DATE: July 1, 2020
MEDIA CONTACT: Christina L. Lee, Communications and Public Information Officer, City Managers Office,

Vallejo's Neighborhood Law Program to Issue
Administrative Citations to Violators
VALLEJO, CA – As part of the City of Vallejo’s Neighborhood Law Program's task of addressing quality of life issues in the community, starting today the Neighborhood Law Program will be issuing administrative citations for people using and possessing fireworks in violation of Vallejo Municipal Code section 12.28.120.

Firework use may result in serious bodily injuries, fire hazards, and noise disturbances. Accordingly, pursuant to Vallejo Municipal Code section 12.28.120(B) possessing, storing, selling or using fireworks is prohibited within the City of Vallejo and may result in administrative citation of $250. The City has the option of issuing the citation to either the user or property owner where the fireworks are being used.

Before issuing a citation the Neighborhood Law Attorneys will need video evidence of the fireworks use, the approximate date and time of the use , and either the name of the user or the property address that the violation occurred . If you have video evidence of illegal firework use please email the video and information to:  

To report active illegal fireworks, call 9-1-1. To report offenders in your neighborhood, call Vallejo Fire Prevention at (707) 648-4564 during normal business hours.

For more information, visit: