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March 1, 2021
Annual Meeting Report 2020
St. John’s Golden Celebration!
St. John’s celebrated 50 years of ministry during 2020 and it will certainly be a time to remember!
It still pains me that I canceled our 50th Anniversary weekend, missing a wonderful time of celebration and fellowship. I believe it was the right decision given the virus, and I hope we can still gather to mark this special occasion, but even at this present moment we can’t plan for this event. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard on the 50th Anniversary Plan!
Even in the midst of these challenging times, there are some things to be grateful for and I share the following:
*St. John’s has met every weekend throughout 2020, minus one, and been faithful to worship in person or via live stream. Thank You to everyone who has made this possible and participated.
*To my knowledge, we have not had a single virus case from our worship services. I give thanks to God for this, following Diocesan and CDC recommendations, our cleaning protocols, uv installations in all hvac systems and people who are immune compromised or sick staying home.
*We’ve discontinued some ministries for now given Diocesan direction and allowed attendance continues to be at 50% of building capacity. 
*Our programs are in full swing and most groups are gathering for Bible study, support and outreach.
*St. John’s has stayed connected to home bound parishioners via phone calls and pastoral ministries. I’m so grateful for each person who has reached out to those in need among us.
*During extended absences, some ministry leaders have decided to step down, with new ones filling their positions. God bless you for your ministry among us!
*Double portion was a definite theme this past year, experiencing both blessings and challenges. 
St. John’s was able to double our financial gifts to ministry partners in 2020 through the faithful giving of St. John’s, parishioners and the Thrift Shoppe. 10 Collier charity grants totaled $210,000 and 8 international gifts amounted to $111,514.
*We remember those who have died over this past year and lift them and their families unto the mercies of our Lord.
“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope in the power of the Holy Spirit” (Romans 15:13)
God Bless You!
Fr. Joseph
Parish Secretary
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Claudia Trejos
Annual Meeting Report 2020
The operating results and financial condition of the Church are very strong, consistent with performance in recent years.
Our Operating Results: Pledged Income for 2020 is consistent and slightly better than prior year results, budget goals, and Stewardship expectations. Non Pledged Income is substantially ahead of 2019 with a number of large gifts and estate bequests that could not be budgeted or anticipated. As a result, Total Revenues for 2020 amount to $1,012,000, or $232,000 more than budgeted revenues of $780,000 for the entire year, Operating Expenses (before Depreciation adjustments) are below budget, because a large portion of the funds budgeted for the 50th Anniversary Celebration were not expended. Operating expenses are in line with expenses in 2019.
Total Revenues are on track to exceed Operating expenses, before various year-end accounting adjustments, by more than $306,000 for the calendar year. These income contributions will add to our Operating and General Reserves, making us financially stronger and in an enviable position to use our resources at the Vestry’s direction to accomplish our mission to serve our congregation, the community, and the world.
Our Financial Condition: At the end of December, our liquid assets, Cash and Marketable Securities, amounted to over $5,000,000. These balances include our 1) Designated Funds: (approximately $3,400,000, for Maintenance, Insurance, Vestry, Operating, and General Reserves); and 2) our Temporary and Endowment Restricted Accounts, (almost $881,000, for Outreach, Clergy Support, Property, Music, Youth, etc.)
Our mix of investments in marketable assets in Equity securities, Fixed Income securities, and Cash are within the guidelines of our Investment Policy. Our investments showed gains for the year that are consistent with market indexes (i.e. Dow Jones, S&P, Nasdaq). The Covid virus had a very adverse impact on the economy through the course of 2020, and investment market indexes performed in a roller coaster fashion. The substantial declines in indexes and the market value of our investments in the Spring began to recover in the Summer months and finished strong in the last two months of the year.
Our investment in our Church properties (land and buildings) and equipment is valued, for accounting purposes, at approximately $2,000,000. Our buildings, improvements, and contents are valued for insurance purposes at over $4,300,000.
We have no funded or interest-bearing liabilities.
Outreach: Our Church’s gifts and contributions for Outreach and Benevolence have been substantial in 2020. The combination of St John’s Shoppe and member contributions, and use of General Reserve funds, enabled us to distribute $210,000 to 10 local agencies in our Church service celebration of giving in December. Almost 39% of St. John's Operating Budget went to Outreach,
Stewardship: Our Stewardship Campaign for 2021 is reflecting the generosity of our Congregation. At the end of December, 120 of our members and families have made pledges for next year amounting to $480,000, slightly short of our 2020 results. Historically, we have continued to receive pledges after year-end, particularly in the 1st calendar quarter.
Final Thoughts: This year was unlike any that many in our Congregation have ever experienced. The Covid virus led to shutdowns in in-person attendance at worship services, and many of our perish members continue to attend services virtually. From an economic and financial perspective, it has been a roller coaster that is beyond description in this report. But the faithfulness of our members in keeping up with pledge giving and other gifts has been truly remarkable, and we can be hopeful with current Stewardship results that 2021 can be another strong year for us in meeting our mission of service to our congregation, our community, and beyond.
In this, my third year as Treasurer, I want to thank our accountant, Randy Stewart, for his tireless work and his help to me as he carries out all of the duties and responsibilities of his position. I also want to thank Clay Jones, Chairman, and the other members of the Finance Committee. We are so fortunate to have a group with exceptional background skills in executive management, finance and accounting, and legal issues to manage the financial resources of our Church.

Bob Matthews     
Senior Warden
Annual Meeting Report 2020

Senior Warden
It has been my distinct honor to represent our St. Johns parishioners as your Senor Warden this past year. This year of 2020, however, did not work out the way any of us planned. We all looked forward to celebrating, as Father Joe suggested, a double portion of God’s love. A major part of that was the anticipation of celebrating our 50 years as an Episcopal Parish. In our annual plan we hoped to see our fund raising efforts enable us to double our amount we contribute to our local charities. And in my Sr. Warden plan I wanted to grow the number of families in our congregation, and to double our attendance at special events.
We did accomplish doubling the amount of money we are able to contribute to our local charities. And that is a significant accomplishment in the middle of a Pandemic. But we were not able to actively celebrate our 50th Anniversary. And we were not able to double the number of families in our congregation- although we do have a greater following of families with young children resulting from virtual sessions and Sunday morning outdoor children’s worship.
We were able to put a safety plan in place to sanitize our parish buildings and bring our parishioners safely back to our services in good numbers. And we did expand our outreach to more people to share God’s Word through our virtual services on YouTube. I do believe that our virtual services have enabled more of our parishioners to attend our services and to enjoy Father Joe’s weekly message.
So overall we accomplished a lot in spite of the Pandemic, and we found new, unique ways to engage our parish members and those in our community. With those accomplishments, I know that your 2021 Senior Warden will be able to accomplish this year’s goals in 2021 and to identify even more ways to touch more people in our community with God’s love. Thank you for the opportunity for me to serve.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jack Wert
Jim Etz
Junior Warden
Annual Meeting Report 2020

The primary responsibility of the Junior Warden is overseeing the upkeep and improvements of the facilities and grounds of the church campus. I am happy to report that the entire St. John’s campus is in excellent condition. While we were fortunate to not have any hurricanes to deal with in 2020, it was a year of unusual challenges. In addition to normal maintenance issues that are dealt with on a day-to-day basis, we were forced to cope with the Covid 19 Pandemic. In addressing the Covid 19 issue, I have used my time to make positive additions and improvements to the condition of our facilities and grounds. At the outset of the Pandemic, I had the building professionally sanitized and disinfected by a company specializing this type of service. Because of watching and researching the methods and equipment, these companies use I determined that it would be to the church’s advantage to be able to perform this work in house. I purchased two electrostatic foggers and the best chemicals available to combat the Covid virus. In addition, ultraviolet lights have been added to all air handlers to enhance the indoor air quality. The pew and kneeler cushion project begun by the former Junior Warden was completed. The City of Naples required us switch from well water provided by our own well to reclaimed water provided by the city. In conjunction with this, the entire irrigation system was completely overhauled and renovated. This process included repairs and additions to supply lines; reconfiguration and addition of new zones; replacement of all sprinkler heads, and a new “state of the art” controller with Wi-Fi capability which will automatically notify the sprinkler company in the event of a failure. The landscape lighting system was also renovated and new “Smart” controllers were added. The new controllers automatically compensate for daily sunrise and sunset changes as well as Daylight Savings Time. Because of the deteriorating condition of the overall landscaping, I replaced them on short notice with a temporary company. The temporary company has done such an outstanding job that I have decided to retain them indefinitely.
I want to thank Randy Stewart, our financial accountant, for his help and support since becoming Junior Warden. His knowledge and experience have made my job much easier. I also want to thank Claudia Trejos, our parish secretary, for her help in keeping me advised of service issues and taking care of and advising service people when they arrive to do service work. Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude for the confidence that has been placed in me as Junior Warden. I will always act in a manner that is in the best interests of St. Johns.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jim Etz
St. John's Outreach 2020 Annual Report
We Welcome the New Vestry for 2021

Rector: Fr. Joe F. Maiocco III

Senior Warden: Donna Beecher
Junior Warden: Jim Etz
Treasurer: Robert C. Matthews Jr.
Vestry Clerk: Claudia Trejos

Vestry Members: Gary Fusco, Brent Guillot, Tish Gullo,
Frank Lawatsch, Gia Orlando, Mary Tilney, and Rick Walker
Youth Sunday School
As the season of Lent is upon us and we begin to celebrate Easter, Sunday School will focus on the meaning of Lent and the sacrifice Jesus made for us out of love.  We will talk about different sacrifices we can make in our lives just as Jesus made for us. We will also begin to talk about the celebration of Easter. We will learn about Jesus’ journey during Holy Week and most importantly Jesus’ resurrection and ascension to Heaven. We will continue to learn about all of Jesus’ sacrifices and love for us through our Bible readings and activities. 

Sunday School will continue in-person classes at the 9:00am mask-mandatory service. All children, parents and teachers attending Sunday School at 9:00 AM will be asked to social distance and wear a mask. The nursery will be available for families attending the 10:00 AM service. The nursery will have lessons and educational materials available for those families attending the 10:00 AM service. 

Sunday School will host an Easter Egg Hunt for all families on Easter Sunday. The Easter Egg Hunt will be at 9:40am on Easter Sunday. More details and information to follow. If you have any questions, please email me at 

Dayna Sottosanti
The Healing Community of OSL

The Order of St. Luke (OSL) has just finished the first training class of 2021. January 25-27 was a busy time at St. Johns. Sugden Hall was filled with 14 people from 5 different churches, plus a number of current OSL members there for support. Fr. Joe taught on the 26 healing miracles of Jesus.

These trainees will now "go into the world with strength and gladness, for there are deeds of courage and compassion that will not be done unless they do them, and there are words of hope and healing that will not be spoken unless they speak

The OSL healing community of St. Johns continues to meet every Wednesday for study and healing prayer. If anyone is in need of prayer, please feel free to come and see us or call the church for an appointment.

Peace be within you,

Vickie Bauch, Convener 
Stewardship Campaign

You can mail your gift to the church at
St. John's Episcopal Church
500 Park Shore Drive
Naples, FL 34103
Outreach Grant Celebration

St. John's awarded 10 Collier Charities $210,000 in 2020. One Charity will be in focus each month.

Mission: To empower the people of Collier County through information, referrals, advocacy and case management
Each person we assist receives individualized and personalized case management to help them navigate the maze of health and human service organizations and find needed assistance.

During the pandemic, our client numbers increased by 65% in March. It was overwhelming with our only employee working remotely and the volunteers furloughed. However, through the grace of God we were able to meet the demand. Many people do not know where to turn for help or how to find the assistance they need. These are just a few examples of the hundreds of people we helped in 2020:

  • Maria needed cataract surgery, had no money and, as an undocumented person, did not think she could find help – we found an organization to do this surgery at no charge
  • Harold is disabled and needed a wheelchair which we were able to find for him, and at no cost
  • Jenifer needed thyroid surgery and we found a doctor who would help her and not charge her
  • Bob needed a bed and mattress, and we were able to get both donated
  • Ana needed help with her electric bill and we easily resolved that dilemma
  • Luis needed free classes to learn English which we found for him 
  • A family was exhausted caring for their terminally ill mother and did not know about hospice care which we explained to them and they later told us how relieved they were to get that desperately needed help
  • We spent months finding a contractor to design and build a ramp for Lyn, a 92-year-old blind woman who had become wheelchair bound and was unable to leave her mobile home. The contractor we found designed the ramp, pulled permits, demolished the existing concrete stairs and built an ADA compliant ramp… all at no charge.

When calling our office, the client does not have to go through prompts to reach our case manager. We are committed to offering kindness and warmth and are diligent about helping everyone. We offer all the time necessary to listen and assist. Sometimes just having a caring person listen means so much! Collier Resource Center is an excellent return on investment because less than 2% of the money we raise is used for administrative purposes. 98+ % of every dollar raised goes directly to client services. We believe we are our brother’s keeper and are honored to be a St. John’s Outreach grant recipient which helps fulfill this mission and pledge.

Thank you from our board, our staff member and the volunteer team.

Nina Gray
Founder and Board Chair 

Thrift Shoppe


St. John's Thrift Shoppe is still around. Like other businesses it has not been easy. We closed our doors in March and reopened in May with limited hours from 10 AM to 2 PM.

What makes the shoppe special is that the volunteers and the staff are always ready to do whatever to ensure we open our doors to welcome the many customers that return to the shoppe day after day.

We PICK UP your furniture for free. Call us at 239-597-9518 or send a picture to Include your contact information, and we will get back to you. We arrange for the pick-up.

VISIT the shoppe at 14700 Tamiami Trail N., Naples, FL. Our shoppe is located right next to the Mercedes car dealer in the Tamiami Square Shopping Center.

VISIT our Website,

THE GOOD NEWS: We hope to return to our regular hours from 10 AM to 5 PM, MON-SAT. in March. REMEMBER, we are part of the outreach ministry of St. John's Episcopal Church.

DONATE OR VOLUNTEER - Contact our staff. 


God Bless all of you for your continued support.



Fourteen images depicting Jesus Christ on the day of his crucifixion line the perimeter of the sanctuary walls. These Stations of the Cross are imitations of the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem believed to be the actual path Jesus walked to Mount Calvary. Pictured are six of the fourteen images.
Noteworthy News
Food Bank Challenge Grant of $50,000 will be offered to Harry Chapin Food Bank and St. Matthew's House. We invite you to participate in helping our hungry neighbors via mail or an offering plate gift. Please make your check to St. John's (Memo Line Food Bank) and we'll match up to $50,000.

You're invited to Food & Fellowship on Sunday (3/21) after the 10 am service. Food and drinks will be provided for those who sign up. We hope you join us!

Women's Bible Study meets Mondays at 10 AM in Sugden Hall. Questions? Please contact Jan Eveleigh at

Sisters for Life gather Mondays at 5:30 PM in Brewster Hall. Please contact Dee Hayes at 239.784.8759.

Co-Ed Bible Study continues as we study the book of Acts. Tuesday’s from 10 AM to 11:30 AM. We will meet in Brewster Hall. We welcome anyone who would like to join us. Contact Joan McCarthy at 331.625.2196.

Men's Bible Study fellowships on Wednesdays at 7:30 AM in Brewster Hall. Bring your own coffee. Plenty of room to distance. We continue our study of Matthew. Please contact Skip at

Order of St. Luke gathers Wednesdays at 10 AM in Brewster Hall.

OSL healing prayer continues on Sunday during the service. For healing prayer at any other time, please contact Vickie Bauch at 239.249.0957.

Stitches of Love meets Fridays at 10 AM in Brewster Hall. Please contact Jane Kindorf at 630.542.1243 or Mary Frances Aiken at 239.450.3199.

St. John's worship services are Saturday 5 PM and
Sunday 9AM & 10 AM. Join us in person or via live stream!

Enews deadline is Friday (March 12th)

Come join Spirit Alive Holocaust Museum Tour on Thursday (3/25) 10:00 AM and 11:30 AM. Cost is pre-paid $13.00 per person. Limit is 12 people per time slot. Stop in the office to sign up or email Vicki Bauch at:

Coming Soon: Spirit Alive’s Book Discussion of Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. Tuesday (4/13) in Sugden Hall at 10:30 AM. Book discussion leaders are Mary Tilney 719.492.7097 and Don Esterline 517.206.4643.
Daylight Savings Time Change
Sunday, March 14th, 2021
Saturday evening (3/13) Set your clocks forward one hour.

March 27 & 28-Palm Sunday
Blessings of the Palms
Saturday 5 PM & Sunday 9 AM & 10 AM

April 1- The Seven Last Words of Jesus (String Quartet)
7 PM

April 2-Good Friday
12 PM - Stations of the Cross

April 3 & 4-Easter Sunday
Saturday 5 PM and Sunday 9 AM & 10AM - Festive Holy Eucharist
Easter Egg Hunt following 9 AM service

Christian Healing Center of Naples has a new location close to St. Johns at 3435 10th St. N., Suite 301, Naples, FL 34103. Call them at 239.315.4630 or visit them online at  
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Parish People

New Members: Martin & Rosemarie Hespeler

Transfer: N/A

Deaths: Lois M. Rieger & John Cooledge

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Pastoral Care

St. John's has robust pastoral care ministries that have been in place for years with numerous people involved.
Benevolence Fund is available for those in financial need via consultation with Fr. Joe. We also have numerous community contacts that can be of great assistance!
Caring Callers have contacted parishioners during the lock down and recently to provide encouragement. Thanks Katy!
Caring Cards are sent by Spirit Alive members to parishioners in need or for joyful encouragement. Fr. Joe also sends out birthday and anniversary cards monthly.
Pastoral Visitation can be arranged by emailing Fr. Joe at
Prayer Concerns can be emailed to Claudia at with the name and concern. She'll share this with intercessors and they may be placed on our worship service prayer list.
Order of St. Luke offers healing prayer during worship services and Wednesdays. Please contact Vickie Bauch at to schedule healing prayer.
Lay Eucharistic Visitors are available upon request by contacting the church office at 239.261.2355.
Please Pray For

Dayna, Betsy, Darren, Margaret, David, Mary, Peter, Julia, Jim,
Cindy, small businesses,
St. John's Parishioners and Families.

Names are kept on the prayer list for 4 weeks unless the office is notified.
Grace Center’s Experience Ethiopia Event Saturday, March 6, 5:30-9:30
Everglades Wonder Gardens

Please come and enjoy live and silent auction, open bar, African Dancers from Delou Africa, two gifted artists whose work will be auctioned for Grace Center, world renown artist Eyayu Genet and Rebecca Matson, raffle, dinner by Crave Cullinaire, African open market of Ethiopian crafts and more.  Registration is $250. 

Click this link to register.

Plant a Tiny Mustard Seed

I tell you this: if you had even a faint spark of faith,
even faith as tiny as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and because of your faith, the mountain would move. If you had just a sliver of faith,
you would find nothing impossible.”
Matthew 17:20 (The Voice)

      When my girls were young, we had a neighbor named Andrea. While she had brothers and sisters of her own, they were considerably older, and since Andrea fell in age between my third and fourth daughters, she fit right in with my crew. She loved coming over to our house and hanging out. We often included her in meals and sleepovers, and when her parents went on vacation, Andrea stayed with us for five nights in a row. The first night after everybody had their baths and were in their pajamas, I started the routine that I did with my own children every night, saying prayers and singing lullabies.
           When we all began to pray The Lord’s Prayer, Andrea didn’t join in.
           “I don’t know the Lord’s Prayer,” she said. I was surprised because she was probably seven or eight years old at the time.
           “Well, you can have your choice of bowing your head with your hands together and listening or we can teach it to you and then you can say it with us,” I told her.
           “I’d like to learn it,” she said. So that’s what we did. Andrea was smart. Within two days, she knew the entire prayer by heart. After that, every time she slept over, we went through the same routine. She always joined right in. It was evident even then that The Lord’s Prayer was important to her. “I say it when I’m by myself, too” she told us.
           After Andrea and her family had been our neighbors for ten years, they moved away, and we lost touch. Twenty-five years later, I received a letter in the mail from someone I didn’t recognize. I opened it and read:
            “This is Andrea. I’m not sure you remember me, but I was a friend of your children for many years. I’m married now and live in North Carolina. When I woke up this morning, I knew I had to write and tell you that I am born-again Christian. I am grateful to you for making my life so good because of my belief in God that began when you taught me The Lord’s Prayer. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
           Since then, when I say The Lord’s Prayer, I can’t help but think of Andrea and thank our God who takes a tiny mustard seed and makes a mighty tree. It only has to be planted.  

Carol Schaller
St. John's Episcopal Church| 500 Park Shore Drive Naples, FL 34103 | 239.261.2355| |