy of “do no harm” to restoring the self-renewing integrity of the Earth.
4.      Business must operate with economic, social, and ecological transparency.
5.      Business must behave as a positive and proactive member of the local and global communities in which it operates.
6.      Business that sees, honors, and celebrates the essential interconnected nature of all human beings and all life maximizes human potential and helps create a world that works for all.
7.      When aligned with Oneness. Business is the most powerful engine on Earth for creating prosperity and flourishing for all.

Herbal Remedies in Pots

A friend gave me a wonderful book over the holiday, Herbal Remedies in Pots. Not everyone has the space to have a garden and some people just don’t want to have one. Gardening is a lot of work and I understand why many people don’t do it themselves. Yet, even the most reluctant gardener can enjoy having container gardens on their patio or even in their windowsill. They are easy to maintain and add beauty to your home. Going one step further, why not grow several herbs in a pot together and enjoy the benefits of a variety of plants?

The first group of potted plants for me was when I lived in an apartment and I was allowed to put out a half barrel to plant in. I put in a variety of herbs that I especially liked and enjoyed stepping outside to clip fresh herbs for my meals. Of course, over the years I learned more about herbs and wanted to grow more, hence my herb garden these days. What that original pot provided me was an easy task. I used to work on it after work and it immediately calmed me down. A little clipping, a little water and it was like magic.

We have a variety of wonderful garden stores in this area and the staff are happy to help. I would recommend a nice large pot. If you want kitchen herbs, maybe some Thyme, oregano, rosemary and sage are some of my favorites. If you want a more specialized garden pot there are some great suggestions in the book.

Some of the most useful one I found are for headaches, insomnia and digestive issues. For sleep, the book suggests 3 herbs in a 17” pot. The herbs included are Lemon balm, Chamomile, and Catnip. Yes, Catnip, the stuff your cats love is a wonderful sedative for humans. For headaches, Skullcap, Betony, Rosemary, Feverfew, and Vervain. This quantity of herbs deserves an 18” pot. For digestive issues, the book recommends Chamomile, Peppermint, Mugwort and Marshmallow. I would say that simply having Chamomile and Peppermint in a pot together would be great to have around for assisting with indigestion and stomach ache.

Even if your goal is simply to beautify your yard, a variety of flowers in contrasting colors would be beautiful. If you wish to have a few herbs on your windowsill, Basil is very fragrant and I use it in so many dishes, Lavender is a calming herb that smells amazing, and Thyme can grow just about anywhere and can even be infused in honey to help those Winter coughs. So much to choose from.

Anyway you choose them, herbs will provide beautiful scents and health allies right in your home or garden. Enjoy in good health.

Sue Ehlbeck, MC Herbalist
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