January 16, 2019 - In This Issue:
We're devoting this issue to introducing you to our newest resource for secondary educators, Engaged Classrooms: The Art and Craft of Reaching and Teaching All Learners. Drawing on decades of experience and the best research, it provides tools for supporting middle and high school students' academic achievement and social and emotional learning and development. See below to learn more about the book, our authors, and a sample of the research on which the book is based.   
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A New Resource for Classroom Practitioners and Those Who Support Them

Written by veteran Engaging Schools educators who love young people and the art of teaching them, this new book is the answer to the question, "What are the frameworks, strategies, and mindsets that maximize teachers' capacity to reach and engage every adolescent learner?"  
The authors present a compelling set of evidence-based practices and strategies that support equity-centered classrooms and foster caring, high-performing classroom communities. These strategies also strengthen students' social, emotional, and learning competencies that are linked to increases in academic engagement and achievement, and are essential to success in school, work, and life.
Renowned educator and author Sonia Nieto, who wrote the foreword, called Engaged Classrooms "a source of hope and support for educators who believe that our schools can be more than what they are." Another reviewer, Jane Ellison, called it "a com-prehensive guide for making secondary education what it should be in the 21st Century. The book is clearly written with easy-to-follow specific examples of the actions, behaviors, and communications that will reach all students."
The book complements and supports our Engaged Classrooms service. To learn more about this new resource, please visit our online store.

About Our Authors   
Engaged Classrooms was written by an Engaging Schools collaborative that includes seven women who have had the opportunity to work with thousands of teachers, student support teams, and administrators in dozens of urban districts, mid-size cities, and small towns. Collectively, they have taught math, science, English, social studies, and humanities for 75 years, served as school leaders for 40 years, taught pre-service and graduate education students for 25 years, and authored more than 25 books, white papers, and articles. As they write in their Letter to the Reader, "So, what keeps us inspired? We still love learning and teaching, we still love adolescents, and making a difference in young people's lives."

Research Roundup   

A 2018 University of Chicago Consortium research synthesis on equity is an example of research that informed the thinking and perspectives of the authors of Engaging Schools' new book. The Consortium's report addresses the question: How can teachers and administrators support equitable outcomes for all students?

The report suggests ways
teachers, administrators, and school support personnel can use insights from research to create schools and classrooms that advance educational equity. It supports the need to place student engagement at the center of the life of schools.

In the words of the report's authors, the synthesis "draws attention to the critical role of engagement and mindsets in student success; how teachers and administrators can create strong school climates that support students and engage families as partners; and how supportive classrooms can enable all students to have strong academic engagement."
To explore the report and other Consortium research, visit 
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