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Finding Our Bearings
Have you been feeling lost lately or unclear on how to proceed? Many Lightworkers are feeling the effects of the recent upgrade in the energies that came through on August 8 th (Lionsgate) and other shifts that happened earlier this year. We are in a time of heavy integration of these energies. 
The energy creating this shift is so powerful. It is offering us an opportunity to let go of old timelines along with the stories that we held within those timelines. That means freedom from the past that has kept us limited and being unable to soar to new heights of being and embodying Love and Wisdom.

What do you want in your life? It is time to claim it! But first let go of the timelines that have created stress, trauma and discomfort. Those stories no longer define you. Image that timeline just being unplugged from your energy field. See it leaving. You are now free to create and be the amazing Light that you came here to be. It is a very exciting.

In this shift, we let go old dynamics. Lightworkers are being asked to work differently with a new understanding of the energy shifts that are occurring. Old processes dealing with energy, healing, and manifesting that have been in place for many years are changing and we have to be open to receive the new ways that are being offered. When we stay stuck in the old, we miss out on the new alignments and downloads that empower us to align in the new dynamic being offered.

If we continue to stay in the status quo, the feeling of being stuck or out of alignment will be louder than usual. Open up your heart and mind to being open to this new energy. To me this energy feels like pure Love extending from Source/God which is purifying and cleansing -readying us for the next level of our work.

The increased frequencies that Lightworkers are receiving is one where we can embody more love allowing us to engage in life in new ways. I feel that I got on an elevator and went up 100 floors and got off. It is all new territory. The elevator door closes and we cannot go back to that lower frequency or to old ways of being. We will live, think, and react/respond to life differently. Maureen Moss, a fellow Lightworker and teacher, describes how this shift might be for us as, “some may find themselves doing similar things, they shall come from a completely different frequency. The difference will be felt in the way we find ourselves creating rather than crafting, being helpful rather than being on a mission, sharing rather than teaching. LOVING rather than loving.”

Right now I am working on getting my own bearings on how I am to be. I recently started offering Marconics sessions as part of my own shift. Receiving these session has helped me to make this leap in consciousness and open up to a deeper level of Love that I can feel at the cellular level. Real healing is when we let go and let Love in to guide us and to be our response to all Life. With this healing we own our sovereignty to love, to live and to be who we know we are to be and not to be pressured to live otherwise. This is really how it is supposed to be.

A new map is being given. What will you do with it? How will you change, align and experience this new frequency of Love?

Dawn Fleming, Director of Energy Transformations is a Marconic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, Soul Life Coach, and Modern Mystic assisting clients worldwide to heal, find wholeness and balance, release stress, and remove blocks so they can live their dreams.

Announcements and Upcoming Events
Marconics sessions : I completed my Marconics training in early August. I will be offering sessions in person and from a distance. The section that follows is information on these life changing services.

I will be doing a facebook live talk with David Riklan of Self Growth on September 24 at 1 pm EST. Don't miss out!

Check out my new website regarding Reiki and Fertility. Reiki does help women with fertility challenges.

Announcing a new online class: Dowsing for Energy Healers. This class will teach energy healers of all modalities how to use a variety of dowsing tools to work with your clients. The class will address selecting your dowsing tool, how to work with the dowsing tools, integrating dowsing into your energy session, dowsing your client’s body, working with charts, dowsing your supplements and food, and how to use dowsing in a distance healing session. There are 19 videos and 22 handouts. Sign up here. Use discount code DOWSENOW to get a $30 discount.

Reiki Practitioners and Energy Healers check out This website is a resource for meeting all your Reiki needs and more. It will has links to amazing online classes that complement our Reiki training from many online schools for Reiki practitioners of all lineages and all levels. It also has a lot of free information, links to free online summits and workshops along with links to all our favorite online stores that sell energy related tools, crystals, protection devices, books, cds, massage tables, crystal bowls, etc. at discounts for our viewers. If you are a Reiki teacher or sell products that Reiki practitioners are interested in, there are opportunities here to spread the word.

CLASSES - prices, details, and sign ups are linked here  All classes below are approved for CEs for massage therapists.

Advanced Reiki Training - Sunday, September 22, Dewey, AZ. Sign up here . 7 CEs for massage therapists
Usui Reiki Master , September 28 & 29, Dewey, AZ. Sign up here. 12 CEs for massage therapists
Usui Reiki I class, October 19, Dewey, AZ Sign up here . 7 CEs for massage therapists
If there is a class that you would like to take and you have three people or more, we can schedule one at your location or mine. You can contact me at
Check out these other online classes:
Ignite Your Reiki Practice , use discount code IGNITE, get 25% off.

Marconics the human upgrade is a Multidimensional Ascension healing modality. Marconics sessions Increase frequency, awaken your spiritual gifts, release karma and density so you can access your Higher Self.  There are three types of Marconics sessions. A Marconics practitioner works on the client's axi - a -tonal, axi-b-tonal, and axi-c-tonal grids instead of on the physical body. Working on these grids can impact the physical body but there is so much more at a higher level that shifts during these sessions.

The Marconics No Touch session helps one to enter into a higher state of frequency to shed layers of density, karmic imprints and can enhance the DNA. The goal of a no touch session is to raise the frequency making it easier to connect to Higher Dimensional Aspects of Self. The Marconics energy (encoded with Light information) raises the client's frequency as the energy is run through their Axiatonal Grid, which can trigger profound spontaneous healing on all levels. When I experience the Marconics energy it is the energy of transformation and ascension into higher states. It feels like I am being connected to HOME!

The healing may be sustained but the Higher Vibrational Frequency that is required to Shift into the Higher Dimensions may not. Like when you go away on a retreat and reach high levels of bliss and then return to normal daily life. 
Repeated sessions will raise the vibration incrementally to incorporate higher activations as you shed density and karmic imprints. 

A Marconics Recalibration is an integrated Chakra Unification process, a permanent upgrade to your Light Body. In a Recalibration session, your chakras are uncapped for the new Galactic Chakra System and this releases 51% of Karmic debris. Your chakras are then recalibrated. Experience Sovereign Integration

The recalibration:
Heals the multidimensional holographic body
Connects Axi-A (over the body), Axi-B (connects with the Unified field) and Axi-C tonal (Universal) grids. 
Activates the Multidimensional Holographic Body, Spiritual DNA, the Pineal Hyper-dimensional Gateway, and the Lightbody Quantum Merkaba.
Aligns you with yourself at Source, outside this 12 th  dimensional Matrix.
Enhances spiritual and psychic connection, and astral travel,
Connects Higher Self with physical body,
Creates peace and balance.
Following the recalibration, the body undergoes a metamorphosis as the de-activated codes within the DNA are triggered to re-awaken consciousness, characteristics, traits, and attributes essential for surviving in the higher dimensions. Once you are recalibrated you sustain the level attained and go higher. As you prepared to go into higher dimensions, your Light is helping the planetary grid and impacting those around you. 
Session is given over two days. Second session must be within 72 hours. Sessions are about one hour. 

The Marconics Lux Magnum session aligns you to draw down frequencies from Dimensions 7, 8, 9,&11 up to 144 via your connection with a higher aspect of your sacred self. In a session, your multidimensional holographic body is augmented so that you align with the Divine Aspects of Higher Self.

During a session the electric and magnetic pathways to connect in the higher dimensions are activated, opened, and unified to allow the rise of the multidimensional Kundalini. Karma, judgment, expectation, and fear are released. Implants and Zeta seals are released. This awakening and alignment provides a platform to achieve spiritual mastery for a higher level of Ascension and Soul Sovereignty.

Marconics is life changing!

I offer these sessions in my offices in Prescott and Scottsdale and No Touch sessions at a distance. Just email me your interest and phone number and we can proceed from there.
Strengthening Aging Bodies with Herbs

I have always looked forward to the “Golden Years” of my life. My vision of what life could be like was a rosy picture of travel, physical activity, more time to read and more time with loved ones. I believe this is a picture most of us conjure when we’re tired of the go, go, go of our careers and simply want time to wind down a bit.

Sadly, many American middle agers and seniors don’t get to see the good life we expected due to an increase of age related illness. There are certainly many pharmaceutical options available for whatever is ailing you. But, then again, how many of those medications are used to help offset the complaints and side effects of the original medication? I am not advocating stopping your medications, modern medicine has shown us miracles in new treatments, and prolonging and improving our lives, yet, is there a way to help prevent or delay some of those original complaints?

I believe we have the power to strengthen our bodies and an ability to reduce some of our chronic health concerns. Every system in our body is affected by aging, every single one. If you could use lifestyle and dietary changes to improve your health would you? Simple activities such as walking, reading, spending time with friends can help alleviate obesity, cognitive decline and depression. Eating a healthy diet free of processed and sugary foods can improve a sluggish digestive system and help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

I believe herbs also play an important role in improving overall health. Inflammation is the major factor in most illnesses and using herbs to counteract that inflammation can be a boost for your entire body. Eyesight can be assisted by blue fruits and veggies, digestive issues can be addressed by the use of bitters, joint pain can be alleviated by anti-inflammatory herbs, cognitive ability can be assisted by certain neurotropic herbs, our hearts and circulation can be strengthened by herbs that do not interact with any current medications.

For those who take medications for any of these concerns, some herbs will be contraindicated, but many can be used as an adjunct to what medications you may be using, improving your quality of life. Who knows, maybe even your doctor may see improvement enough to reduce some of those medications. Meeting with a qualified Herbalist can help identify areas that can be improved by the inclusion of herbs in your life.

I hope to grow old(er) with minimal pain and illness so that I can enjoy that picture of retirement I’ve always imagined. I want to be vital, active and happy to live a life of adventure here in Arizona and I imagine you do too.
Sue Ehlbeck, Herbalist, Dewey, AZ
 Energy Transformations /contact me at website