February 18, 2021

Our Children’s Ministry Director, Cheryl Spessert, will be our guest preacher this Sunday, February 21. During Lent, Cheryl is working with our children and their families on the practices of love as found in the Way of Love and in our baptism. She’ll be sharing her own experiences of the way of love from Ethiopia to Augusta. You won’t want to miss this. 
The service of Morning Prayer is live on our Facebook page at 10:30 am Sunday morning.

For this Sunday's bulletin, click here.

Each time the pandemic throws us a curve ball, members of Holy Comforter have risen to the challenge. The latest challenge was how to keep our Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday practices. Tab Carter and her crew of volunteers made up a delicious Low Country Boil for Shrove Tuesday along with a packet of pancake mix (the traditional offering of the day). The dinner was delivered curbside along with the Lent to Go bags which contained ashes for an at home Ash Wednesday service via Zoom. No it wasn’t what we’re used to, but God showed up and showed off anyway. Thank you all for your help.

The rates for COVID-19 in our area continue to trend downward. If that is still the case next week, we will be able to resume limited in-person worship on Sunday, February 28. That means we can have up to 50 people present for our 10:30am service, wearing masks and keeping six feet apart from persons outside their own households. Of course, this could change overnight but we are hopeful about this downward trend. We will continue to broadcast a live stream of our service on our Facebook page.

You need to make a reservation to attend worship. You can do so in the box below.

We were not able to have Palm Sunday or Easter services last year because of the lock down. Tentative plans are being made to have two services on these holy days, limited to 50 people each. Look for more information in future E-News.
Registration for In-Person Worship
Sunday, February 28
If you would like to worship with us in person on Sunday, February 28 at 10:30am please register below. You will be registering for yourself AND anyone else attending with you. Those who register together will be seated together. Please submit only one reservation per family/group.

We have 50 seats available. The deadline for registration is Wednesday, February 24.

This book will lead readers to discover the gifts they need in order to live the way of love: deep reservoirs of hope and resilience, simple wisdom, the discipline of nonviolence, and unshakable regard for human dignity.” This isn’t pie in the sky theology but love in action in all the nitty gritty aspects of life. 
We meet Wednesday evenings from 7pm – 8p through March 24. We will use the same Zoom link every Wednesday. To join, click the Zoom link below.

Lent Madness begins today! Every day two saints pair off to see who will win the Golden Halo. It’s a fun way to learn about the lives of holy women and men who continue to impact our lives. You can check in every day on our church’s Facebook page or go to Lent Madness on Facebook or visit their website at


Turquoise Lizards Pray While 
Blue Geckos Rap!
Can you picture that? I'm a visual learner and this technique helps me remember lists of things like Bishop Curry's components of THE WAY OF LOVE.
Turn * Learn * Pray * Worship * Bless * Go * Rest
In the spirit of implementing these practices to re-ignite our spiritual lives during this upcoming season of Lent, I want to extend an invitation.
I discovered that I cannot minister to children without considering the entire family, the CHURCH family. Thirty-three of you blessed our families at the Advent Discovery trail and were blessed to be a blessing. A plan to explore the spiritual practices of The Way of Love through experiential stations around the church the weekend before Easter is underway (COVID-19 permitting.) Your gifts of baking, hospitality, carpentry, craftiness, music, tech, logistics, marketing, decorating, lifting and more will allow us to invite not just our families with young children but the whole church community. If you are interested in assisting, please email me.

 -Cheryl Spessert, Children’s Ministry Director,

Pictured below is the T-shirts for our Kids to learn the practices of Love:
Our worship continues even while we are physically separated. Preparing for Sunday is a tool that we will be using to help each of us do just that - prepare for Sunday worship by engaging in the assigned lessons from Scripture.

It includes an overview, a lesson introduction, a reflection, and a prayer starter. It is available on our website here.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, our staff is working remotely at this time, coming into the office only as needed.  The best way to reach any staff person is via e-mail: 
The Rev. Dr. Cynthia Taylor

Vivian Vaiden

Lara Fort

Brad Green

Cheryl Spessert


If at all possible, please keep up with your financial gifts to the church. Money is always tight but never more than now. When this crisis has passed, I want us to pick up where we left off and continue to expand our mission and ministry of Jesus Christ.

There are several ways to give. You can press the "Donate Now" button below or go on-line to our website at and click on Giving at the top right hand. Finally, you can mail checks to: Church of the Holy Comforter, 473 Fury’s Ferry Road, Martinez, Georgia, 30809.  

For those with an IRA account, due to COVID-19, RMDs in 2020 are not required but are still a tax saving for the donor and much needed and appreciated by Holy Comforter. 

For those in need of healing: Robbie Jarrell and Ellen Kazimer

For those celebrating birthdays: Andrew Dunavan, Duncan Colsh, David Blake, and Juliana Hudson

For those celebrating anniversaries: Robbie and Gail Jarrell

Thanksgiving for our partnership with Martinez Elementary School and The Claiborne at West Lake.

For those who are homebound: Donna Garvey, Lorraine Banks, and Joan Jackson

For those who have died from COVID-19 this past week. 

For all who have died for the Christian Faith and for those who have persecuted them.