May 2020
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Emergence during the Quarantine
During the recent quarantine what have you learned about yourself and about life around you? What new perspective emerged that changed your outlook on life?  I looked at this time as a gift to the planet to reset, to open more deeply to our truth, and to put our relationships in a new perspective. Here are some things that I discovered during the quarantine.

I found that Reiki was a valuable tool for helping many. During the past three months I have been working a lot more than usual all from a distance. I have had several covid-19 clients. Many clients from my past requested Reiki sessions to help them deal with the stress and anxiety. I even had one client whose elective surgery was postponed because of the pandemic and after several Reiki sessions, he no longer needs surgery. I will write more about this client in the future.

I also got In touch with how we need to focus on the present moment with our closest relationships. I found much gratitude for my husband who is so easy to be quarantined with. With the prospect of not seeing my daughters’ and their families for over a year or more because of the pandemic, it made me value our relationship even more. Old negative stories seemed to disappear in an instance when I got in touch with the love that I have for them. I was seeing them for who they are now and not through the lens of the past. The heart opens wide when we step into love’s embrace.

I learned not to take anything for granted. It is so important to show gratitude, express your truth in the moment (self-care and preservation), be kind (we all are under some kind of stress), and filter out how much negativity I am letting into my life. Life’s too short to let someone take you down into depression.

The past six weeks has also gave me time to go deeper into my True Self/Higher Self, which goes beyond the ego. These blessings opened me to more joy and discovery of gifts that were ready to expand. These experiences took me into a place of peace with what is, no matter what is going on around me. The ego wants us to run and hide, and play small. Our true self wants us to let go of control and flow with the divinity that wants to express through us each and every day. The energy coming into our planet is helping us to lift our consciousness and to soar. We just need to open to new perspectives to embrace the energetic gifts that are coming in.

What emerged for you that changed you on a deeper level? Did you let go of something; gain a new understanding? Acknowledge your shift and be ready to go even deeper into the unknown. If you feel frozen with fear or anxiety, get help. There is help all around you. Reach out. We are moving into higher dimensions which require our hearts to let go of old stories and fear and to open wide for a momentous shift. 
Much Love,

Dawn Fleming, Director of Energy Transformations is a Marconic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, Soul Life Coach, and Modern Mystic assisting clients worldwide to heal, find wholeness and balance, release stress, and remove blocks so they can live their dreams.

Announcements and Upcoming Events
Upon request I am offering a live online Medical intuitive workshop . It will be two full days and an evening. Each person will have opportunities to practice the skills being taught. After the class is completed, each student will have a 30 minute one-on-one with me to discuss how they can hone their skillset. See details below.

For a long time I have been opposed to teaching Reiki online. However, with technology being better than it ever has and travel posing challenges for a lot of people, I am ready to step up to teaching both Usui and Karuna Reiki on line. I am working out the details right now. If you are interested in learning these online let me know at

Medical Intuitive Live Online Class , 4 spaces left, May 16 and 17, 9:30 am PT to 4:30pm PT both days. Learn more here.

Reiki for Healing Eye Issues - Live online Class June 6 and 7, noon to 1:30 EST June 6 and noon- 2pm EST June 7th. A question and answer session will be scheduled at a date a week out from the class.
In this workshop the following weill be addressed: the anatomy of the eye and the different eye diseases. The factors that create eye disease and how these impact the energy in the eye. The different eye issues that can benefit from Reiki, what Reiki can do and not do. Also. protocals for addressing each type of eye disease as well as how to keep you own eyes healthy. The workshop will be recorded for access following the class. This class is for anyone that has taken Reiki II or higher or any energy modality that has a form of distance energy healing. Sign up here

Reiki for Fertility Challenges - Live online class June 20 and 21st, noon to 1:30 EST
Learn specific protocols for using Reiki or any other energy modality for addressing fertility challenges. Energy expert Dawn Fleming will teach how she works with both men and women who are having a hard time achieving pregnancy or a full term pregnancy. In this workshop, you will learn how to focus your energy skillset for: low AMH issues, endometriosis, thin uterine lining, mystery fertilty challenges, polycystic ovaries, low sperm count, erectile disfunction, miscarriages, and age related issues, and will learn ways to work with your client when they are going through IVF, IUI, and treatment for polycystic ovary syndrome. We will also address issues that cause pregnacy issues as well as issues of how Reiki can help with issues that surface once pregnancy has been achieved. This class is for anyone that has taken Reiki II or higher or any energy modality that has a form of distance energy healing.   Sign up here

Upcoming classes in late summer and fall.
Reiki I and II, Karuna I and II, Hara Line Repair, Cord Cutting, Karuna Master

If there is a class that you would like to take and you have two people or more, we can schedule one at your location or mine. If you want to take a class and do not have others interested, contact me as I might have something in the works. You can contact me at
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Healing Prayers

Into your hands, I surrender my body, my life, all disease and beliefs in illness.
Charge my body with your tremendous light of love and transformation.
Immerse me in a shower of your divine light and grace that cleanses and purifies every cell in my entire body.
Bless me God today, with a miracle that restores my health and vitality.
In your hands, I know and feel on all levels that I am restored, healed, loved, and rendered perfect.
And so it is. Amen

Help me to forgive and to release my past.
Remove these bonds and memories of injustice, injury and judgment.
Strengthen my resolve to live in the Present and to see the fullness and beauty that life offers.
Embrace me with love and compassion.
Align me in your Light so that I seek to give love and not defend.
In your compassion, I stand in total forgiveness of others and myself.
I stand in trust and move forward, open to new possibilities.

Dear God,
Heal my body.
Stimulate all of my organs, glands, and bodily functions to create perfect health now.
Heal these conditions that cause pain, discomfort or that threaten my life.
Restore my health and faith so that I can enjoy my family and friends.
Right now, I hold a vision of a completely healed body, restored to perfect health.
In your grace Lord, I am healed.
Thank you. It is done. 

8 Things the World Needs
found at

  1. The world needs you to Do Your Duty - Do your duty day in and day out. Find your duty and commit to it. Take Responsibility and do your work. Make it a habit to work and serve. “The first qualification for success is a strong work ethic.” Henry Ford
  2. The World needs you to Realize Your Potential. There is really no limit to your potential. Your potential can expand in any area that you choice – in one or many areas. Expand your potential every day. Do one thing that makes you better in the area you wish. “With realization of one’s own potential and self confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.” Dalai Lama
  3. The world needs you to Spread Love – Do your best to join forces of positivity. Forgive yourself and others. Lead with empathy. Choose to see the good in people. “No act of kindness, no matter how small is wasted.” Aesop
  4. The world needs you to Be Your Own Self. Define your values and guiding principles. Understand your nature and individuality. Stick to who you are. Make a conscious effort to be true to yourself. “Be yourself, but always your better self.” Karl Maeser
  5. The world need you to Truly Live Before you Die. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go for it. Define experiences that you want to have and tend to them. Find synergy between your goals and other people’s goals. Live by the principle of synergy so that others win when you win. Help the world and the world helps you in return. “Every man dies. Not every man lives.” William Wallace
  6. The world needs you to Share Your Gifts. Don’t take your talents and skills to the grave. Your gift might be a skill, a unique story, a lesson or a message you must share with the world. You’ll eventually reach the hearts of the people who need your gift. “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” Picasso
  7. The world needs you to Choose Yourself (Care for Yourself). If you want to do anything significant for others, you must take care of yourself first. Taking care of your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being is not selfish. Put your own oxygen mask on before helping others. ”When you take care of yourself, you’re a better person for others. When you feel good about yourself, you treat others better.” Solange Knowles
  8. The world needs you to Make it a Better Place. This takes sacrifice. You can make a big difference with small changes. Conserve water. Conserve food. Waste less. Help. Donate. Volunteer. Support a cause. Pollute less. Give. Set a good example. “Try and leave this world better than you found it, and when your turn comes to die, you can die happy in feeling that you have not wasted your time, but have done your best.” Robert Baden Powell

Spring Clean Your Energy
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