January 6, 2022
This Sunday marks the final service of The Rev. Dr. Cynthia Taylor as the founding rector of Holy Comforter. She has been pastor of Holy Comforter for just over 22 years. And after serving as a priest in the church for close to 36 years she is retiring.
The focus of our service is on joy and thanksgiving.  We are thankful to have as our guest musicians Washington Isaac Holmes and Carl Purdy as well as Drs. Brad and Lucy Green, Robbie and Gail Jarrell. And thanks to all of you for the love and support you have shown Cindy+ over the years but especially during this past year. There is joy in the journey.

New Daughters of the King

As part of our service, Tab Carter and Carolyn Owens will be inducted into the Order of the Daughters of the King. The DoK is an order for women whose mission is the extension of Christ's Kingdom through prayer, service and evangelism. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Carole Nelson or Linda Hoogland (706-945-0472). We will be training another group of initiates in early spring.

Updated Mask Policy

Due to the rise in COVID-19 cases in our area, we ask that masks be worn during the service. Masks will be available in the foyer for those who need them.
Join us for in-person worship this Sunday at 10:30am. The service will continue to be broadcast live on our Facebook page at 10:30am each Sunday morning.
For this Sunday's bulletin, click here.

Following the service on Sunday, there will be a luncheon put on by The Daughters of the King (DOK). All are welcome to stay and be part of this celebration. Thank you for all the planning and hard work that has gone into this event.

For those contributing food for the event, please bring food in a serving dish, plated, and "ready to serve".

From Scotty Nead and Susan Porterfield
Dear Cindy,

This is one of those rare “bittersweet” tributes that we get to share with someone who has had a notable impact on our lives. Yes, we know your response will be “Thanks be to God.” That is exactly how we are responding to having you as our priest and friend as it is difficult to separate the two roles you live for us.

You are a remarkable priest in the service of God our Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Three-In-One are very much present and evident in your life and calling as one of God’s servants. The intellect, the care, the joy, the humor and the countenance that lights-up the lives of those around you are just a few of the qualities that God has blessed you with and, therefore, those of us in your care.
Each Sunday, you offer us a glimpse of your life, faith and commitment to God, in well-defined words of Holy Wisdom, that float through our hearts and minds to help us understand and know God in our lives. Each word carries a truth greater than itself. And, while there is no applause for this, there are changed minds and lives that go forth into God’s Creation, because they have heard the Word spoken to them through you.

In moments of need, you offer the tangible presence of your care, concern and compassion that mirrors those of God, who weeps with and for us. It matters not to you if the one in need is human or some other living creature, you are there with your presence and prayers. Henri Nouwen wrote this in “The Wounded Healer, “Compassion must become the core and even the nature of authority. When the Christian leader is a [woman] of God for the future generation, [she] can be so only insofar as [she is able to make the compassion of God with [people] - which is visible in Jesus Christ - credible in [her] own world.” You are our Wounded Healer, suffering along with us but also leading us to the unending love and compassion of God.

You envisioned a new beginning for this congregation, The Church of the Holy Comforter, and have strived for the better part of your active ministry to help give it birth and sustainability. We are here because God called you to be the one for this particular ministry and you willingly accepted the responsibility and all of its challenges, which are many. From leading us in the transient days of worshiping in borrowed space to designing and building the first house of the Church all while growing the congregation. You have helped us all to see and achieve our roles in making this part of the larger Christian Community become what it is today. We are a real presence for God.

You may be leaving us, as our priest, but you will always be our friend. While you will not be present in person, you will be everywhere and all around us, especially in our hearts. In parting, we can hear the words of God echoing in the place we call our church home, “Well done good and faithful servant.”

Thanks be to God! 

We all know Cindy’s heart for travel. Let’s get her started by setting up a travel fund! If you would like to donate, please feel free to do so via cash, check, or the church's webpage (link below). Make checks payable to Church of the Holy Comforter and earmark all donations “Cindy’s Travel Fund”. 

Please note: Donations to the travel fund are a non-tax deductible gift and will not be included on your annual statement.

***If donating through the webpage please make sure to "Add a note" via paypal.

Between Cindy's retirement party and the arrival of our Interim Rector, Glenn Palmer on February 7th we have our Annual Parish Meeting on January 30th following worship.
Lunch will be provided. All are welcome, all are needed. In an effort to move things along, we will conduct the meeting while you grab your lunch.  Please make note of voting eligibility from the Diocesan Constitutions and Canons: "those confirmed adults enrolled in the Parish who are in good standing and who have reached the age of sixteen shall be entitled to vote in any election by a Congregation".

Meeting Agenda:
Elections for the Vestry
Elect delegates to Diocesan Convention
Approve the 2022 Budget

To insure we have a lunch for all attendees, please RSVP using the link below by January 23rd. 

A big "thank you" to Pam Vanscoy and Tab Carter for "pitching in" to spread the new mulch for our playground.
The Book Club will not meet in January. Our next meeting is on Wednesday, February 9 at 10am to discuss the book Upstream by Mary Oliver.

In a collection of essays by the National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize poet, Oliver “encourages us all to keep moving, to lose ourselves in the awe of the unknown, and to give power and time to the creative and whimsical urges that live within us.” 

For more information about our book club, contact Mary Kelly at or (206) 859-8418.

Sunday, January 30th: Youth Spaghetti Night from 5pm - 7:30pm. Join us for a spaghetti dinner followed by basketball in the church parking lot (weather permitting).
Sunday, February 6th: Donuts & Devotionals at 10am. Join us for a sweet treat and a short youth group devotional.
For more information about our Youth Ministry contact Jennifer Cardinal at or Tab Carter at

For several years, Sharon Mondragon and her husband Skip were part of Holy Comforter. During that time Sharon was involved with The Prayer Shawl Ministry. That inspired her to write The Unlikely Yarn of the Dragon Lady.  
Sharon has sent us a copy of her book and it is available to be checked out from our lending library on the lower level. Enjoy!
Preparing for Sunday is a tool to help us prepare for Sunday worship by engaging in the assigned lessons from Scripture.

It includes an overview, a lesson introduction, a reflection, and a prayer starter. It is available on our website here.



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For those in need of healing: Lou Scales, Bill Greeba, Dee Barber, Marc Mexia, Gary Miller, and Michael Eliseo
For those celebrating birthdays:  Ashley Saunders, Abby Brooks, and Teresa Kezer
For those celebrating anniversaries: Robert and Amy Hardy
Thanksgiving for our partnership with Martinez Elementary School, The Claiborne, 143 Ministries, and Kairos Prison Ministry.
For those who are homebound: Donna Garvey and Loren Waldo  
For the safety of all those who serve abroad.
For the departed:  Joan Jackson, mother of Tammy and Debbie Sue Jackson.
The Rev. Dr. Cynthia Taylor

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Linda Bargeron

Alexander Saunders

Altar Guild
Tammy Jackson
Linda Bargeron

Altar Bread
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