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Make Life Better Even with the Coronavirus Threat
A lot of people are freaking out over the Coronavirus threat. Our minds can either choose to go down the path of hysteria or choose to look at life in the present moment. The first option creates physical and emotional stress and lowers your resistance to any bug, virus, or bacteria. It depletes your energy, creates anxiety and depression and
spreads negativity from person to person like the virus. Option two choosing to live in the moment, we stay focused on the real things that matter in life. We examine how can I take care of myself and others, and how I can align with love and courage. What things can I do to be kind to myself so that I do not get swept up in the mass hysteria?

This unprecedented event to me feels like the planet is going through a reset. We are being forced to stop, reflect, and find ways to take better care of ourselves and to reach out when we need help. We are needing to be more responsible for our actions. Scientists from all over the world are working together to find a solution to the virus. Politics aside, our leaders from both parties are working together to help individuals financially and to find a way to abate the spread of this virus. The world in many ways is coming together to find solutions for the good of everyone. Maybe this can be an example of how we can work together in the future on other issues that we wish to resolve. 

Here are ways that you can live in the present moment, without hysteria, that will take care of you and boost your immunity.

Stop watching the news. Turn off news notifications on your cell phone and other devices.
Go outside and walk or go for a run. Exercise and sunshine will boost your immunity and help you to release worry over things you have no control of.
Stop wasting and conserve resources so that you don’t have to worry about them, i.e. toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, food.
Ask yourself, how can I take better care of myself? And start implementing those ideas.
Smile at your neighbors.
Reach out to those in need.
If you move into worry, counter it with listing what you are grateful for. Make a list and have it handy. Add to it everyday!
Find new activities that you can enjoy with your family.
If you live alone, Skype or Zoom with friends or family members.
If you get on your computer, vow to watch only videos that lift you up!
Learn how you can support your body naturally with vitamins and supplements so that your body has the ability to fight off any virus with ease.

Remember this is a temporary situation. We are learning how to be still, to trust, to work together, to care about the well-being of others, and to find common solutions. Maybe this is what turns our world upside down so that we can turn many things around to make this a better planet and to make us better humans. This is a time to spread kindness and to send love and prayers to everyone. Reflect on humanity being healthy, whole, and loved.

Much Love,

Dawn Fleming, Director of Energy Transformations is a Marconic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, Soul Life Coach, and Modern Mystic assisting clients worldwide to heal, find wholeness and balance, release stress, and remove blocks so they can live their dreams.

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Reiki and the Coronavirus

What a wonderful gift we have with Reiki in this time of encountering a new visitor to our planet, Coronavirus. I have been working with energy for over 30 years and with each disease or ailment I always look at ways to use Reiki to address them. The standard hand placements that we learn in Reiki I are a guide to help get us moving into using Reiki. As our use of Reiki evolves, the way we use Reiki evolves as well or one would hope it does.

We can give Reiki before the Coronavirus spreads to put ourselves and our clients in a place to be able to deal with and flu or virus. And we can also use Reiki to help those who already have gotten the virus. When I think about Reiki to treat the Coronavirus, the first thing that comes to mind is to strengthen our immune system. Our immune system is what fights off any intruders. When it is healthy it can defeat invading pathogens. Our immune system is comprised of white blood cells produced in the thymus and bone marrow , the lymphatic system , and the spleen . I begin this type of session by sending Reiki directly to the thymus and bone marrow to produce white blood cells. Then I move to flushing out the lymphatic system of stuck energies and send Reiki to the lymphatic system to support helping the body to fight off any invaders. The spleen is a blood filtering organ that removes microbes and rids the body of damaged red blood cells. It also makes disease fighting components such as antibodies and lymphocytes that support the immune system. I spend time sending Reiki to boost the spleen for it to clear out damaged cells and to produce the antibodies needed to fight disease.

Bone marrow is produced inside your larger bones. It is where our white and red blood cells are produced. I direct Reiki into the pelvic bone to the bone marrow with the intention to support the body to produce the white blood cells needed to stay healthy. The thymus also produces white blood cells called T-cells or T-lymphocytes. It filters and monitors your blood. I send Reiki into the thymus to help it to effectively filter the blood and to create the T-cells to fight infection.

Coronavirus can impact the lungs creating pneumonia. I would use Reiki to clear the virus from the cells of the lungs and then to boost each lung so that the body can heal the pneumonia. If there are other complications, I would address them individually as well. When you get specific with how you send Reiki, the results will amaze you.

In Reiki I we learned how to do self Reiki. If you have not started doing self Reiki, now just might be a good time to start in order to support your body to stand up to any invader. In writing this, I do not want to spread fear. As we send Reiki to ourselves or to others, focus your mind on how loving and powerful Reiki is and what a beautiful gift it is to all. This will move us out of fear and into grace and spreading peace and healing across our planet.

Reiki Master,
Dawn Fleming,

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Wisdom from our Herbalist

Hello friends, this is a difficult time in our country and community. I write this as the Covid virus news is hitting a fevered pitch. People are arguing over who is right, social media is blowing up with so much information that is contradictory and exchanges are heated. Not to mention, grocery stores are emptying out and parents wonder how to take care of their children who are now out of school for an indeterminate amount of time. Grandparents, who are more likely in a higher risk group may be taking care of those children. This is an uncertain and anxiety provoking time.

I am simply your neighborhood Herbalist, not the CDC or WHO. This is what you can do to reduce anxiety and stress levels.

Stress increases cortisol levels in the body, which in turn, wreaks havoc on the immune system. Staying healthy and sane in these times require a functioning immune system that will help to guard you from nasty pathogens. I am not telling you not to worry, I’m just encouraging you to eliminate some stress and take care of yourself.

Take your dog for a walk or take your neighbor's dog. Fresh air and sunshine are wonderful ways to lift your heart. Meditate, do yoga, tai-chi or qigong, all wonderful ways to improve flexibility and reduce stress. Check in with your friends and family by phone or even Skype to hear the voices and see the faces of your loved ones. Work on your yard and gardens. Soil actually has healthy antibodies in it so get your hands dirty. Drink soothing herbal teas. Chamomile, Lemon balm and Lavender are among some of the herbs that help reduce stress. Make sure you get plenty of rest. Read that book that is sitting on your table. Get your mind off the news and angry people, read the comics. Share love.

In practical matters, please wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. Soap and water are more than enough. If out in public, use hand sanitizer until you can get home. Avoid large crowds and cover your mouth when needed. Do I sound like your mother yet?

But perhaps, the most important thing we can do during this time is to show compassion to our fellow humans. Smiles and kind words are some of the best medicines out there.
Sue Ehlbeck MC, Herbalist

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