What's Happening with Engage?


SCORE HQ is dedicated to supporting chapters who are now live in Engage by responding to questions, concerns, and feedback received within the Engage Support feedback loop and Live Support sessions.

This month, the mentor scheduling tool (JRNI) went live and is now able to be tested in the Engage Sandbox. A live support session focused on JRNI was held on May 27 with chapters currently live in Engage. Training materials for JRNI can be found here .

We are continuing to add to our training and support materials as well as resources available on the  Support Center  ahead of future waves, ensuring that their transition is as smooth as possible.

Early Adopters

Over the first two weeks in May, Early Adopters participated in a survey to collect their feedback on the Engage Roll-Out Process. The results of that survey along with some key Engage usage data will be reviewed with the Early Adopters in the upcoming Performance Review Session on May 29.

Wave 1

All Wave 1 chapters scheduled for May go-live (Phase 1) are now live in Engage. Volunteers from these chapters will have an opportunity to provide their feedback and ask questions directly to the Engage Team during their upcoming Listening Session on June 2.

Wave 1 chapters scheduled for June go-live will begin rolling onto the system next week.

Wave 1 Chapters are also continuing to work through the Readiness Checklist. Chapters going live in June completed their checklists as of April 30. As a reminder, for chapters going live in July, their Readiness Checklist must be completed by Sunday, May 31.

Wave 2

Wave 2 Chapters will begin their Engage Roll-out Process in June by attending a Wave 2 Roll-out Orientation Session on either June 11 or June 15. This session is a requirement in the roll-out process, and a recording of the session will be made available afterwards for those unable to attend live.