June 2020
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Be Part of the Solution
Over the past few weeks there have been many activities across our country that seem disturbing. Anywhere you look online or in the news there are people that are angry, sick, or upset. Many people are all over the place emotionally and mentally. Being quarantined has kicked up people’s insecurities and are leaving some feeling scared, angry, or helpless.
There is another way and that way is to become part of the solution. How might you ask?

Ways to become part of the solution.

Stop judging. Let go of whether someone wears a mask or does not or protests or does not; or does not do something the way you think they should. Judging divides. There are many perspectives and yours is just one.

Be kind . Showing kindness changes our own heart and those of others. It brings more light into the world. It lifts people out their rut. It helps to foster cooperation.

Reach out . Ask how can I help. How can I make a difference? What is my roll in this world that is shifting quickly?

Show Compassion . No one knows what another person is really going through. Shifting from judgment to compassion creates space for understanding and healing. Compassion opens hearts.

Work on Yourself . Become aware of your own need for healing and do your work or get help to get you unstuck. When you are healed, fear and anxiety no longer run your mental and emotional body. You then can become part of the solution.

Forgive . Open wounds that are not forgiven just fester and create more imbalance in all areas of your life. Forgiveness says, "I let go so that love can pervade this space. I forgive and let go so that I can release this heaviness from my mind, emotions and every cell in my body. I open the door to love."

Restore inner peace. Peace begins with each person. Go within. Quiet all. And find solutions based in peace and cooperation.

Be Mindful. Be conscious of what thoughts you are having and conscious of the conversations that you join. Are they bringing in more light to the planet to help resolve the issues or are they creating more heaviness and problems.

There is a revolution going on within ourselves and in our outer world asking us to show up in our authentic selves and to create a world that honors all. We are all part of the solution. How are you showing up?

Much Love,

Dawn Fleming, Director of Energy Transformations is a Marconic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, Soul Life Coach, and Modern Mystic assisting clients worldwide to heal, find wholeness and balance, release stress, and remove blocks so they can live their dreams. [email protected]

Announcements and Upcoming Events

I've had the opportunity to work on several COVID-19 clients. One client recently got off the heart-lung machine ECMO and is on her way off the ventilator. I will be doing a class soon on Reiki for COVID. In this online class I will discuss the protocols and approaches that I used in helping restore the energy of these clients.

The Medical Intution class was such a success that I am offering it again in July. See details below. This summer I am also doing my first on line live Reiki I class . I am very excited to reach people that are at a distance. See details below.

Reiki for Healing Eye Issues - Live online Class June 6 and 7, noon to 1:30 EST June 6 and noon- 2pm EST June 7th. A question and answer session will be scheduled at a date a week out from the class.
In this workshop the following will be addressed: the anatomy of the eye and the different eye diseases. The factors that create eye disease and how these impact the energy in the eye. The different eye issues that can benefit from Reiki, what Reiki can do and not do. Also. Reiki protocols for addressing each type of eye disease as well as how to keep you own eyes healthy. The workshop will be recorded for access following the class. This class is for anyone that has taken Reiki II or higher or any energy modality that has a form of distance energy healing. Sign up here

Reiki I - Live online class July 14th, 9:30 am PT to 2:30 pm, with a follow on session later in the month.
Learn how to do hands on energy work -Reiki. Reiki helps the body to find balance and heal. Reiki helps accelerate the changes that you want in your life. Sign up here .

Medical Intuitive Live Online Class , July 18 and 19, 9:30 am PT to 4:30pm PT both days. Learn more here.

Hara Line Repair Workshop - in Dewey, AZ, August 9th, 9:30am to 5 pm
The hara line is the foundation line that brings energy into the body and into the chakras. If it is damaged, broken, or fragmented, healing will not occur no matter how many pills or how much Reiki you do. In this class you will learn how to access and repair this vital energetic component that is essential in creating health and well-being. Sign up here.

The Reiki for Ferility Class is being rescheduled to the fall 2020.

Upcoming classes in late summer and fall.
Reiki I and II, Karuna I and II, Cord Cutting

If there is a class that you would like to take and you have two people or more, we can schedule one at your location or mine. If you want to take a class and do not have others interested, contact me as I might have something in the works. You can contact me at [email protected]
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To Show Another Way:
How to Learn, Heal, and Serve at a Time of Crisis on Planet Earth

Years ago, I read an unpublished book dictated by Masters from the higher realms. The Masters shared that many souls were asking them what they could do, as part of humanity, to help restore Light and Love on Earth NOW – during this dangerous, unpredictable, and transitional time. The Masters response to their inquiry was this:  Be mindful when you have an opportunity to show another way.

When I read the Masters’ message, I understood that, not only are we to show another way to others, but we must first show another way to ourselves AND we must show another way to care for our Home, Planet Earth.  In spring of 2019, I was called by the Masters to write a book of universal teachings that could help people create and manifest a new vision for humanity and our planet. This book, To Show Another Way: How to Learn, Heal, and Serve at a Time of Crisis on Planet Earth, addresses such subjects as:

Seeing the Bigger Picture of Life on Earth                              
Living Our Destiny
Taking Humanity’s Next Evolutionary Leap                           
Engaging in Personal Healing
Honoring Commitment and Self-Responsibility                                  
Joining Heart and Mind
Knowing What Really Matters in Life                                     
Loving Our Will
Helping Nature Heal                                                               
Receiving the Gift of Spirituality
Radiating Light                                                                       
Serving Others and the Planet

Learning to show another way is like learning a new language – it requires sustained effort, steadfastness of purpose, and, most importantly, patience as we learn to see, speak, listen, and act differently in service to ourselves, others, and Planet Earth. To show another way does not only mean being shown positive ways. We can transform our negative life experiences into positive teachings, recognizing that ALL experiences have the ability to show us another way.   

S howing another way to ourselves and others is our life’s ultimate purpose.  We are spiritual beings having a physical experience on Earth. We are not meant to view what happens in our life as an excuse to harm ourselves, others, or the planet.  We waste our life on Earth when we fail to learn from our mistakes, failures, grievances, and challenges, as well as from our successes, gifts, and talents. We squander what we’ve learned if we fail to remember the wisdom of Confucius: “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

The Masters’ request invites us to choose to participate in new and creative solutions to rescue ourselves and our planet. When we engage in enthusiastic participation, we focus our attention and actions on safety, care, and a worldview that acknowledges Earth as a living being in crisis. We are empowered to maintain forward momentum and keep our internal fire alive, embracing adventures we haven’t yet imagined. Instead of “paying back” those who have served us, we “pay it forward” by taking care of someone else in need. When we participate  fully  in this time that demands so much of us, we  show another way  to live and to serve ourselves, all of humanity, and our beloved Home .  

By Susan S. Trout, PhD,  has focused her life on a single purpose – to practice true service and teach others to do the same. In 1980, she cofounded and pioneered the educational and spiritual organization known as the Institute for the Advancement of Service. As the Institute’s Executive Director and Board President, she shares the teachings of her seminal work, The Soul and Service Trilogy, with individuals, leaders, groups, and organizations worldwide. To Show Another Way can be purchased starting July 1, 2020, via the Institute’s website:  www.showanotherway.org

The Gifts of the New Vibration

We are currently experiencing the overturning of space and time as we have known it. We’re also seeing an overturning in the political realm, in business, in education … across the board there is change. Things are being turned over so that the new and strong seeds can grow up and through what has been before. This has been predicted for centuries, and the Quechua of Peru have a word for it - Pachakuti. This happens in small ways and big ways. It’s currently happening globally. No wonder we’re all tired. And spinning. I know so many people who are disoriented with time and don’t know the day of the week. In some ways time is going slowly, in other ways it is speeding by. People who have been great at managing space and time are now finding it a struggle. Everything is changing. The good news is we have an opportunity to manifest good things more clearly and quickly. However, we’re living through a pandemic!

Life is scary right now yet there are glimmers of brilliant light, and there is hope! If you are feeling off balance, know that’s human and a reasonable response to all of this. In fact it could offer gifts!

We often experience spiritual growth when we visit a country that is unfamiliar to us. Unfamiliar language, scenes, people … we’re not certain where our next meal will be or if we’ll like it. We find it disorienting. Away from life as we have known it we become untethered to all the things that we’ve used to keep us in balance, productive and busy. This disorientation allows for massive spiritual growth. What we are going through right now is disorienting even though the scenery and language are familiar. Even though we may well know our next meal … so very much is unfamiliar. And what things will look like next week or next month are uncertain, leaving us untethered from plans, commitments and social gatherings. Untethered from our known structures of support. We are ripe for spiritual growth; right now, as the vibration of the planet is being raised exponentially!

This new vibration brings with it increased creativity. This not only brings the opportunity for joy, but is essential for creating the new ways forward. This vibration also supports or maybe requires releasing, grieving deeply and being stirred up. There is no returning to what we have known. There is no longer a door to that world. These massive changes have stirred up fear and anxiety - we now have a chance to release decades and lifetimes of fear and anxiety around pandemics as well as the fear and anxiety that are the hum under life as we know it. “Will I get to the meeting on time?”, “do I have time to run in to the market on my way there?” And so many other questions we have asked ourselves daily. The way we have built life it has needed this hum of nervousness to survive. This pandemic is changing the foundations of our life. Dramatically. Collectively we can make sure it’s changing in good ways. Many of the changes are quick, many will take years.

We have a future of kindness, care, and community WITHOUT the underlying fear and anxiety that so many have grown to live with. Freedom from this is coming! In the process, it’s important to feel our feelings, all of them. To be with them, and know that like the weather they will always change. It’s important to have compassion for others’ situations, decisions and the strength of their opinions. We’re all trying to cope the best we can and there is no right way. In fact, part of the new is each of us learning to think for ourselves and trust ourselves. Which feels like no one can agree. But it’s leading us somewhere good.

The more often you can be kind to yourself and honor your own process, the more you’ll be able to offer that same kindness to others. We’re working towards a future where each of us value ourselves, our needs, our ideas and our contribution. From there … we can come together and build community where the self is not lost yet the group rises up.

Do not judge the way you spend your time or the feelings that come up - as long as you keep returning to love, kindness and hope - you’re not doing it wrong. You can’t do it wrong. This disorientation is serving us all. And each of us respond to it differently. The good news, if you’re struggling with hope … know there are others holding this for you! Others beginning to glimpse the way forward into the new.

Trust that this motion forward is going to continue. We all want a good life for ourselves and those we love. Going forward the truth is that we can only create the destiny we want for our own lives if we dream good dreams for the whole world — maybe even the whole cosmos. We can no longer live in the illusion that our happiness, security, and peace can show up in a vacuum. They will only truly show up if we dream it for everyone! So join me. Imagine a world that is kinder, where we support each other, where love flows in and out of each person freely … where there’s no hunger and everyone’s physical and medical needs and well-being are met by the community … where we all find the space to see the beauty in our lives and the world around us. Where there is room for each of our gifts.

We’ll be in this process for a while. So when you can, find a moment of peace - dream the good stuff for the future. It will be here before you know it!

Cherry-Lee Ward is a contemporary shaman, healer and teacher. Cherry-LeeWard.com

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