June 25, 2020
We will be joining our sister churches in the Augusta Convocation for in-person worship beginning Sunday, August 2. It will not be a return to the way things were, as that will not be feasible until there is a vaccine for COVID-19, but it does provide a way for us to meet again. 

We have put together a COVID-19 Task Force for our church that is looking at how to best implement the safety procedures that need to be in place before in-person worship can proceed. To help us in our planning, please answer this very short survey by Sunday, June 28. 

And thank you for your support and assistance during these very strange times. God is still good…all the time.

We’re so excited to announce that our virtual VBS, BOLT VBS, is coming to your house on June 29, 30, July 1! With minimal preparation, easy-to-follow instructions, and a video that leads your family step-by-step through each day, BOLT is designed to bring the fun and faith-formation of VBS to your home. It will include Bible stories, games, origami crafts, music videos and teaching videos. We will have a Zoom meet each day to connect with each other. We will send the link to the activities and the password into the Parent Portal to the email in the registration form. 

Please register at:  Holy Comforter BOLT VBS registration

“Jesus Heals A Blind Man”, our last lesson in our “Miracles of Jesus” series, will also be the last of our online Summer Sunday School series.

This week, we’ll be learning about a blind man named Bartimaeus that Jesus encountered sitting by the side of the road. Bartimaeus heard Jesus coming and called out to him. He was bold and confident that Jesus would hear him and respond. Bartimaeus understood what discipleship is all about—admitting our need for grace, seeking Jesus, and following him. He was courageous, bold, and faithful to God. Bartimaeus asked for mercy. A very surprising thing happened to Bartimaeus after he proclaimed his faith in Jesus. Jesus healed him of his blindness out of his love and compassion for Bartimaeus. God gives us faith to be bold and confident, like Bartimaeus.
Bartimaeus Go Fish
Jesus healed Bartimaeus, but only after Bartimaeus told Jesus (twice!) what he needed. Play a game of Go Fish where you can practice saying what you need. Each buddy pair gets a deck of cards. Each player should draw four cards to begin. The goal is to get four of a kind (four aces, four jacks, four 8s, etc.). On your turn, tell your buddy what you need. If your buddy has the requested card, they say, “I can help you” and gives the card to you. Then, discard a card you don’t want. If the buddy does not have the requested card, they should say, “I can’t help you” and you should draw a card from the pile. Players should take turns until someone gets four of a kind, at which point they stand up and shout, “I’ve been healed!”

Blind Trust
Put on a Blindfold and follow spoken directions from a family member to move around your home. Take turns wearing a blindfold. How does it feel to trust when you cannot see what is in front of you?

Family Kindness Cards
Jesus was kind to Bartimaeus. Think of different things your family could do to be kind to someone. Write or draw a picture of each person on an index card. Choose a kindness card and do the task together.

Blind Balance
Stand an arm’s-length apart from one another, in an area without furniture. Stand on both feet and balance for thirty seconds. Next, close both eyes and try to balance for thirty seconds. Compare the difficulty of both tasks. For a deeper challenge, stand on one foot and balance for fifteen seconds, without touching anything for support. Next, try the same thing with both eyes closed. Our balance is partly dependent on our ability to see our surroundings. God created all of our senses to work together to help us do the things we need to do. This is why it is especially difficult for a person who does not have the use of one of her or his senses.

Younger Elementary: The Miracles of Jesus | Early Childhood Lesson 6
Older Elementary: Miracles | Elementary Lesson 6
Final picture from the last of the driveway visits!
Join in for Compline on Zoom every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 8:00PM. This is geared for the youth in the diocese, but anyone can join in! Zoom meeting ID can be found on the Diocese of Georgia Youth Facebook Page. You will need to message them for a password.
We have been so blessed for the past several years by the ministry of Ayn Colsh as our Children’s Ministry Director, and Darlene Bourque as our youth pastor. As has been previously announced, both Ayn and Darlene are stepping down from their respective positions at the end of this month. They have brought the love and lessons of Jesus to our children and youth. I am very grateful to have worked with them.

Youth and children’s ministry will be on pause for the remainder of the summer. I will begin accepting applications for these part-time positions in late July. It may be that these remain separate positions, or they may be combined, as has happened in the past. Like so many other things these days, these ministries may look a bit different. Stay tuned!

Cynthia Taylor+

Marjorie Sinclair died peacefully Monday at the age of 95. She was a personal inspiration to me. No matter what life threw at her she always responded with, "This too shall pass." In her 70's, she became involved in organizing what would become Church of the Holy Comforter and was one of our founding members.

Funeral plans are pending. May she rest in peace and rise in glory.
- Cynthia Taylor+

The service of Morning Prayer is livestreamed Sundays at 10:30am on our Facebook page . Or, if you prefer, you can view it later on our YouTube channel .

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Our worship continues even while we are physically separated. Preparing for Sunday is a tool that we will be using to help each of us do just that - prepare for Sunday worship by engaging in the assigned lessons from Scripture.

It includes an overview, a lesson introduction, a reflection, and a prayer starter. It is available on our website here .

MAY 2020

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19,  Holy Comforter staff will be working remotely until further notice. Email is the quickest way to get in touch with the staff: 
The Rev. Dr. Cynthia Taylor

Vivian Vaiden

Lara Fort

Brad Green


If at all possible, please keep up with your financial gifts to the church. Money is always tight but never more than now. When this crisis has passed, I want us to pick up where we left off and continue to expand our mission and ministry of Jesus Christ.

There are several ways to give. You can press the "Donate Now" button below or go on-line to our website at and click on Giving at the top right hand. Finally, you can mail checks to: Church of the Holy Comforter, 473 Fury’s Ferry Road, Martinez, Georgia, 30809.  

For those with an IRA account, due to COVID-19, RMDs in 2020 are not required but are still a tax saving for the donor and much needed and appreciated by Holy Comforter. 

For those in need of healing:  Griff Kelly, Debbie-Sue Jackson, Cheryl Tudhope, Melanie Harris, Lou Ann Zimmerman, Joy Waldo, Doris Harrison, Kris and Doug Davenport, Dixie Ann Hanes, and David Harbeson

For those celebrating birthdays:  Bobby Barnett, Elise Cardinal, Kathy McLendon, Brittney Kezer, Emerson Saunders, and James Grigg

For those celebrating anniversaries: Ray and Maurica Bourne

Thanksgiving for our partnership with Martinez Elementary School and The Claiborne at West Lake.

For the safety of  all those who serve abroad.

For those who are homebound:  John Howell, Marjorie Sinclair, Donna Garvey, Bobby and Lorraine Banks, and Joan Jackson

For the departed: Marjorie Sinclair and Stewart Walker

For all who have died for the Christian Faith and for those who have persecuted them.